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  1. EDIT: Got the trophy after I won a race with 375 car so the trophy seems to be a bit buggy. Sorry for adding to an old thread but I have the same issue as the OP described. Upgraded my Porsche 911 RSR with Ultimate/Ultimate+ parts and the Performance Rating shows 400+. Won a couple of races during the day and night and nothing. Makes me wonder if the rating even shows up the correct number but I'll buy Koenigsegg Regera and it will hopefully pop then.
  2. EDIT: Got the trophy now, thank you.
  3. I don't think so, it seems to be an 8-hour animation and system time most likely doesn't have any effect on it. However, I didn't try it myself but someone else might have.
  4. I... don't think that's true. Unless they didn't show the option to download the DLCs from the PS Plus menu, I believe only the base game was offered, not the DLC which is how it usually works. It's also possible I may have missed the download prompt and could be totally wrong but it makes me wonder if I could have claimed the full edition and somehow missed it.
  5. It looks increasingly likely that Batman: Arkham Knight wil stay at 98% for me due to Brutality 101. And before you start about me watching videos, that I can split the combo between gadgets and moves, that I just need to practice, that I can ask someone on SharePlay... man, I tried all of those things (well, except for SharePlay now that I think about it) and still no dice. I suspect that I'd have to dedicate 10 hours or more just memorizing the combos and building muscle memory just for that one trophy. I may do it, I may not do it but every time I've tried since I deleted the game two years ago, I lost patience after a while, got angry, and uninstalled the game. It bothers me but hey, there are worse things in the world.
  6. I know that I'm necroing the thread but for anyone who's still wondering, and tagging @Jasko_SOA because he asked it about a year ago: You don't need to have the collectibles on the "active" save (the save you go back to when selecting "Continue" in the Main Menu) for them to register. Evidence: * Collected all documents in Dark Descent on active save * Collected all documents in Justine and then did it again for a different ending with no collectibles on active save * Collected all documents in A Machine for Pigs on active save -- Got Master Archivist Based on this, my conclusion is collected documents are saved to your profile instead of your current save.
  7. I've been lurking on this thread ever since I started Wolfenstein II because I knew a time would come when I'd start working on Mein Leben. I read the whole 37 pages and it was one of the most helpful things I could have done before starting, it gave me plenty of pointers and ideas. That being said, the journey to platinum (and eventually 100%) was perilous for me and there were times when I was about to give up and move on. Keeper V's video is seminal, watch and learn from it but don't try to replicate it step-by-step because there are a couple of places where you can choose a safer/different route. Video link for Keeper's strategy (as if we all don't have it bookmarked), I'll be referencing it as "Keeper": Video link for MarioTheFalcon's video which I'll be also referring to as "Mario": I also have a couple of tips for anyone who struggles with this difficult but definitely not impossible trophy. If you're up for a bit of a read, here we go: * The worst sections are (unsurprisingly) the Evas Hammer beginning, Area 52 elevator, Venus conveyor belt, and the final mission (due to sheer stress of possibly screwing up so close to the end). Also, the most infuriating thing were the unskippable sections. By my winning run, I was hearing "It's agony to dream like this..." (the first line in the game) in my sleep. Grab a book, watch something, listen to music. However, during the second unskippable part on the Ausmerzer when Fergus shoves the exosuit close to you, you need to press Square in time or else the heavy will kill you and you're starting the unskippable intro again. * My weapon upgrade strategy: Magnum (Pistol), Suppressor (Pistol), Armor Piercing (Sturmgewehr), Marksman Scope (Sturmgewehr), Supercharge (Laserkraftwerk), Rotor (Schockhammer), Ricochet (Schockhammer), Battery Upgrade (Laserkraftwerk), Extended Magazine (Pistol), Jungle Magazine (Sturmgewehr), Extended Magazine (Schockhammer). I put the remaining upgrades to Handgranate even though I never used it, just for added safety. I got both Pistol upgrades during my first Evas Hammer free roam (see below for a tip how), both Sturmgewehr upgrades before New York Penthouse, and both Schockhammer upgrades by the Area 52 elevator. After that, just make sure you have the Battery Upgrade for Laserkraftwerk by the Manhattan Bunker to easily deal with the two Panzerhunds, otherwise you'll have to recharge more often. * For the Evas Hammer section, if you're lucky you can clear out the room full of enemies close to the end just by leaning out (6:35, Keeper). I managed to kill everyone but a single guy on the upper right catwalk during my every run, and sometimes even him. If you lean out too much you may fall down but you can go back up to the platform and try again which is nice. Oh, and the