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  1. I closed the game and reset date/time with internet. I'm not sure if it'd work by just resetting it offline.
  2. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it if we don't, but it'd be really nice if we got a boss hunt this month. I think this is pretty much the cutoff point for hoping it will return. Didn't we have the last boss hunt in September 2019?
  3. Finally got it done. I needed about 3 trillion hero souls to be able to get to 3600. I abused the Hero Souls glitch and left it on over night in realm 1500 or so.... The 3 trillion was after I had already spent almost 2 trillion on Ancients, and I was still barely able to make it to 3600. The only thing that saved my final run was the Ancient that boosts DPS per click combo. I had almost a 2 million click combo by the end. I got to 3600, and the trophy didn't pop since I used the time exploit. If that happens, all you have to do is close the game, set date and time back to normal and then clear one more realm. Same for the Treasure chest trophy. If you abuse the time skip and end up killing more treasure chests than 10,000 before you get the trophy do the same thing and just kill one more chest and the trophy will pop.
  4. Uploaded with phone because the PS4 closes out of recording when going to the menus to change date/time. I set the clock via the internet first so you could see the video was from a few hours ago. This is a video I uploaded of me using the glitch. I ascended so you can get an idea of just how fast you level and how much gold you get. While I last told you that you can get one or two months gold at a time, I was definitely way off (I’m working with such large numbers – “9.234e105” - things like that, that it is hard for me to tell exactly how much time is passing with the gold I am getting in higher realms - which is where I am the majority of the time). It is probably more like 1-2 hours honestly.... maybe not even that much. In that video, I have about 13 million hero souls, but I go from a couple hundred gold to trillions in a matter of a couple date/time clicks, and I also went up 40 levels. This isn’t even the best glitch to focus on anyways. The better glitch is the Hero Souls glitch. Right now I’m stuck with my highest realm being 3400. The realm 3400 boss has a ridiculous amount of health (biggest increase I’ve seen), so I’ve transcended and am going to get more Hero souls and try again.
  5. That's happened to me several times too. Usually closing the game and restarting fixes it. I've also noticed that sometimes the next hero won't show up until after I've gotten somewhat close to being able to buy it, so that might be why too. But if you're sure you have more than enough gold to buy them, try restarting your game.
  6. Yeah, you can 100% + Plat both GOTY editions and Standard editions. If you don't have the standard edition yet, you'll have to buy the physical disc as they don't sell the digital version of it anymore (just the Game of the Year edition). It is probably pretty cheap though, and it's what I'll have to do if I want the last DLC trophies. I just checked a minute ago and the standard edition is definitely not on PS Now anymore.
  7. I think this game was removed from PS Now a few weeks ago. I haven't checked yet, but it sucks because I still needed to do some of the DLC. I bought the GOTY Edition in a sale and didn't find out until after that it has a separate list.
  8. I did this too. Basically the only team you need to beat the game in a few hours is a team of six hounds (including Terror Hound, which merges them all into a "Super" hound called Thylacine) and a Diamond Paragon. Diamond Paragon cancels out all traits, so I used him to beat most of the bosses, including the last boss. The hounds are so strong that most enemy packs will go down in 1-2 turns. Now, I have a level 130 hound team, killing teams that are double that level. I'm still stuck on King Andrick in Nether Realm 10 though. My Diamond Paragon doesn't last long enough for me to kill all of the enemies. I tried to give it an artifact that grants shell, but it hasn't been effective yet. The great thing about the Diamond Paragon team with the Hounds is that the hounds seem to merge into Thylacine before the Diamond Paragon's effect kicks in. It works for all of them except the final boss (the final boss has a trait like Diamond Paragon's except it kicks in before the hounds can merge), so I used a Summon Famine spellgem to give the final boss a lot of debilitating debuffs. The rest of the time (If I can recall correctly), I used my diamond paragon to grant shell to my entire team, and just rode out the battle until the boss died of debuffs. Edit: To make resource farming easy, look out for a merchant (they require a ritual to start selling stuff in your castle) with an item trait called "Chip off the Old Block". This grants resources every time you are attacked by an enemy, like the Treasure Golem. With a Thylacine, after this all you have to do is defend every turn in a lower level realm for tons of resources. I'm doing that now. Just got the artifact with this trait earlier. It grants 30+ of a random resource per attack. I wish I had a turbo controller, because then I could just leave it pressing X over and over for unlimited resources. Edit 2: Found a better way. Using the auto keyboard presser on PC through remote play mentioned in this thread ---> I'm able to get about 40-50,000 of each resource every hour. I figure it'll take about ten hours to get what I need. Most of the monsters are 1500 of the resources to spawn. I only need about 350 more monsters, but I'll probably stop short of that since I still need to get defied with each god and a few other trophies anyway. I just have to check it every hour or so.... due to monster fatigue, once the battle passes so many turns, the monsters take more damage. I've been running it an hour on level 6 monsters (my own being over 130) and I'm still taking 0 damage.
