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  1. Correct, your Legends of Legends rank won't go up if you repeat orders and get S-rank again but your stats will.
  2. Ah, that would make sense, thank you for the clarification.
  3. I didn't, used the guide on this site which suggested to get the Gold Coin at the first opportunity which was 2-2. If it's a guaranteed drop from one of the Fat Officials you kill later in 1-3, I didn't get it on NG or NG+ (NG+ without the Gold Coin since I traded it with Sparkly) unless the game doesn't give you a second one after you managed to get the first.
  4. Gold Coin is not a guaranteed drop, RNG was favorable in your runs but some people report long grind to get it to drop, includind myself (took about an hour to get it in 2-2 with Providential Ring).
  5. Playstation Support Chat after logging in to my account first and then going through the Support Portal and verifying that the account is really mine. I think the agent asked me a couple of questions like my address, date of birth and name on record before confirming with me that I really want to do this and that I won't be able to re-add the game later if I change my mind. I said yes and that was it.
  6. You can claim the PS Plus version and when you're done with it, contact Playstation Support and ask them to remove the license from your account so that you can either buy it digitally on PS4 and use the free PS4->PS5 upgrade, or play the physical version. I did that one time because my subscription was lapsing and I didn't want to lose access to a game I had previously claimed via PS Plus, and no issue.
  7. Thank you so much @Dreggit, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Final question: Do you know how often the list is updated? EDIT: Missed this on the linked page: "This list will be updated occasionally as guides are published but not necessarily immediately."
  8. Thank you @Helyx, this is awesome. Please feel free to lock/delete the thread, the question has been answered.
  9. I was searching the forum for a master list of published trophy guides where each entry would list the game difficulty, number of playthroughs, and hours estimated to reach platinum or 100% in the game. Nothing came up so I was wondering if such a feature exists, can be considered as a feature, or currently is in consideration. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to browse the list of all guides and choose my next game based on how many hours it takes to get a platinum, or sort the list by difficulty, time investment, or number of playthroughs easily. If a master list like that doesn't exist, the only option I have is to open each guide manually or scrape the guides' headers which is against the Terms & Conditions on PSNProfiles.
  10. This strategy has been recommended in multiple threads here already, and many peple used it successfully. In my opinion, it's too risky because you're relying on the Ausmerzers not hitting you before you get to the ladder, while you're climbing up or (less likely) when you're turning right at the top (around 1:02 in your video). If you feel comfortable with these odds, go ahead. I used a different approach: run below deck to break line of sight with the Ausmerzers, take out soldiers with a combination of assault rifle and shotgun for a couple of minutes, and once they stop coming, use your charged laser rifle to take both bosses out with 4 shots total. A combination of two quick assault rifle shots to stagger the enemy (and stop them from firing) followed by a shotgun to the face after closing the distance means you can only get hurt and die if the soldiers get in the room with you, take positions and start firing which takes a while and you have time to use the stagger/kill combo on them if you cover the entrances efficiently. Yes, it's also risky, especially since you need to cover 4 entrances at the same time but for me it was less frustrating than the idea of running into a room with two large mechs and a soldier immediately after tossing a grenade in. To each their own.
  11. For anyone who saw this thread and is wondering if the platinum is really in any way difficult: it's not. The OP auto-skipped through the game which is easy to verify by checking their trophy timestamps, and most likely didn't even bother to check the controls. Steins;Gate 0 has a fantastic story (playing through it right now) and deserves your attention. Not reading the story to get a quick platinum will rob you of a great experience.
  12. Thank you for the heads-up, I didn't play it on PS3 so I looked up a couple of gameplay videos and the game didn't appeal to me that much. I'll probably skip this one in favor of something better. Good looking out.
  13. I may finally pick up Metro Redux, two full games for $5.99 is not a bad deal. Anyone knows if the trophies are glitched for either of them? Also looking at The Raven Remastered since I need some easy story-driven puzzle game to entertain me for a couple of hours.
  14. If you want to understand the story, I'd just watch the cutscenes from Hitman 1 and 2 on YT, that's where most of the story takes place and it shouldn't take you more than an hour for each game to catch up. Hitman 1 and 2 are, in my opinion, both great games but the story is mostly told outside of gameplay which is apparently one of the things Hitman 3 is going to improve and there's going to be more of the story told through events in game.
  15. US PS Store page for Digital Deluxe Edition preoder which seems to be the only version available for now: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1063-CUSA20414_00-DIGITALDELUXE000