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  1. Does that mean the server is down like can i still obtain the online trophy now
  2. Do you have to do all the challenges of a chapter in one playthrough or can i do it in multiple playthroughs?
  3. Nice, you da man..
  4. Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe
  5. Super Time Force Ultra TIME to go outside Ultra Rare 2.86%
  6. Disgaea 5 unless your really into the game and wish to spend 100+ hours on it.
  7. Me too i'm pretty sure i have had more than 100+ wins been playing non stop for both Season 2 & Season 3 and finally reaching rank of Major.
  8. I mean i wont have time to play during the second round because im going back to college
  9. GTA V
  10. Wait theres two rounds Ohh i dont think i could make it for the second round
  11. Little Big Planet 3
  12. Is it 20th May yet according to the time zone? Coz its already 4.23 PM 20th May where i live
  13. I am so excited for this, i actually had fun playing the first one despite its flaws.
  14. The second one is coming out already. Haven't even had the chance to pick up the first one yet.