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  1. I'm kinda getting the feeling with some of these posts that people haven't seen the source material. The Cell Saga is my favorite in the anime because the initial Android stuff is supposed to be a red herring to the actual villain of the part because of all the time travel stuff that changed history; the surprise of Cell, let alone Android 19 and 20 showing up. It's just plot twist upon plot twist and it's great; most of all, it's suspenseful. And honestly the game didn't really portray that at all. When Piccolo goes to find Cell, he's just standing there, out in the open. May not seem very bad but his introduction in the anime is legendary, they could have easily done a 1:1 cutscene of that like they did for other stuff. Cell has such a screen presence in the anime and it's barely on show here at all. Cell and Buu Sagas have a lot of waiting around written into their narrative so I guess it can't be helped. Also in the latter two Sagas, so much happens that noticeable moments get taken out. It doesn't ruin much, in fact it probably speeds some parts of the Buu Saga up to have a better pace, it's just noticeable. At one point, Goku asks for a Senzu Bean in the Cell Saga but I swear nothing happens after that, like him giving it to Cell or whatever. It also makes Goku's sacrifice look better than Teen Gohan not listening. There are also some weird choices like some scenes being depicted as flashback slideshows. This isn't a problem itself but when the game does it for moments like the ending of Goku vs Majin Vegeta, yeah it doesn't really do the end of the fight justice. Saiyan Saga: felt very well done for how relatively short it is. Took me about 6 hours in total honestly. Raditz was a great learning curve as well as me not using healing items. I can't tell if the game got easier after this Saga or I got better. Frieza Saga: Probably my least favorite in general, if I had to order them, but it's probably the best written part of them all in terms of a tight 3 act structure. So much happens in quick succession that I think they hit all the highlights in the game and it was translated the best. Frieza wasn't the toughest fight and I didn't expect Namek to be that big to explore considering what happens to it but the post game did surprise me. Cell Saga: It took a while to get going but the ending hits home like it always does, it's amazing. The plot twists are some of the bets parts of the Saga and having them being showcased in not the best way isn't that great. It's weird how it has some fetch quests put into the main storyline and not the intermission, it really slowed the pace down. We time skip other parts so why not this? It had some nice fanservice though. Buu Saga: Again, took a very long time to actually start but when it did, it was very good. Even though it was probably the same in game length as the rest, it felt longer. The game certainly went out on a bang and kept the quality all the way to the end. It's a tough order to fully adapt something like this into a video game and they did do a great job. But if I'd have played this first, as a friend recommended I should to get into DBZ I probably wouldn't like the Dragon Ball series as much as I do. I'd say the best adapted was Frieza and most enjoyable was, and I never thought I'd say this, Buu, it has so many set pieces, even if they don't all fit into the narrative that well and the Land of the Kais was absolutely stunning. I agree with OP that a fight with Nail would have been nice. I thought they were setting that up pretty good and then it just didn't happen. I wish we could freely play as Gotenks, Vegito and Trunks though. They tease us by having us play as Goten for like 20 seconds haha.