two guys who rush you while you're on the conveyor belt (8:57, Keeper) can be killed easily by shooting two fire extinguishers, one on the right and second one in the middle. It takes a couple of tries to consistently hit them both but once you do, the section gets easier. * After Sektion F, you'll get one Upgrade Kit in the Shooting Range but you can get a second one at the same time which could make the your life a bit easier. This is something I haven't seen anyone do so I like to think I discovered it. After killing the drone (27:55, Keeper), follow the path down the stairs and climb up ladder at the end. Crouch under some pipes and walk almost all the way to the Shooting range exit but don't drop down. Now turn around and slowly move forward. At some point you should see a prompt to grab an Upgrade Kit (the one which you'd eventually get by completing the contraption training course). It only shows up for about half a second so move slowly or you'll miss it in which case just back up and try again. * New York: you can skip the whole building at 34:57 (Keeper) by not going left and up but instead hugging the wall on the right and dropping through the window straight to the "Hello big boy..." section with the Zitadelle robot. Very low risk (there's a single drone above you but I've never been hit once and just sprinted to the window where Keeper picks up at 35:35). * Penthouse: follow Keeper's strategy, it's consistent if you don't wait too long to sprint downstairs. After you take out the 3 heavies, hide and just wait for Fergus' radio comms, no need to shoot the drones unless they're on to you. * Area 52 elevator: I used Mario's strategy (1:12:15). Kill the first two guys, let the third one go, jump on the pipes, let the elevator come down, jump over the railing and run to press the button. It was more consistent than Keeper's approach because for some reason, I was getting detected at 1:01:55 (Keeper) even though I followed his exact route. When the elevator stops upstairs, you can just walk (don't run) to the exit and as long as the heavy isn't facing you, you won't be detected. Just stroll leisurely to the door. * Area 52 reactor: same strategy as Keeper (1:08:15) with one caveat. Start charging your Laserkraftwerk and move forward but wait until your reticle turns red before firing, even if you aim directly at the Zitadelle. I had several runs where I fired a bit too early with the reticle still white and didn't hit the robot for some reason. If that happens, try to get the second charge in before running up the stairs and through the door to the previous area where you should carefully lean out, pick off the guys running towards you and stay safe from the robot's rocket salvo which can kill you in one hit. Eventually the robot comes out (if not, charge Laserkraftwerk and carefully move forward towards the stairs) and you can shoot it. 100 Laserkraftwerk ammo as well as armor can be found in the previous area. * Courthouse, 1st phase: first of the two major deviations from Keeper's video. I used this strategy: I found it here https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/57114-easy-courthouse-strategy-mein-leben-no-damage-during-1st-phase/ and can confirm it works perfectly. Hide under the table and pick off guys with a heavy gun. Not a single grenade to worry about, perfect cover (even if the wooden wall on your left is destroyed you can still lean to the left and the enemies won't see you until it's too late for them) and very little stress involved. The battle was one of my biggest worries but this approach makes it one of the more boring battles, just sit and shoot. * Courthouse, 2nd phase: a small change I found useful was to return to the same spot you camped in after I killed the two heavies, and wait. After about 15 seconds the dog comes running to you, so shoot it, drop the gun and bolt upstairs (there's even 100 health where you camp for extra safety). I heard horror stories about the dog ruining runs for people and I wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. The strategy works because you'll have cover and enough time to line up your shot. It shouldn't take more than one or two heavy shots to deal with the pug (remember, you can hold the left trigger for automatic fire mode when you hold down the right trigger). After that your only concern should be to grab some ammo quickly, change to Sturmgewehrs, turn around and start shooting the robots rushing you from the left door or from downstairs. * Yes, you can die during the Battle Walker upgrade mission when avoiding the microwave fields. Just sayin'. * New Orleans Panzerhund section: second major deviation from Keeper's strategy. I found a video I forgot to bookmark and as such I'll only describe it (thank you random internet person for saving my runs). Immediately after you get control of the robot, get off, lean out from behind the fence at 1:52:42 (Keeper, next to the red car) and start shooting enemies wielding dual Sturmgewehrs (there are two ammo boxes in a room behind you, walk around a second car). This will take around 10--15 minutes and some precise shooting so get ready but there's almost no risk involved (one or two guys will try to rush you but the street is long and you'll have plenty of time to line up your