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  1. I have all 7 members in Majula. I haven’t killed the Miracle person. I’ve gone away and come back a few times, quit to menu, quit the game, turned off the PS4 and nothing. I got other trophies in that time too. Does every single NPC need to be alive? What if I killed the Blacksmith? I haven’t. But it doesn’t seem very specific. Have others run into this issue? Thanks!
  2. I just completed story trial I in gauntlet mode, like it said to do, and I didn’t get a trophy? Do I need to exit the game and come back? I didn’t even know you’d get one for completing it until I came here to see that it glitched.
  3. I was hoping there would be an Ace avatar, shame.
  4. When do you unlock ‘For the Future’ ’Hope’ ’Saved the World’ I assume one of these is for Metal Sonic and the last one is when you finish the game. Thank you
  5. Just a few tools, really, one of which being in the Forbidden Woods, which I really didn't feel like exploring more than I had to at the time. I wondered that as well because it hadn't been mentioned anywhere, but I'm backing everything up just in case. I spoke to a friend who's played the game longer than I have and he said that you do need to have it all at once. Only one way to find out I suppose. I bought the new available weapon after that final boss, in NG+, as of this post. But I was wrong, it seems you can regain items, so, like you say, worse case scenario I just do these things again! No worries! Thank you for your help.
  6. I've just finished this game and I sold the Choir Bell to get some quick echoes to get blood vials to kill the 'True' final boss. I have a master save of just before this ending so if I did mess up I can just go back and do it again. But seeing as how there is no way for you to get another Bell, and it isn't restricted from you to sell, what will happen? I also haven't found out anywhere online that helps me answer this. I was so caught up in the moment of just defeating the other boss just before it that I wasn't really thinking straight. Thank you.