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  1. cant find a flash drive to test this right now :( : can ps4 guest account saves be copied to a flash drive? if so can they be copied back and used by any guest account on any ps4?...


    i want to do practice speedruns of a platinum that requires waiting 80-90 hours in the prologue to speedrun it. being able to reuse that save w/ 80-90 hours on it would be helpful, though i guess i could just do runs of every other trophy for practice.

  2. is there a way to only pop 1 trophy in slyde?

    1. locoporkko


      No,when i did the platinum make a puzzle and all trophies begin pop 

  3. Hi. I don't want to ruin my fastest plat milestone, is there a good way to trigger only a few of the trophies? i tried on an alt and despite the guide saying 800 on medium gives you the plat, I got 765 and it was enough. What exactly are the trophy requirements anyway?
  4. plat #78 Everybody's Golf - super fun game to just play. only the fishing, 3 condors, and 'full house' felt kinda grindy but not that bad.


    also finished 100%ing blaze rush after 2 years lol. I had 3 'kill x amount of enemy with specific weapon' trophies left and i thought itd be a slog of a grind but it turned out to only take  another 20-30 minutes.

  5. plat #76 Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate... don't know why i never went back and finished this til now really. I boosted the 100 online matches trophy over 3 years ago now. Completing the tutorial was the hardest part probably lol

  6. platinum #75 - Trails of Cold Steel III 😀

  7. it's been a 'nice' little over a year, but i finally got plat #70 - Miracle Girls Festival

  8. I 'found'/'picked up' a handful of rhythm games on ebay for $10-20 each and now I'm wondering what's left to import thats worth playing without knowing JP. Not necessarily for trophies, I'm sure there's a good amount of VNs that would be easy trophies but I'd have little to no other reason to play them. Vita imports I already have: Taiko no Tatsujin V version IA / VT Colorful Love Live School Idol Paradise vol 1 + 2 + 3 (just ordered 1 and 3) Miracle Girls Festival The [email protected] Must Songs Red + Blue versions
  9. this is 66k exp and 106k money in < 2 minutes. you can use pretty much the same strategy on all of the regular skirmishes, and even the first hard skirmish. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320945057
  10. 25 hit combo with a character switch is easy. Just make sure you've taken some damage/have more stamina than you start with first. Pretty sure you need to not be in training despite the trophy text not specifying it like others.
  11. plat #69 (trophy #4000) - Trails of Cold Steel II . I'm sad to be done with this game. CS1 being #40, and CS2 being #4000 is totally a coincidence, I didnt realize it until today. I wanted CS2 to be a milestone (was gonna be plat #75) but then #4000 was coming up and i felt like playing it.  

  12. I just finished platting all 3 mysterious games , that makes 4 total so I can move up to artisan .
  13. #65 - Atelier Lydie & Suelle. It feels so good to actually complete a long-ish term goal (platinum all 3 mysterious games in April and stream it all on twitch). I really didn't think I'd stick to it all the way through, and L&S was much longer than expected but I still finished in April with a day to spare :).

  14. anyone know if the Atelier L&S patch affects the max level & boss trophies?

  15. I'm a few hours into this game and this patch came out today. My main concern is that it doubles the max level, which is a trophy. Other changes might affect other trophies too. Normally requirements for trophies don't change, but this wasn't the case in Sophie. In Sophie the epilogue patch made you need 2 more recipes to get the "all recipes" trophy so I'm concerned this patch will make the platinum take a lot longer.