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  1. Have you updated your status message since then?
  2. Thanks for the help everyone
  3. I don’t really want to look at the trophies as to not spoil myself but are there any negative outcomes for playing like the Ghost? I like playing stealth games but I’ve been holding it off just in case and I have done a page check for words like ‘ending’ and didn’t find anything. So I guess not? I could see there being 2 different endings or something if this were a linear type of game but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Seems like you’re gonna grow over the game to accept both, maybe. Only about 2 hours in so far. I could see some dialogue being different but it also seems like both are acceptable. Thanks!
  4. Easily 3. After the progress with FF2 they just revert back to some generic plot, totally unfun gameplay and horrible final dungeon with basically no story tying it all together.
  5. Yeah I dont get it, this one is really big so I guess there's no point closing it now!
  6. Yeah probably but don’t you wanna play it for fun the first time and then go back and get the trophies afterwards? It’s what I did!
  7. It depends. I like getting plats for the games I really care about or offer a good challenge or something I know I can do after putting a little work in. I always like to get online trophies first just so I know I have them. I also like getting as many as I can because I don't really like having all these half finished games in my library because to me it feels like everything I own is half finished. Metal Gear Solid V's trophies were a grind for a lot of people but I've put over 1300 hours across 3 versions of it so it seemed logical to 100% it those three times, I'm playing it for all that time, I may as well do it. Or games like Spyro, fairly easy overall but it was such a joy to experience my childhood again that I 100%d those as fast as I could and made time in my life to do such things. But I think the game should be the priority which is something I need to learn to understand like I've done with Xbox and PC, Switch doesn't have them. I didn't buy games like Dissidia NT for a long time because the trophies were horrible, like, win 300 online matches. First of all, good luck finding that many matches and second off, having to actually win them. I found it for cheap sometime last year and just played what I wanted of it and then moved on; come back every now and then for a few matches and that's that, I know I'll never 100% it and it's just a waste of time to even try. Games like Mad Max are a horrendous grind. I got into a little routine after work in 2018 to just grind out the scrap trophy but after a few days it hit me that it never ended. That game isn't hard, it's just such a grind which is why it's rare. Not like it matters because at the time the game was impossible to 100%. I could end up getting those again someday but it seems unlikely. Getting the ultra rare trophies in Wipeout always makes me smile when I think of it just because of how difficult that game was.
  8. Someone said this about Dark Souls 3 (despite that game being the easiest of all of their games) but given how this is a site that tracks trophies and people that play these kind of games are those that look for a more 'hardcore' experience, it makes sense why these two line up. The game is hard and to me is probably the hardest one they made but I like trophies and I like the difficult games that give me them, so even though it was very difficult, I still did it, somehow.
  9. I think the issue is that it’s two very similar games that are honestly a niche appeal. Maybe they were thinking these would quell boredom as they’re time sink games which would help in quarantine but no.
  10. Platinum 30: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Enjoyment: 9/10 Time to platinum: About 26 hours I really enjoyed my time with this game, not sure where the negative criticism comes from, it tells an original story while also hitting the highlights from the manga as well has having a wealth of content. The online trophies kinda bugged me out before I got the game. Online trophies in games where the online isn't popular and or the main focus of the game make me think that I'm not going to get them so I got those first. I think i got pretty lucky, I got all of them without boosting in the first hour or so of playing with random people online! We had a lot of fun, about 15 matches before we had to leave. Not to mention I took my time with the game and didn't rush it, very impressed with how much content there was, well worth the price it was to get a new, physical copy. If anyone here needs help with the online trophies for this game, I'll help ya out, lol. I had to make sure this was in my trophy highlights. So I platinum'd something else before it that I'd put off for years, that game also had online trophies that I just wanted to make sure I had before the servers were most likely going to be taken offline. Just look at this thing, it's so beautiful. It finally made me figure out how to use the trophy cabinet feature!
  11. Do you even assassinate anyone anymore
  12. For anyone still wondering, I just got the trophy myself and I had A rank on the story mission D'Arby games, somehow, I beat him in like 2 moves so I'm not sure what happened there and I haven't even played his extra games in the Mission list yet. So no need to worry!
  13. Well, I was talking about a ranked game, but doing either resulted in the same thing, for me, I tested it out. The servers are really unstable. Is there anyway to do offline co-op on a Vita?
  14. I did have some issues, it took about 10 minutes to finally connect to the servers and even when I did, they were unstable. The match would lose connection before the first loading screen even started. Before that, I thought the servers had been shut down and nobody knew.