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  1. yeah that's true clearing abyss 12 is harder but I mean by the time you get to AR 50 and are ready ascend to 80/90 for the first time you should already have viable teams of at least level 60s and a couple 80s
  2. yes the trophies autopop. 7 100% acheivers is misleading. people haven't logged in to pop the new trophies yet.
  3. the guide is still accurate more or less I think. The grindiest /longest trophies of the old list are still the longest. You are time-gated and need to get to adventure rank 50 at least which takes ~2-3 months about i think. there's only one trophy that you need co-op for still. most trophies come naturally.
  4. I've tried both starting a new file and only praying at the shrines after an event/new day as much as possible (but that seems to max out at around 17 or 18 before I had to start going back and forth). I also loaded a save and just ran back and forth between the 2 shrines 25 times and it didn't pop. and that was after I started a counter to make sure I did 25. There should've been a few from earlier in the save and a lot more from before i started actually counting. I'm playing it on a PS Now trial that's expiring today on PS5. edit: i got it by just playing through everything like it was from the start using this guide http://ps3imports.org/index.html/_/trophyguides/miko-gakkou-monogatari-kaede-hen-trophy-guide-r355 (but now most cutscenes were skippable thank god). it unlocked for me when I went up to the smaller/north/non-school shrine instead of to the school just before getting ending no. 1.
  5. if you are doing the faster/active method you should use acid missiles beta instead of auto-attack. its an AoE attack that's animation is skipped by having animations turned off unlike melee attacks.
  6. plat #90 GoW III. all 6  greek games done. not sure if i'll do 3 remaster or 2018 or something else completely now.

  7. I have the reincarnation item/prim was alive in the ending, and i chose ion and earthes to fight the first form of the boss, but this trophy still didn't pop. Is there some other requirement not listed in the guide?
  8. unskippable cutscenes before bosses should be illegal

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      maybe unskippable the first time. But yeah i never liked when a game had a super hard secret boss that destroys you and has a 10min cutscene before every attempt 😑

  9. Wake-Up Club comes to mind https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1424-wake-up-club
  10. anyone else unable to sign in to psn?

    1. MidnightDragon


      I'm signed in now.

  11. Trophy #6000 (plat 83) Touhou genso rondo - I've been trying to up my completion % so I went back to this just to finish every story mode trophy, and maybe try the arcade ones. I thought boss rush was BS hard at first but HellKnight10's videos/advice helped a lot. So nice to have Reimu on a milestone.


    completely unrelated note... whats the biggest platinum rain 1 person has done?anyone know?

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Sword


      I remember a status update a few weeks ago where a user did some 15+ platinums in a day, so at least that much. :P

  12. how is psn rarity calculated? how is Shenanigans! 0.7% ?

    1. SlimSanta94


      That trophy in particular has been hacked pretty heavily. Which is why it's 0.7%

    2. DaivRules


      Number of achievers divided by number of owners.


      That game is highly cheated.

  13. ah, I got lucky and happened to do it the way it works then.
  14. I read that you had to start from a fresh save to get this trophy by backing up to the cloud/elsewhere and deleting your data, so I did that. In addition though I exited level every 10 levels and closed the game> copied the save to an alt ps3 user as a backup and save scummed it that way successfully. probably could scum it every level if you really wanted. Really surprised this trophy is below 1% , even with having to start from a fresh save to do it on chapter 1.
  15. is Crypto by POWGI PS4 crossbuy? it's the only one that doesn't have the crossbuy message in the store description, but the vita version does...I'm 99% sure it is, but wondering can a game even be crossbuy only one way?

  16. Old post, but in case anyone gets stuck on this, in the cutscene after the world 4 boss the girl questions whether to continue on, and asks the player. The trophy is for pointing away from the portal/to the right.
  17. I'm pretty sure its the last one I need for activating all the level specials, no idea where it is though. I finally found the elevator to get above the sun thing, but it still wasn't there. edit: well like 15 minutes after posting this I got the trophy I was concerned about with this (the one for activating all level specials) . Turns out I never activated Air Strike in a match that 'saved'... happened to get splash damage at the same time too :). Still would be nice to know though.
  18. There is another glitch that lets you continuously farm hero souls, as well as ascend but stay at the same level and keep some money. progressive mode needs to be available and on. get to a primal boss (if you want to farm souls, any level works if not) hold to scroll back 10-20 floors at least (to something you can instakill preferably), then also hold , but let go of after a second or so. now the glitch is working as long as you hold . lastly, press to open the shop, then let go of . you should see that the glitch is still working behind the shop window, even though you're not pressing anything. press to close the shop and you're farming while not pressing anything. If you ascend while in this state you start at the level you were glitched at and have a pretty good amount of gold to hire / level up some relevant heroes. if you get stuck though you can use the date glitch and when the game gives you your AFK gold all the previous levels will show up like normal.
  19. didn't really plan to go for the yakuza 0 plat when i started but i just kept enjoying the game and ended up almost there. basically just need to finish my legend playthrough (near end of chapter 4 now) and i have it.

    Thank you Kiryu Coco for influencing me to start actually playing the series.

  20. Both Degennki Bunko Fighting Climax games, but especially Ignition. the first DBFC is grindy as theres a trophy basically for winning 1000 rounds, but Ignition can be done in under 3 hours (first time is probably more like 5-6), and most of that time is arcade mode with each character. Nitro+ blasterz is also pretty quick and easy. SNK Heroines is easy but a grind. An update made one of the harder trophies easier due to DLC characters being added. you have to clear round 30 of survival and you used to face the boss character every 15 rounds, meaning round 30 was tougher. but now you only need to fight the boss once.
  21. If you are like me, and used speedrun strategies/Alicia rushed through the game, you may find your kill count severely lacking. I only got the 250 kill one after completing all the side missions and getting all classes to level 20 on the first playthrough, and the 500 kill one required a bit of grinding after getting everything else. Here's how I got the last 450-500 Kills though It should get you 80-85 kills in ~25-30 minutes.
  22. -deleted- misread, i'm stupid
  23. trophy 5000 / plat 81: Final Fantasy XIII - 


    wanted to do this for a milestone as its pretty much the 5 year anniversary of me getting a ps3 + this game (and coincidentally the 10 year anniversary of the game). I think I jokingly said 'I'd go back and plat this some day I swear' (in like 2016 when deciding on my 50th plat milestone) but now I actually did it.  


    Near the end i freaked out thinking i missed something for treasure hunter because i totally forgot you need to go back and talk to the robot guy bhakti to pop the trophy. :D:D

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. SkyesUnholy


      I'm glad you were able to finally come back to it and finish it! I personally love the game. Congratulations on your new plat. :) 

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Awesome milestone! ☺

  24. cant find a flash drive to test this right now :( : can ps4 guest account saves be copied to a flash drive? if so can they be copied back and used by any guest account on any ps4?...


    i want to do practice speedruns of a platinum that requires waiting 80-90 hours in the prologue to speedrun it. being able to reuse that save w/ 80-90 hours on it would be helpful, though i guess i could just do runs of every other trophy for practice.

  25. Hi. I don't want to ruin my fastest plat milestone, is there a good way to trigger only a few of the trophies? i tried on an alt and despite the guide saying 800 on medium gives you the plat, I got 765 and it was enough. What exactly are the trophy requirements anyway?