shots). The commander eventually starts running towards you (at about 50 meters he stops so you need to shoot in the air to make him move again) and after that, you're golden. Run through the whole empty section and you have Panzerhund with 800 armor ready for the final stretch starting at 1:53:15 (Keeper). * New Orleans Hotel: at around 2:03:37 (Keeper), you can stay where Keeper is standing and pick off the guys from distance so that you don't have to worry about someone sneaking up on you from the left. Works perfectly for baiting the guys out from upper floors, too: Battle Walker to the next floor, drop down, run to hide and start shooting once the enemies start moving from the doorway. Take your time on the final floor since there will one shotgunner and one regular guy just before the final room moving towards you. Lean from a distance and shoot them before exiting the level. * Venus, 1st section: I prefer to go loud around 2:11:10 (Keeper) with Sturmgewehrs to funnel enemies to me (there will be a dog and one or two robots) instead of stealthing. There may be one or two more robots hanging from the far wall to your right at around 2:11:58 (Keeper) which can cause you some serious damage so lean on them to make sure you're clear. Keep in mind that the commander won't come running until after you deal with two more heavies, a dog and a couple of enemies in the following room at around 2:14:00 (Keeper). For the two interconnected rooms with the patrolling scientists at 2:15:45 (Keeper) I prefer to shoot into the room and let them come to me. There will also be 2 robots rushing you but nothing too dangerous otherwise. * If you want to try a shortcut through the open areas of Venus, you can try the one at 2:37:00 (Mario) but I went the long way and stealthed them. This was also the primary reason why I decided to stick with Pistols instead of Maschinenpistole because they have consistent damage output and on multiple occasions, I triggered an alarm because I didn't manage to kill someone with Maschinenpistole quickly enough. * Conveyor Belt, oh the Conveyor Belt: The description starting 2:41:35 (Mario) was very helpful, unfortunately during my winning run the final guy was indeed too far on the left for me to kill him, and I had to ride the rest of the way while being shot from behind. A nerve-wrecking moment very close to the end of the game where you're powerless to do anything is as fun as it sounds. Try to be precise and don't let anyone shoot back, in particular the final two guys, if possible (one right after you change the conveyor belts, and the final one I mentioned already). The only section in the game where you really have to be lucky. * Venus, final room: I like the strategy at 2:45:00 (Mario), very easy to execute and reliable. I actually decided to use it for the first time during my winning run because I almost got killed trying to run, jump, and crouch in short succession previously (2:42:25, Keeper), and it worked flawlessly. * Before the final mission: At 2:48:00 (Mario) I also very much recommend getting Ram Shackles and upgrading them immediately. You need to have 4 Enigma Codes to decode "D. Eckstein: New Orleans, Bienville Street" and kill 4 low-risk enemies. Take your time with the final two (one shotgunner) since they're roaming the sewers, lean out and shoot them for extra safety. The upgrade mission on Evas Hammer is trivial with no risk of death. You'll be glad you have it for the final fight. * Ausmerzer, 1st area: At 2:45:40 (Keeper) I used Battle Walker to get to the second floor where I camped in the duct with very low risk of grenades or gunfire. Get out of the duct, shoot the drone, get in and move back (in case there is a grenade) and just wait for the enemies to come to you. Keeper's or Mario's (silencing guys in the room instead of going loud) should work just fine, although I can only vouch for Keeper's because I didn't feel like getting up close and personal with 5 guys and a drone near the end. * Ausmerzer, two heavies area: I decided to go with the strategy starting at 3:06:00 (Mario): shoot the heavies, climb the ladder after killing the two commanders, kill the Zitadelle, recharge and put the heavy's weapon where you have clear view of the next section. Then climb the next ladder, let the robot dog spawn, drop back down and use the gun to kill it as well as anyone on the upper floor you can see from downstairs. This is the next-to-final section and you have plenty of time, I spent maybe 10 minutes just camping, scanning the perimeter, taking potshots at enemies and even managed to kill the alerted commander. I'd really recommend patience here. * Ausmerzer, final area: Strategy starting at 3:02:45 (Keeper) is solid: after you get to the room where you shoot enemies coming from 4 different doors, I picked two in a straight line and ran up and down between them, shooting enemies as they came through. Occasionally there were guys coming from the side (the room is shaped as the letter "H") but you have covers on both sides where you can hide if that happens. I strongly recommend using the combo of Sturmgewehr and Schockhammer because having two Schockhammers eats through your ammo fast and doesn't give you mid- to high-distance precision damage. My setup was Sturmgewehr (left) and Schockhammer (right), and everytime I saw an enemy I fired two Sturmgewehr shots followed by a single Schockhammer burst (which is in fact 3 shells due to the Rotor upgrade), and it worked beautifully. It's a rhythm you can easily learn (two left triggers, one right trigger), the damage is consistent and the risk acceptable (remember, the ememy is staggered for some time) if you close the distance fast and follow up with a close kill. I actually waited until all the guys were dead, I'd say 20--25 of them in total. The final enemies are one shotgunner followed by one or two normal guys. Once they stop pouring in, change to Laserkraftwerk, charge and slowly lean out. A strategy I used were shots from opposite sides of the "H"-shaped room: if I shot from the lower left, I switched to the upper right because the Zerstörers moved towards the lower left exit and had their backs turned. Take your time, especially if you killed all the enemies. Nothing except the two Zerstörers can kill you at this point so don't get cocky, be extra careful and line up your shots perfectly until you're absolutely sure they'll connect, otherwise you'd have to use Sturmgewehrs to finish the robots which is way riskier than Laserkraftwerk. I don't recommend running to the ladder while the two Zerstörers are still alive, the risk is too great and plenty of things can go wrong. You can see it yourself starting at 3:19:10 (Mario) but I tried it several times and got inconsistent results which is not something you want 3--5 hours into your run, literally seconds before the finish line. I therefore played it extremely safe, didn't expose myself in open areas and instead opted for engaging enemies in close quarters. Pick your own strategy here, practice it on IADI until you got it right every time, and then practice it some more. Same goes for other difficult sections such as Penthouse, Area 52 elevator and boss, Courthouse, and Venus conveyor belt. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help. Sorry for the extremely long post but I believe that Mein Leben can be made easier if you follow certain strategies. When the trophy finally popped, it was one of my proudest gaming moments and worth the effort I put into it. Good luck, everyone!
  8. That worked, thank you very much. Buying that premium membership now as a token of my appreciation. I'm not sure if I can mark this thread as resolved, I'll look around for that option.
  9. You mean request to delete my account, then request it to be reinstated? OK, I'll try.
  10. I just earned a random trophy, synced with PSN and then tried to restore my profile here. I got the same result, User not in the database when trying to log in after I entered the code to the About Me section and choosing a new password. Anyone can offer any other tips? Is there an admin I can reach out to?
  11. Thank you, will try that and report back.
  12. SOLUTION: Use https://psnprofiles.com/account/delete and Restore/Delete (on the left), NOT the field on the right. that's registration. Use the same field that you used to delete your account to restore it back again. =========== ORIGINAL THREAD: A couple of days ago, I requested my profile to be deleted -- username l33sar54. I entered the unique code in the About Me section on my console, and was notified that the profile is deleted. Since then, I decided to come back (because I realized I can't live without PSNProfiles anymore) and wanted to restore my account. Here's the issue: I asked for my profile to be restored, entered the unique code in the About Me section and was told Welcome back. Unfortunately, everytime I tried to update my card, I got the following: This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked (that's without logging in, just trying to update my profile as anonymous user). If I decide to log in, I get: User not in database. You may need to restore your profile before you can log in. I restored my account several times to no apparent effect. So everytime I want to log in to the site, I need to go through the Restore Account process instead of just typing my username and password which is very annoying. Could you please help? tl;dr: Can't login, site says I don't exist but I want to. P.S.: Forum login works fine for some reason, it's everything else.
  13. I'll just add that getting 3 stars on all levels alone is a SIGNIFICANT challenge. Just because you see a video of someone doing it effortlessly doesn't mean that it will be as easy for you. I know since I've been trying myself and let me tell you, level 8--10 are ridiculously hard to do on time. I recommend you find someone to co-op with, at least for the later levels.
  14. I got the trophy on Crushing while doing a Crushing run for the trophy. Didn't skip any cutscenes, no checkpoint restarts, full ghost (some parts in Chapter 13 were very intense). Sam even stealth killed a soldier near the final boost up section and the trophy still popped. By the way, the trophy should pop in around 15--20 seconds after you see the Chapter 15 title appear on your screen.
  15. You don't need to join multiplayer matches at all for the trophies, you can get all of them in Challenges. The only one I'd say you could speed up is the revives trophy but apart from that, I did all of them solo.