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  1. It's releasing tomorrow in the US and in the UK: https://www.dualshockers.com/chrono-cross-the-radical-dreamers-edition-release-time-date-and-price/
  2. Hey, responding a bit late here but I just started the game myself and also found the use of PhoneDroid confusing. Here are some things I figured out: You can start using PhoneDroid right after the first story-related battle (before the second battle with Akiho) in the first scene. Once the battle is over, you can press R2 and the phone should come up. At that point, you should be able to use both geotagging (IRUO) and Twipo. PhoneDroid is only available when you play as the main character Kaito, so in scenes where the story unfolds from someone else's perspective (such as the first half of the first day's second scene at the airport hangar), the phone is not available. [EDIT: After a few more hours, this doesn't seem to always be the case, and you can sometimes use PhoneDroid as Akiho such as in the classsrom.] You can't bring up your phone in scenes such when Kaito drives his scooter, only in scenes where you stand still. I'm sure you figured it out by now but you can zoom in and out using L1 and R1 while using the IRUO geotagging app. This is necessary to get geotags which don't show up at the default zoom level, Hope you enjoyed the game, I'm liking it very much so far though I'm only a few hours in.
  3. I'll just add one thing to this topic: if you have PS5 and are planning to start Resident Evil 2, 3, or 7, I'd recommend waiting because Capcom recently announced they'll be releasing PS5 native ports of these 3 games later this year. Source:
  4. I'm wondering the same thing, got 7 as part of PS Plus Collection and then bought a Season Pass for the complete experience. Now I'm wondering if I'm eligible for the free upgrade.
  5. Did you manage to get all Legends trophies, including the Rivals and Mastery Challenges? If so, would you mind sharing how long it took you to get them all? I'm thinking of doing the same and starting with the online trophies before moving to the main game. Any other tips (classes to start with, what to focus on first, grindy trophies) are highly appreciated.
  6. That's what I was asking earlier, looks like the Legends trophies will show up as part of the base list, then. Thank you.
  7. So where are the GoT Legends trophies going to show up? I couldn't find a separate trophy list for it -- does this mean we'll be earning those trophies in the DLC section of the main game which if you don't have already will net you like 5% completion once you're done with Legends Mode and Legends: Rivals and Mastery Challenges?
  8. Since I'm also playing Spiritfarer at the moment and can understand where the OP was coming from in their worry about how to get Giovanni to Ecstatic, here are a few more tips in case anyone is worried about this particular spirit. Some information below could be considered spoilers so I'd recommend only reading through it before you visit Oxbury as part of Astrid's quest "I Have My Doubts": First off, I recommend telling Astrid the truth towards the end of "I Have My Doubts" (this will also get you the Loose Lips trophy) because otherwise Giovanni is going to get -2 to his Mood for lying to her. While I wasn't able to confirm if the decrease is temporary or permanent, it's better not to risk a potentially game-spanning penalty to his Mood. However, if you decide to tell her the truth, Giovanni will move out of Astrid's house to the Lounge. This means he won't get bonuses from Astrid's house upgrades and since the Lounge cannot be upgraded with anything, the most you'll get is +2 for a "nice house" bonus where normally you'd get +4 for all upgrades. It's highly recommended to have Atul or Gustav on the ship. Atul's joyful music perk from his Ecstatic Mood will add +3 to Giovanni's Mood and is the key to get him to Ecstatic. Gustav plays happy music when he's Happy so no need to get him to Ecstatic for the same bonus. Giovanni doesn't need to be standing next to Atul or Gustav while they're playing music, as long as they play it, the bonus will get applied regardless of where on the ship Giovanni is. While Bruce & Mickey are on the ship, Giovanni will get -1 for being bullied. There's nothing much you can do about that because to get these two off the ship, you'll need to go through their quests one of which asks you to travel to an area covered in mist for which you'll need Mist Cleaner 1000. This is an upgrade requiring 3 Spirit Flowers which you may not have at that point in the game. Alternate feeding Giovanni stimulants (coffee, tea) and Beef Fondue, his favorite food because a spirit won't eat the same thing twice. For Beef Fondue, you'll need beef (which you can buy in Oxbury) and fat (oil) which you can get by putting olives or sunflower seeds in the Crusher. Also hug him for a temporary bonus. A combination of nice house (+2), favorite meal (+2), enjoying Atul's/Gustav's happy music (+3) and the temporary hug bonus (+2) should be enough to get him to Ecstatic. Bear in mind that as long as the Ecstatic icon is highlighted in the Status menu, you got it even if the "light ball" indicator is not directly on top of the Ecstatic face icon. It's a bit hard to describe without seeing it in game but as long as the Ecstatic icon is highlighted, you're good. I hope this is helpful to someone.
