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  1. Glad to see it wasn't just me
  2. Sports games used to all be way too hard. But this list is kind of a joke. Even casual players are going to get this one without even realizing it.
  3. That must be what happened to me. I'm so frustrated. Thought I had everything done and would get the plat with my final main mission. Now I'll have to struggle through the arena or wait until an inevitable new game+
  4. My only disappointment is that the title card is the same bright blue that Zero Dawn's was. It felt out of place for the first game. And even if it hadn't I'd prefer if the sequel had a little variety. You can't tell them apart at a glance.
  5. Just finished off all the DLC trophies, so I'd reiterate that at least most of it is still possible but will take a lot of time because you need to wait for the weekly rotations of each DLC to come up for populated lobbies. It took me about a full month to finish it off. But I was lucky enough to already have some of the DLC trophies from years ago that will be harder now (Supply Drop wins and Gallipoli Operation), but they should eventually come back around in the rotation. The current rotation had the Turning Tides pack which allowed me a lot of opportunities to get the Destroyer kills, Sea Roadkill and Swimming kills needed. Thankfully you don't actually need to play Air Assault to get the airplane kills with the Behemouth Airship in the Apocalypse pack, I was able to do that on Operations/Conquest. Because that's one mode that I've never seen played since returning to the game. But I also can't stress enough how frustrating, random and luck dependent these trophies are. Firefighter and Rough Seas in particular. You'll really need to do your research for how to do Advanced Studies, Modern Technology and Drei Vier Grenadier. That's not even getting into the huge time sink required for all the Weapon Variant trophies. Some of the challenges are really specific and tough. I only went after these because I was already experienced in the game and was playing mostly for fun.
  6. I think I'm reaching my limits too. This grind makes absolutely no sense. I've played like 4 or 5 seasons already, won the Calendar Slam, the YEC, have 8 of 10 school challenges done and have played more 1 star tournaments than I can count to grind Xp. And with that my player is still just rated a 59? And I still need a MILLION more coins??? And then if there wasn't an exploit the game thinks you should do that all over again as a female! I think I'm going to finish tennis school and then I'll be done. Probably keep playing a bit online with the real pros but that's it.
  7. The one aspect of Top Spin that they actually copied, smh... It was always easier to win return games than hold serve in that game. It's bad enough that the game doesn't let you serve aces, but you don't get any free points on serve. If the computer gets a racket on the return, it's coming back at you into one of the corners and with pace. Doesn't matter if you serve 150mph, they'll take a full cut at the ball. Idk if the developers thought the game would be too boring if you don't get to rally every point, but they over-corrected and made the returns OP. A good return should not be a more lethal shot than a good serve.
  8. This is straight up hilarious.