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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread but yes while it is possible, I can just see in my mind all the instances of in the game where you’ll just die out of nowhere due to a rogue explosion or something, the final act of the game especially lol. It can happen suddenly if you’re chasing a target or crash the plane in the desert, (or that flying mission for the Don), anything. I tried to see how long I could last and then my dumbass tried to fight the Pizza Stack employee that had a gun in the second mission. I guess he was invulnerable to getting run over multiple times LOL.
  2. To all the people saying “it’s my money I’ll do what I want with it” there’s no need to be so defensive about it lol. The guy was just asking a question. If you feel the need to say that, chances are you probably just trying to justify a guilty mind. I’m curious though. Why would you buy Witcher 3 Collectors Edition if you already had it all with the DLC? Buying the exact same thing for the same console does seem like a waste. If it was for another console or PC or something that makes more sense. I have bought things multiple times but they were for different consoles. That’s how I justify it in my head and sometimes it does seem a waste which I do worry about because I don’t really like owning too much but if I play it then it’s fine. Biggest example is MGSV. Bought it for PS3/4 and PC- wanted to mod it but just left it as is because the mods bored me. Also I got it for free on X1 but I don’t have one. Same with KH3 DLC. Sometimes I wish I didn’t so I could focus all my FOB stuff to one system but I guess that doesn’t matter much now anyway. I 100%’d Dark Souls on the PS3 and a couple months later I got it again for the Switch for Christmas and 100%’d it again. FF10/12 on PS2 and PS4 and FF12 for Switch, I’ve wanted that game portable since I was a kid. Spyro Reignited on PS4 and then again on Switch because I wanted it with me. FF13 on 360(lol) and on PC because muh graphics. No More Heroes 1/2 on Switch because having them portable is golden. I didn’t buy Ratchet and Clank HD on the PS3 for the longest time because it’s very expensive and I felt like it was pointless because I had them on PS2 but they were on sale one day and I did it, even after getting the trophies I go back to both versions annually. And more recently I bought a Vita in the PS store scare and I played R+C again and that’s all I own for it right now. P4G soon lol. I toyed with the idea of getting a Vita years ago because playing R+C portable also sounded like another childhood dream but an expensive one. It happened anyway lol. I’ve also never bought a game because of trophies but have not bought things because of their trophies and gotten them on Switch. Like Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Colors Ultimate. I knew they’d have BS trophies and I was right. I also own the OG Colors but it was 11 years ago. A remaster on Switch for half price is a steal. I didn’t wanna buy Dissidia because they’re all mostly online but I wasn’t gonna let that ruin my fun so I just waited until a price drop and I got it for really cheap!
  3. Just press R2 and save them. I lost one of my DLC characters in the ps3 version because of the Kikongo stuff
  4. I don’t know if you’ve played Colors before but while it is true it is an easier game the ranking system in it is very bizarre. You’ll net more points using the yellow drill wisp in a circle for 30 seconds than getting to the goal ring 30 seconds faster. You’ll get more points sitting on the grind rail going slow as can be than boosting on it. Unless they’ve changed that then getting 100% for each zone is gonna he a grind. The trophies were gonna be the deciding factor on if I got this on PS4 or Switch and after seeing in this thread that the 100% includes grinding for the S ranks. No thanks. Does it matter? Uniformity rocks, lol Saying that, all of the newer Ratchet and Clanks had the same platinum image and the image wasn’t even good. At least this is Sonic’s face. The image actually reminds me of Unleashed lol Glad the trophies finally dropped. Been looking for a while.
  5. Why is this written like purple prose lmao
  6. >uncommon platinum. Anon, I...
  7. Lmao what's the point, real tawk
  8. Oh at least you weren't banned like I thought the title would suggest Trying to play anything online at any time on my Vita has it throw a fit.
  9. Ah heck I wanted to get the series complete 100% before this had a list! Oh well!
  10. Good job I bought it a while back then hehe. Waited for it to come on PS+ but didn't think it would after a year. Such a shame it's gonna go.
  11. Just putting this here so I have some frame of reference for the future. Currently playing Ratchet 3 on the Vita and I would like to get all the trophies ASAP. I'm on the final planet of the game and have luckily not unlocked anything yet. I've gotten 100 of 101 crystals so I can just go collect the nearest one and then hand it in; I've gotten 4/5 of the 100 Quark tokens. Thankfully those time trials have no trophy attached because I wanted to get those out of the way with ASAP. I was hoping to do it this weekend but I was told last minute that I have work, so I guess not. Have a few more preparations to do today so I'll probably leave it until NEXT weekend. I hope it won't take THAT long seeing as how I have all the planets unlocked but I don't see myself managing to do it all in 6 hours or something. I'd like to get it over with ASAP but we shall see. I'd rather not spend like 9 hours on a screen even if the last part is a rush to Zeldrin/Kerwan to grind bolts where I only have to semi pay attention. 


    I normally wouldn't do something like this but I've already plat'd it once so I may as well try and beat my record if I have the one chance to do so. I probably could have sped up Ratchet 2 but I wanted to get the 3000th trophy the same as the 1000th. Completely unintentional that I started playing these when that milestone showed up but it did and I took it. Took an evening of grinding 2250 bolts over and over again but it's done now. Again, I had one chance to do something like that so I took it! 1+2 also had accumulative bolt totals, this one doesn't for some reason. Can't tell if that's a good thing or not. I've managed to save some time by collecting the other Titanium Bolts in the game so I can just unlock the last one after getting 5/5 for the Quark tokens. Didn't do that in the 2nd game cuz I worried it would glitch out or something as I've been unlucky in the past so I just left them all to the end but I could have saved some time if I collected them all prior; so I did that here.