  9. Apologies for responding a couple of months later but there are indeed new spirits added to the game since the trophy guide was published whose mood needs to be raised to ecstatic to count for the Stoked trophy. I'll put their names in spoiler tags below, information taken from TrueAchievements and I didn't verify it.
  10. @Rozalia1 Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, this will be very helpful.
  11. EDIT: I found a pretty nice guide here for anyone who's interested: https://www.gamepretty.com/disco-elysium-new-achievements-guide-jamais-vu-update-2021/ I haven't yet started the game but planning on it soon and was wondering: would anyone who got all the trophies in the main game and the DLC be able to post a short guide on how to best spec your character at the beginning of the game and when to make strategic saves to be able to get all the DLC trophies in a single playthrough? I'm aware that the base game may need two playthroughs and potentially for the platinum more but I'm wondering if there's a best way to start the game stats-wise to get the DLC trophies without having to juggle multiple characters with multiple stats on multiple saves for the DLC trophies.
  12. Just an update if it helps anyone else: we managed to boost the BR and TDM matches a few weeks ago and everything went smoothly. My recommendation would be to stretch the boosting session and aim to earn all 10 MP in-game medals because that way you can skip some of the more annoying SP medals for "The Highest Achiever." Plus, you can earn a few million MRP which will put you a bit closer to the 40 million required for "MRP Aplenty." Here's a list of MP medals, the worst one is probably winning 50 TDMs for Victorious and Glorious, that one took a full day of boosting between the 4 of us: https://acecombat.fandom.com/wiki/Ace_Combat_7:_Skies_Unknown/Medals#Medals
  13. Not an issue at all, I could have checked the game first before starting the thread here since it clearly shows in the match settings you can start TDM with 3 other players (4 total) for TDM and 1 other player (2 total) for BR. Your guide is fantastic, I'm a complete newbie to the Ace Combat series, AC7 is my very first game and the guide is very helpful. If the minimum numbers help someone else a bit and you think it's worth to mention it explicitly in the guide, go ahead. If I have any other feedback, I'll make sure to post it in the Comments section of the guide and not here.
  14. @Null_Spectre Apologies it's taking a bit longer to set up the boosting session, will start it later today, feel free to join in. I'll schedule it for this coming Saturday but if we don't manage to get two more players, we'll get the Battle Royal victories out of the way and then create another session specifically for the Team Death Match trophy. We can also get Globetrotter (playing every map once) together to get that one out of the way as well. As @Wavergray mentioned, some of the 150 performance evaluations needed for Amazing Job are easier to get by boosting but it looks like there are some which we'll most likely get awarded such as Bailout Master (shot down the most times) or Pacifist (fired weapons the least) without trying too hard. While they may take a while to farm, I'm not too afraid after checking the list: https://acecombat.fandom.com/wiki/Ace_Combat_7:_Skies_Unknown/Medals#Performance_Evaluations
  15. I actually decided to buy the game based on your answers, thank you. I'll add you to friends for a quick boosting session, and once I have the game registered to my profile, I'll be able to set up a boosting session for two more players to get the Team Deathmatch victory out of the way over the weekend.