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  1. I have another big Problem. Every time when the time ingame reach 2hour and 56 Minutes my game crash. The 3 hour play trophie is the last trophie. But I cant reach the 3 hour. After the crash my time is back at 1 hour 14 Minutes....
  2. I cant understand posts like this. I hope you guys notice that you are on A trophie forum? Not? Than its time to go and time to delet the Account on psnp. Haha funny
  3. You need to Do all the Mission on the same difficult. Twilight Mission from the dlc dosent count. Dlc Mission dosent count. Check it and give me Feedback
  4. I have the Problem that the weekend warrior didnt popped. Tip for the whole Event trophie. You need to Check the ingame Mails. When you got the Mail from the Event and take the reward the trophie will Pop.
  5. Im crazy enough. I dont See A Problem. I cant understand why people Not understand Stacks. Why are you here? Right you want trophies. And why we Double triple... Plats? Right. We want trophies. So than its time to go for you guys when you dont understand why guys stacks there plats. I think the most difference between this Player are they guys like me play for trophies. You play for? Fun? Story? I dont know. Try to accept this.
  6. The Problem is in a rly rly big noob at starfighting I Try IT ty:)
  7. That makes Not easier for me. 2 hour and only 2 kills. The rounds are fast and its so hard for me to kill the starfighter. I hope someone can boost this with me
  8. Hol shit.... Codemasters you are the Best... OK ty for that
  9. Hello guys, I stoped playing onrush since 2018. Now I want to continue, started the game and im lvl 1 now. My Story stats are saved im close to get 7000 stats and the Superstar Events are unlocked but the Rest is gone. My gear is gone my Tags are gone..... Someone have the same problem?
  10. Every time when I go at the Galerie the game say me All the online Services are offline
  11. Wow sick. I will give it try. Ty Never read about over the Gallery before. How I can Access the Gallery?
  12. I only need the carrer trophies. I think I have 2 or 3 done. Do you have some Tricks to speed this up? Is rly grindi. Sleep work sleep work sleep....
  13. Are you 100 percent Sure? I read the All the Patch files here. But I cant find anything. I find A thread in reddit. He write is works. But I dont know in which Version. It is possible to Patch the game on 1.06 with the retail Version? I only can find Patch 1.21.
  14. Haha ya thats I mean Good morning
  15. Ya i know but its hard to find the Day from 10 years