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  1. Not an issue at all, I could have checked the game first before starting the thread here since it clearly shows in the match settings you can start TDM with 3 other players (4 total) for TDM and 1 other player (2 total) for BR. Your guide is fantastic, I'm a complete newbie to the Ace Combat series, AC7 is my very first game and the guide is very helpful. If the minimum numbers help someone else a bit and you think it's worth to mention it explicitly in the guide, go ahead. If I have any other feedback, I'll make sure to post it in the Comments section of the guide and not here.
  2. @Null_Spectre Apologies it's taking a bit longer to set up the boosting session, will start it later today, feel free to join in. I'll schedule it for this coming Saturday but if we don't manage to get two more players, we'll get the Battle Royal victories out of the way and then create another session specifically for the Team Death Match trophy. We can also get Globetrotter (playing every map once) together to get that one out of the way as well. As @Wavergray mentioned, some of the 150 performance evaluations needed for Amazing Job are easier to get by boosting but it looks like there are some which we'll most likely get awarded such as Bailout Master (shot down the most times) or Pacifist (fired weapons the least) without trying too hard. While they may take a while to farm, I'm not too afraid after checking the list: https://acecombat.fandom.com/wiki/Ace_Combat_7:_Skies_Unknown/Medals#Performance_Evaluations
  3. I actually decided to buy the game based on your answers, thank you. I'll add you to friends for a quick boosting session, and once I have the game registered to my profile, I'll be able to set up a boosting session for two more players to get the Team Deathmatch victory out of the way over the weekend.
  4. The game is currently on sale but since I don't have any previous experience with the Ace Combat series and dislike multiplayer in games with passion, I'd like to ask some questions before/if I decide to start the game: How many players are required to start Battle Royal and Team Death Matches? The trophy guide mentions that Team Death Match is 4x4, does that mean I'll need a full lobby of 8 players to start and then trade victory for each team? For Battle Royal, I read somewhere that a game can be started with only two players but would like to confirm. Apart from a single victory in Battle Royal for Last One Flying and one victory in Team Death Match for Together We Fly, the remaining trophies are awarded for participating in matches and not necessarily winning them. Is there anything else I should be aware of, any other MP trophy that's easier to boost rather than just playing normally? Is multiplayer still active? If the answer is "no" and matches are nowhere to be found, boosting some of the trophies (Amazing Job for 150 performance evaluations) would be a big hassle and a reason to wait for even deeper discount to play single player on an alt account without dabbing into MP at all. Thank you.
  5. I'd like to share my thoughts on the game from a perspective of someone who didn't have any experience with platformers prior to starting, and if anyone is in the same boat thinking of starting the game, I'd say go for it but make sure you set your expectations correctly: The Messenger is not an easy game and some sections frankly took more from me that I'd have expected. The base game and platinum shouldn't be too problematic, you will have to retry a few Power Seals challenges multiple times but save points are usually close by so there's not much backtracking. Where the game gets more difficult is in the DLC. Some of the collectibles there frankly left me wondering if it's even possible to get them without some previous experience with platformers or exceptional hand-eye coordination. Don't go into the DLC expecting success on your first or even twentieth attempt, I ended up repeating some screens more than fifty times before I managed to move forward, and that was only normal progress, not optional content. My total death count was over 1,200 by the end. The last level of the DLC has two collectibles which took me the longest to get and left me cursing profusely. I'll put a video link for the one which will most likely decide your 100% in the spoiler tag below. Bear in mind that unless you're very lucky, you'll be repeating the first 8 seconds dozens if not hundreds of times: Overall, I agree with the prevailing opinion here: The Messenger is a great game, getting the platinum takes dedication and skill, and I was proud of myself to be able to finish it. Though I will take a break for platformers for some time now, I came to respect the genre and found it a refreshing change to the style of games I normally play.
  6. I played through the whole game on PS5 (digital version installed on the SSD) including all DLCs and didn't experience a single crash.
  7. I gave up on Yakuza 0 platinum because of the Climax Battles. Still, I may try again sometime in the future but not anytime soon since the constant failures I experienced in some of them (the one where your fighting style changes randomly, and the one in the sewers with Majima in particular) soured the game for me. The interesting thing is that I managed to learn mahjong and did pretty much everything else except for Climax Battles and Legend difficulty playthrough. Also Ys VIII because despite me wanting to like the game and reading glowing reviews, I just can't find it in me to not get bored after playing for an hour each time I get back to it, and the prospect of having to play the game again on the hardest difficulty is not appealing at all. Oh, maybe one more: DmC (Devil May Cry), the one by Ninja Theory, though that's because I sold my physical copy years ago and am still waiting for a good price on the digital version to try and finish it even though I'm garbage at this type of game.
  8. Guess I wasn't in the right mindset yesterday when I was trying because I managed to get Perfect Crime today. If anyone is struggling with it, I'd recommend to use song called Keeper of Lust which has 521 notes, and on my first try with all Support Modifiers enabled (plus one Challenge Modifier called "Notes are super-slow") I managed to hit 307 Perfect notes. I'd still say that for someone who doesn't have any experience with rhythm games, this game could be a bit challenging before you get at least slightly. Not a 5/10 perhaps as I mentioned yesterday but the learning curve definitely exists.
  9. Interesting, your opinion on the game's difficulty seems to be generally shared online, and it could well be that it's just me being overwhelmed seeing so many notes on the screen at the same time, panicking and button mashing. I'll have ro revisit the Hard difficulty a bit later after getting familiar with an easier song on Normal to build the muscle memory. If you happen to have a recommendation on which song is a good one to pick up for the Hard difficulty trophy, I'd appreciate it, otherwise I'll have to go by the game's song-rating system and pick one which is marked as less difficult to power through.
  10. Started with the game today, complete newbie to the rhythm genre and made the mistake of thinking I could clear Hard with 50%+ of Perfect Notes to get it out of the way. Nevermind that I can't even hit 20% notes perfectly, I can't even finish the level with all Support modifiers active. This is going to be a platinum breaker for me, or at least it will take me significant time to get better which is a bit difficult considering I can't even comprehend what's happening on the screen on Hard difficulty, and practicing on easier difficulties won't prepare me for what Hard has to offer. I wish the guide would mention that the difficulty can fluctuate somewhat, 3/10 is way too low in my opinion. Personally, I'd rate the game 5/10 due to the Perfect Crime trophy alone.
  11. There's also a separate Games Under $20 sale, the list contains games from both. EDIT: @Neocarleen beat me to it by a couple of minutes, good looking out.
  12. Thank you, so it's probably going to be $9.99 in the US. It's a reasonable price for a couple of hours of fun.
  13. Does anyone know how much The De Vespe Conspiracy DLC costs? I'll be playing the game again on PS5, by the way: I unexpectedly enjoyed it way more than I expected, scratched that old-school exploration itch. The combat gets repetitive but I felt like the decisions I made had impact on the story. The companions were also enjoyable which is a surprise considering that in most games, they tend to be annoying.
  14. If that's the case, I'll be buying it day one. Heard nothing but great things about the game.
  15. Awesome, thank you!