  2. Game and anime: Gohan Gohan 4 life
  3. I understand the trophy list is very easy, it basically requires you play each level thoroughly and not just beeline right to the end but the rest of the game? People say this game can be completed in a few hours and I guess that's true but it doesn't really seem to me like it would be a comfortable few hours, it'd be a dedicated half a day for sure. I was having a lot of fun and then the first minigame came out of nowhere with the crabs and the treasure chests and it just struck me as really odd. The difficultly just spiked to an unreasonable level that didn't really fit well with the rest of the game and it caught me off guard. They just increase and get worse over time. The vehicle controls are awful and everything else is just stupid filler with not enough time; kamikaze chickens? Okay. I can't think of a single minigame I enjoy in any way. The fact they stay around for the sequels shows to me that they didn't think they were a teething pain of a new series but a core feature. I borderline hate Bentley now because whenever he shows up I just know it's gonna be a painful gimmick mechanic that doesn't fit in with the rest of the game. I thought they were in the game because Sly 1 is a very obvious Crash inspired game but that game can pull it off where this one can't. A life system and a 1 hit KO is a terrible idea, I know Crash did it too, but that's exactly the point. I never really played Crash as a kid, it was too annoying, maybe I'd do better now. If they ran out of budget or something, maybe don't have every world need a 7 key requirement; heck, the final area of the game is basically a gauntlet run, it's so bizarre. I also think the game has some input delay, the O button would just not work sometimes, especially in the Mz Ruby fight and then the boss fight just glitched ended. The fact you have to do all of that fight without taking a single hit is insane. And I'm not bad at rhythm games, I play Hatsune Miku. Maybe a PS3 issue. People wonder why this series isn't as highly regarded as Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter but it really isn't that hard to see why. The quality is just not there. Not to say the game doesn't have any, it's just interrupted very often by amateur game design and seeing as how this is made by Sucker Punch, I guess that explains it. I bought this to play a stealth/platformer game, not have half the game be taken up by annoying and irrelevant minigames. If they were short, one off distractions that you didn't really have to put any thought into then that would be fine but they destroy the pace of the game to a halt. I dreaded going to a new world because of what minigames there were most likely going to be. Ratchet and Jak have mini games but they're either short, optional, tonally consistent or, shockingly, actually fun. Yeah someone may say 'git gud' but they weren't difficult in a fun way, they were just aggravating. I'll never replay this series at this point because it just would not be fun at all. I'm honestly surprised a friend of mine loves this series because he rages at the slightest thing, maybe he grew up with it. Don't really expect anyone to read this, just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere and see what people think. I'd just get downvoted in the Sly subreddit for being a troll or something so I think I'll put it here lmao.
  4. Yeah I doubt you could get a new PS3 at this point. Have fun with it pimp. People say Bethesda games on PS3 are buggy, I usually play them on PC but I've got Fallout 3 GOTY on PS3 after playing the base game on 360 and it's perfectly playable, haven't tried NV yet. People say Skyrim is the worst and I can attest to that as I've seen it at a friend's house. Oblivion is probably a better experience to be honest. Dark Souls 1 and 2 are great. You can play them without going online but at least try to. It's nice to run into people on that game still. Heck, even Demon's Souls had a population before it got shut down. Still need to try to get back on the fan servers though. Both games need multiple playthroughs to get items and see endings. People say Dragon's Dogma is a great game, same with Dragon Age. Edit: the Far Cry games are good but they all have online trophies, 2 especially.
  5. If you don't care about having unfinished trophy lists in your log or if you've bought it already then certainly give it a go. I've plat all 3 of them now, actually plat the last one on the day these were commented haha. I know it's always common to look back on something you were complaining about and be like "well it wasn't that bad" but I still stand by what I said. The first game definitely has it the worst but if I had to choose my favorite it would probably be the first game. It has the most core gameplay stealth aspect to it and I think it has the best story but the minigames can be harsh and the Mz Ruby boss is honestly pretty brutal. Like I say, the trophy list is easy but the gameplay itself isn't what you expect a 2/10 would be. I didn't go into the series with that much of an expectation issue but I just assumed that a stealth game would stick to that concept. Maybe it's my fault for expecting a 'kids' game to be a pure stealth experience but that's what the series concept had me believe, it would seem like a perfect niche. By the third game I was certainly enjoying myself more; there's more minigames but it seems like I actually had an easier time than most. I did the final gauntlet run mission my first try. Well I don't agree with that, all of the boss fights are basically a challenge of not getting hit once or having to do the entire thing again. Mz Ruby and Clockwerk spring to mind as ones that are particularly nerve-wracking, not to mention the 3rd game legit has challenges that start you with half health or require you to not even get hit. Again, a 2/10 implies very little effort on the user but you need to be switched on for it. Glad you enjoyed it that much though, I still have the 4th to play myself.
  6. Honestly, if I could start it all over again, I'd just game on a PC with a Nintendo console. You don't really need much else at this point. Especially considering that most PS exclusives don't interest me either. Over the shoulder, 3rd person action adventurer with crafting elements and 4th wall breaks.
