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  1. Just did this trophy yesterday, you start from mansion and have to complete all levels you have installed. I didn't have to complete steam or the ice level because I didn't install them, but the dark level came with the game so I had to beat that one. You can also fall/drown, but you cannot restart checkpoints or quit the game at any point before finishing your run.
  2. Also to those that don't know this--double tapping the PS button takes you to and from the last system menu you were on. So you can go from the game to the clock settings and back by pressing quickly twice.
  3. Just nabbed this myself, to those trying be sure to select the complete edition of the game not the standard one
  4. Thanks for the heads up on this; I had to kill 12 (Had 4 previously killed in the rule shara feat). So I can only assume that you'd need to kill 16 for those with no progress towards the trophy.