  9. This right here is what got me the trophy. Switched to the Australian servers in the middle of the night, and played Duos just going from building to building killing all of the bots. There was only one other person besides bots queued up, and he was on my team. Ended up with 13 kills in a match. Just don't spend more time than necessary looting stuff (just take what you need from the corpses you killed), because the bots will kill each other fairly quickly, even at the beginning of the game.
  10. The PS4 Infamous games (First Light and Second Son) are really good and stress free. Control recently came out and it is a 15 hour completion/ really good from what I've heard, although it does have DLC trophies I think. Any of the Far Cry games, the Bioshock games (I just sat down and played it for 9 hours the other day, and never intended to), although there are some collectables that can be a bummer on starting up, the new God of War or Remastered, the ps4 Ratchet and Clank game. If you are into simulation/management games Two Point Hospital is a good time killer, although it takes a little longer than you're asking. Any of the telltale games are super easy, and are almost like a movie themselves, so if you haven't played one of them, it'd be a good time.
  11. I'm about to try it out, after having the game crash out on me four times in a row while trying to complete Sander Cohen's masterpiece. This update is supposed to fix crashing and other issues, along with the ps4 pro support. I gave up on it for awhile and never thought they'd release a patch after all this time. Before it was stable just long enough for me to make 20-30 minutes of progress, and then it would freeze and crash. Edit: I've played for about the last hour and a half, and no freezes, frame rate issues or anything wrong that I have really noticed. The game works fine for me now with patch 1.03. Edit 2: Just finished the game... didn't run into a single glitch. From what I can tell, they did this patch right.
  12. Hard mode actually would be the best/quickest way to get it done. That's probably what I'll do after I manage to get the 5 and 10 boss kills. You could just reroll an area you feel most comfortable with, and keep fighting the bosses of that world. I haven't even played the corsus story map yet, I've just been doing survival. I think going through survival is so luck based (the loot and the bosses you get), that you're bound to get lucky eventually and get an easier run. The Hunting Rifle seems like a pretty common spawn at the beginning, thankfully. I've had it spawn in the labyrinth pillars about half the time.
  13. I can see this taking 80-100 hours and being 8-9/10 difficulty, just this DLC alone. Survival mode is tough. Purchasing 40 armors will be the grind portion. They are all 10-25 shards a piece, and they mostly only drop from bosses (I haven't seen one drop from a regular brute yet). So that's at least 400 boss fights in survival or nightmare story modes, probably way more if you die a lot or don't get lucky enough to find good gear. I've made it to the fourth boss once and the third boss a few times too... it just seems like every time I do, one of the new bosses pops up that I'm not used to. That spike-fingered boss with the projectiles flying from the wall, attacking you in multiple directions, seems impossible in survival mode. Me and my teammates even out-leveled him by 4 levels, and he still one-hit killed all of us with the shooting spikes from the wall. So I had the same experience as you, Fr_0zt.
  14. Knights are the easiest to beat. Once you get to the second area, just fight the first fight (you'd want to be at least level 20) until you have 150,000 gold at least. Then move onto the second one and fight it over and over until you have enough gold to level up twice again. The final fights alone will give you close to 20,000 a piece. I'm not sure if this affects the amount of gold you get, but don't level up your character until you've grinded out the gold, just save it. At least half of the fights in the first two areas of the second run through of the map are Knights, and as long as you have the right abilities, they're easy. First round: Magnetic Shield and the Lance breaking ability Second round: Shield breaker (the enemy will be without a lance, so just focus on hitting his shield. He will activate his lance breaker, but that won't matter with the ability you're using in the second round.) Round 3: Wait until the enemy knight activates an offensive ability (he almost always will), then use Ghost Knight. Round 4: The Armor Breaking ability (can't remember what it's called). He will be without a shield, so just focus on blocking his lance. Round 5: Long Lance and Spurs It might be best to save spurs for round 6, because there's a decent chance it'll go into that round if you're only level 20-22. Now that I'm on the second area, and starting out level 20, I'm focusing on getting up two levels per tournament, and grinding until I do. I've read it is almost impossible to beat the final boss below level 40, so I'm just being overly cautious I think. Still, it's better than having to restart the entire game because I didn't grind out enough levels and gold.
  15. Got the video up. The video is 14 minutes long, but the menu scrolling is only about the first 4 minutes. That's about the best I could do.... The rest is an Escalation hunt.