    This is to say that the trophies may have an erratic and fast unlock order so I'm just explaining myself in-case anything happens lmao. if I can unlock it without doing the 8 course then getting the Quarktastic challenge done first seems like the best thing to do when it comes to saving time, seeing as how it's 100 rounds but shouldn't take that long anyway. The Impossible Challenge was pretty fast after a relatively stacked weapon list whilst also grinding weaker weapons to get EXP at the same time LOL! Haha. Also just had a thought that it'll be my new fastest Platinum! Lol, by a day. RIP Spyro 3. 😆


    Anyway, if anyone did read this; thanks!

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      Ah yes. I am a veteran on Ratchet and Clank series. What do you need help?

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      Hello fren.


      Very nice <3  It's just that I'm aiming to get the trophies ASAP and am basically at the end of the game and ready to do so. Was basically just saying that they may be in a weird/fast order but was explaining why that would be the case. Not like "woah how did you find all sewer crystals in 2 minutes" kinda thing. 


      I pretty much just wrote this down to get my thoughts on paper (so to speak)


    3. Lianco


      All done, hehe

  12. I wouldn't say it's a 7 but the final fights in the Endless Eclipse are pretty unfair; Femto especially. He does forever combos that can track you if you're anywhere in the proximity of him and do massive damage. Playing as anybody other than Guts can get pretty unpleasant as you can get overwhelmed quickly as your attacks dont cover much ground and the block button is useless, as I've found with these kind of games. I haven't played as the Apostles yet, though. Layer 81 onward is pretty boring because it's the same with everyone as it just takes so long; all of the layers leading up to that are so fast. The first bosses you encounter from that point onward can just trap you in a corner and it's lucky if you can escape, it's so infuriating. You kinda wanna level your character up before you go in but then all the EXP goes to waste. I find waiting for your rage bar to autofill when it's on level 4 and then to just do super moves against the bosses works well and the restocking inventory exploit that I made a video about. Certainly helps because then you'd only have 2 consumable health refills for like 10 layers at a time and your health bar in the final layers can just drop. Besides the trophy aspect of it, the game is great and lots of fun. Idk what fans going about Dark Souls inspired game are talking about. You remember killing 100 enemies in a few seconds in Dark Souls? Nah didn't think so lol.
  13. Nice that the Vita is having a sale tho. Dunno why it needs to be last haha, the stores are staying open Or maybe to do with the lack of patches idk.
  14. It's ok fren. I can get it to work now if I just wiggle it a bit. Moving to the right just seems to be an issue. It's like it needs to warm up a bit first. I was thinking about repairs but I wonder how it would even be fixed. Like, give it to a shop and they take it apart or what haha. Void warranty moment. What's the thinking behind the recalibration? Like, you spin it and it just rejigs itself to go back to normal?
  15. Something I read in a YouTube comment that hasn't been mentioned here is pressing R2 to re-center the ship. I've read to hold it down permanently but I don't think that would work; you'd need to tap it every so often to get it to work. This works amazingly well in the 2nd race as it looks like some rings go in a crazy direction but after getting back to the center the path is fairly straight forward. It's amazing how much a change of perspective helps things. If the rings start to get fuzzy just crash and then everything will reset. Had the reticule disappear on me once before the rings got fuzzy. The ship also feels like it speeds up at some points, may be an optical illusion of flying downward but sometimes I'd just lose control and find it hard to get back on track. Seen this mentioned on other forums as well so it may be an actual thing. I wanted to rush to Feltzin to do the ship mission before I got a trophy to see if I could do it. If I could do one then I could do the rest. Despite not knowing about these races I don't remember having much trouble on the PS3 version when I did them for the first time; I don't remember struggling. So I thought that they can't be THAT bad. Something else important to note is just practise of the course itself. I know we'd all like to go for the no ring miss run first try but just doing the course can help. I did a run through of the Feltzin System first and only missed 4. The pressure of not missing a ring will inevitably make us worry more. People may also find this the hardest race because it's the first one where we really have to learn how to use the ship. I found a couple of the turns near the end of the space station to be where I crashed because the camera wasn't centred and flying inside the asteroids I could see giving people trouble. You can't invert the controls but I played these games as a kid so I got used to the up is down thing; it makes sense for flying anyway. Don't even remember an option to change it on the PS3 like people say. Each race is basically only 90 seconds in all so it's not too bad. Hrugis Cloud I found easier than Feltzin System despite probably being there longer. It was just my mistakes of centering the camera while I was moving or being nervous to move the stick too much. The rings that go in a left or right formation are easier and smoother to get to because up and down are much more sensitive. Just take care when going for the ones that are diagonal. Gorn is most definitely the easiest. I did the race once, missed one ring in the process and then did it perfectly the next time. There is a sneaky ring at the start that is just below the starting one that will probably catch you off guard! Just be careful of the rings near the flying objects because they can cause people to get hit by invisible walls but other times just scrape it and be fine. The rings are fairly spread out and a couple may be in weird to go places but keep your eyes peeled. I actually found that fun. I did all three races with an unupgraded ship as well; so just do the tap square to boost thing like others mentioned. You may be able to control a boosted ship on the PS3 version but I doubt you'd be able to control the ship boosted for long on the Vita besides the opening of the race. The glider is too stiff, the ship is too loose and the hoverbike is perfect. What a weird port!