  7. Yeah I've heard the Vita version makes everything 10x worse. Some of these challenges I was just thinking to myself I have no idea how they'd be on Vita, even the driving from the first game I hear has been completely changed mechanically. But yeah I've played harder games than Sly, I wasn't trying to say zomg hax wurst game evrar, with. I thought playing something like Dark Souls on a Switch would make it a lot harder but I still managed to get through that game great! It was the first game I'd used the right analog stick for, felt weird, never had a handheld with two analog sticks. I don't play docked. I also don't think the series is really that much of a 'collect-a-thon' first game maybe but they phase it out by the third game which doesn't have anything besides the coins. 4th games seems to remedy this!
  8. Nah it's not late, I'm the one making a thread on a game as old as this lol, I didn't expect any responses in the first place! Again, I think it just took me by surprise. All pretext of this being a pure stealth game goes out the window by the third game. By the third game I just sort of forgot about it and enjoyed it more after that. Some sections were still pretty rough. But then I did things like that final gauntlet in Sly 3 on my first try and that 'infamous' pirate ship mission I did on my second try, messed up that first one. I've done it now though, some of the Sly 3 challenges were pretty hard but I'm surprised by how fast I did them all in the end. Well that was mostly my point and the thing that people have misinterpreted the thread about. I hear everyone saying about easy this is and that you can turn your brain off and just chill out but I just don't think that's true. Now yeah, in the grand scheme of things, the game is easy and so is the trophy list but the actual game is a little bit harder than you may think from looking at it. I knew it had a debug mode but not in the way that you could unlock trophies with it, like Jak 2? It's the fact that I'm 'bad lel xD' again, it's the constant insistence from basically every reviewer I've seen that the game is an easy, turn off your brain and chill out to and I just don't think that it is. I'm surprised I've never seen anyone mention the minigames in any review; I guess people just see it as a core gameplay experience. I would say Spyro is easy but even then it has those flying missions but only has 1 area completely dedicated to that concept. Even the side characters are basically a one-and-done experience. I wrote a Sonic Forces guide and I gave it 5/10 because I feel that anything lower would undersell the fact that some of the time trials and other challenges are actually pretty tricky and I wouldn't want to give the impression that the game was really easy. A 2/10 makes me think of something like Life is Strange where you really dont even need to pay attention to get the plat. But beyond that, I think that this may be the time when the trophy list difficulty is separate from the game's difficulty. Yeah I think this may be the reason. I played Spyro, Sonic and R+C growing up and while looking back on it, Spyro and R+C certainly do have their fair share of minigames but it never felt like it hindered the experience, there was one part of R+C 2 that stopped me playing for a while as a child and while the series may have more minigames than I initially thought, I grew up with them so it just feels like part of the game experience now; which is how I guess most people think about this series. I still found the Crash side levels hard though, but I was in single digits at the time. I guess being an overly critical adult playing a game like this for the first time doesn't help 😂 I will always say that 1 was my favourite though, I think. In any case, I've got the plat for all 3 and the mini games to 100%, (now those were a 1/10 even if my sixaxis didn't work completely correctly, but I'm glad I still could do it anyway because of an awesome 3rd party controller, never had any luck with actual PS3 controllers, crap plastic and I'm not even sure if I did it right) and it was a fun trip; I've had time to reflect since making this which was when I almost finished Sly 2 lmao. Will play 4 later next year. Time for the holidays. Have a good one.
  9. Yeah like others say, give 2FA a try. After I set up 2FA on the PS3 my old password didn't work anymore even though they said it would. So maybe the fact the chat doesn't work anymore like you said, may be linked to this.
  10. Congrats bro
  11. Well yeah obviously there are worse but they aren’t as popular as this Also lmao at that title
  12. you really like the game don't you. Well done bro.
  13. I always thought the races in 1 were pretty random. I remember some restarts would have some cars crashing and rolling and then other times they’d take my boost and sometimes they wouldn’t. Oh that sounds fun 😂 guess I have that to look forward to tomorrow, I saw a trophy about pirate ships. Great fun... like how they were in KH3. Totally not a drag!
