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  1. It's good, but it takes some getting used to. I've been killed 3 times now because I keep forgetting that reloads need to be done manually. I've probably only played 5 hours now. My first impressions were: I don't really like it. But then it started to grow on me. It's definitely one of those games (at least for me) that you've gotta give time to get used to everything in it. Positives: -gameplay is fun, unique and rewarding when you do good. -sound is amazing with headphones. -map design and atmosphere are awesome. Negatives: - (at least for solo) the game can occasionally be unforgiving with enemy spawns. I once had a brute, 2 wasp swarm things, and 5 grunts on me in a tiny area. There was another time, where I was attacked by a pack of 4 dogs in a bushy area where I couldn't see them. For solo, that is a terrible experience. The dogs are faster than you, afflict bleed, and take 2-3 shots a piece to kill. Your only hope is do not miss in that circumstance, because there is no time to reload. -i don't know if it's just me, but the aiming does feel slightly clunky. Maybe it's just me coming off of Apex Legends and not being used to it quite yet.
  2. It takes right around 600 masteries (the ticks) to reach Slayer level 40. I got to exactly level 40 and counted right around 618. What you'll want to do is craft each weapon and try to get as many as you can to +6. Then use every single weapon to gain experience and also damage done until you hit the 250,000 damage threshold. You'll definitely want to prioritize weapon building over armor. There's a lot more masteries to be made from them. The Escalation hunts (once unlocked) are great for part breaks and behemoth mastery, and staggers and stuff. I made a youtube video in case anyone wanted to see which ones I did: https://youtu.be/SX3ZS_gJoxs It took me probably right around 100 hours or so (rough guess) but I could've easily shaved off 20-30 hours if I would've started going for masteries sooner. I didn't until after I beat the main story.
  3. As far as I've gotten (about 8-10 hours in) I honestly don't think there are any missable trophies. You'll have more than 400 encyclopedia entries long before you finish the story. The game hands them out for everything sometimes in batches of 15-20. The full course meals just require gathering stuff to make regular meals to transform them into full course. A lot of the ingredients can also be bought. I don't know a whole lot about building the three items (machine part/hovercar/Robo walker) but I'd imagine they require mining material that can be collected anytime. As far as I've looked into it, you have to get so far into the story to unlock collecting the dragonballs, but I think they can be collected anytime after. The trophy for defeating Mira MIGHT be, but it depends on if it is a sub-quest or main quest. All of the subquests are potentially missible but you only need 10, so you'd really have to go out of your way to miss it. I'm also not sure if the game actually kinda "ends" once you beat the final quest, or if you can keep exploring so if you don't get everything done by then, you could miss a lot of them. In order to get a telepathic message from king kai, you have to do stuff to trigger his message, like mine a certain amount or collect so many orbs. But only after he trains Goku. At least I think so.
  4. You actually need about 7000 of everything, not 4500. I had almost 10,000 lemonade stands and 6-8000 of everything else when I finally got the trophy. If it was ever 4500, they must've changed it in a patch.
  5. The loading times aren't too bad. They're longer than most games, but they're pretty far between most of the time. Death loading screens don't take near as long. As far as difficulty goes, there's 3 options Normal, Hard and Nightmare which you can select when you reroll the world. Rerolling resets all loot, bosses and progress, but not you're weapons, traits or character stats. The game is good. There are a few glitched trophies right now (I've run into 4 myself). If you're going to start it solo, be prepared to die a lot. Actually, either way, be prepared to die a lot. It's a lot easier with others due to revives and the extra guns, but I've heard enemy toughness and amounts increase slightly. Overall, it's a great game!
  6. Not particularly proud of it or anything, but "My name is Mayo" on the vita which I earned today.
  7. Kinda got this idea from the "Pick one 100% from the person above you" thread. Pick one game from your profile you wish you could 100% instantly (without any work, grind, or cheating) For me it'd be Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor due to how bad I've heard "The Hunt is my Mistress" DLC trophy is.
  8. 1. Batman: The Enemy Within (3%) 2. The Walking Dead: Michonne (PS4 - 9%) 3. Middle Earth: Shadows Of Mordor (16%) 4. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Remastered (11%) 5. Life is Strange (PS4 - 0%) 6. Burly Men at Sea (0%) 7. Heavy Rain (PS4 - 0%) 8. Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3 - 9%) 9. InFamous (PS3 - 4%) 10. Comet Crash (PS3 - 20%) 11. Bioshock Infinite (PS3 - 10%) Updated my list...
  9. In four-five hours, going to go pick up a shiny new PS3 at GameStop! Can't wait! :D

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    2. LostLightLegacy


      I'm either getting a slim or a super slim. :) I haven't bought it yet, but I called GameStop as soon as they opened this morning and they say they have both in stock. Probably getting whichever has the bigger harddrive.


      Game wise, I'm starting with InFamous, Bioshock Infinite and Life Is Strange since I only have 2 episodes of that left and already started the former.


      @Spyro, I should be on 5-6 pm tonight my time, maybe a little later. It's an hour drive up there and an hour back.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Sounds good. I may be on PS4, but that still shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    4. PermaFox


      @Urikashi Sounds like a great day with your new console and some killer games!  

  10. I've never participated in one of these before, so I'm going to try to keep it as simple as possible. Here is my list: 1. Batman: The Enemy Within (3%) 2. The Walking Dead: Michonne (PS4 - 9%) 3. Middle Earth: Shadows Of Mordor (16%) 4. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Remastered (11%) 5. Life is Strange (PS4 - 0%) 6. Burly Men at Sea (0%) 7. Heavy Rain (PS4 - 0%)
  11. My shiny new PS4 gets here in an hour! :D  Can't wait to turn it on and just own it! 


    Now the struggles of figuring out what I am going to play first? 

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    2. BlazingCat83


      What are your choices?

    3. Chirithy


      cool; have fun with this playstation and hope you finally get not trouble with it!

    4. LostLightLegacy


      My choices:


      Finish The Walking Dead Season 1

      Digimon story cyber sleuth

      The order 1886 

      Ratchet and clank

      Blood borne

      Mirrors edge catalyst

      + all PS plus games so far.

  12. J6DK-DFNG-P2GG


    Use this code to download your free Happy Holidays dynamic theme. First come, first served! 

  13. Doom II, because it is the one I played almost every day growing up.
  14. Psn is in Sig! Add me, but currently only accepting people above level 10 and with a decent profile. Sorry but I don't like adding people who rarely play or don't hunt trophies. Just feels like a waste of a friend list spot. If you are below level 10 because you started a new account or recently got into trophy hunting, just let me know. I am very open and friendly!
  15. Skyrim Fallout 3 BioShock 2 BioShock Infinite Batman Arkham City The Last of Us