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  1. This might be quite the Problem to achieve https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/190-borderlands/38-and-theyll-tell-two-friends then i guess. Currently Looking for a PS Now Player who has it.
  2. Buggiest game/port ever. Don't play it/buy it. Had 93% only the leg peg missions missing and one one the main missions on 100% and 2 big naval quests. Did both big naval quests as 100%. 93% => 95% Replayed the last main mission to get it finished, finished it with 100% => resetted to 93% before i was playing the big navals Even saved on the save-slot. This is the second time this happend. First time it resetted from around 70 to 55 after i finished main story had to farm the pages + feathers twice.