  14. Mad Max Game sucks and is horribly boring, just need to do everything about 500 times and you should be good. The game world is mostly barren, obviously, but still somehow manages to be a chore to navigate. I haven't done it yet and I don't think I will because it just involves hundreds of hours online for random matches but Metal Gear Survive. You need literal excel documents to plat the game. Just thought I'd mention it haha. I used to have a good group that I played with but we don't really talk anymore, sadly.
  15. Yeah the game is relatively easy by itself but I'm talking about the fact that I've seen so many people on YouTube and in forums saying about how this is a totally easy game with a stress free platinum that you can get in just a couple of hours and that is totally not the case at all. You need to be switched on if you're playing these. And yeah I've played the Jak and Daxter series, that's why I used it as an example. The driving controls for the Murray races are exactly what you said, they control in such a weird way. You can get good at them after a while but they just control so strange. You basically need to cut corners and then just boost, very strange. Well, I had issues with that tank section in 2 but then managed to do it without making a mistake in about 5 seconds, now THAT was strange! Well, I hear that 3 has a section that got people stuck for 30-40 minutes lmao.
  16. I was thinking about it because it'd be nice to have them all together in my trophy list but I don't know about it now, especially before Christmas and the fact I bought New Horizons on Friday. I'm not really having as much fun as I thought. I said to myself I'd play them as soon as I woke up today but I prioritised literally everything else. I didn't expect any comments! Can't say I agree, it's not like GTA SA's plane missions or Sonic Riders Challenge mode. It felt like sheer luck that I managed to win those horrendous driving games. There's some conspiracy that you auto win after the third real try. I don't really understand the 'break up the gameplay' argument. Do you not want to play a stealth platformer game? I didn't buy Dishonored to have half the game be replaced by a kart racer; I didn't buy Call of Duty to have half the game be replaced by a rhythm game; I didn't buy Mystery Dungeon to have half the game be replaced by Tetris. I buy a stealth game to play stealth, I buy a shooter to play a shooter and I buy a dungeon crawler to play a dungeon crawler. You mean 9 hours in total for Sly 1? Don't agree, Dark Souls isn't hard because it's cheap or has irrelevant game modes, it's hard because it plays by a very strict set of rules and doesn't deviate from it. DS has some cheap moments, sure, like a boulder rolling down some stairs that will most definitely hit a new player, but Sly is just cheap. I'll stick to good collect-a-thons like Spyro. Yeah I guess that's a fair point, it would be hard for me to judge Ratchet by any fair newcomer thoughts because I've played it dozens of times as a child, but my point stands that I was surprised a friend of mine liked it due to his tendency to rage, I'll ask him about it next time I see him. He didn't even make mention of the mini games because I'm sure to him they're just normal gameplay. It still seems very weird. Should I just quit now or...😂 Yeah I agree, a 2/10 trophy list seems weird to think about when you actually play the game and see the difficulty of it. I'm probably in the minority though that would say that they prefer Sly 1 to its sequels. I liked the idea of an open worldish type gameplay of the 2nd one but seeing what they did with it? Nah. I wanna see if I can plat the other 3 before the end of the year or at the very least, Christmas, but as said above, we shall see.
  17. Thank you, that’s hopefully great future proofing.
  18. Aight, thank you! Nice! Thank you
  19. What's the issue exactly?
  20. Hopefully nobody gets flagged because of stuff like this. If this is something that happens when you transfer saves over then I guess not but if this is the only case of it? Damn, lol. “Platinum’d in 4 seconds?”
  21. It would be nice if the Plat was called ‘You’re Breathtaking’ like I think someone made a petition for.
  22. Yeah I just noticed that, thank goodness, lol. They've added some other news ones instead, nice.
  23. Well, I don’t know about that. They dropped a 13GB patch to the game out of nowhere a few years ago that nobody could find any use for, it broke two trophies and they didn’t do anything about it. I sent a few messages to them back then about it and never got one back. Most of it is pretty boring and repetitive though.