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  1. Completely random. I noticed that if you leave it for a day usually it will give the sr from 8-4 (sur lee)? Yeah, you need like 5 of him to upgrade your monsters for the monsterpedia trophy!
  2. Finally found sticker #3 for the full album first reply with your psn i will send a friend request and send you my remaining 16 sticker packs when you accept. Happy trophy hunting!
  3. I haven't counted either hopefully it will pop soon!!!
  4. if you pick a quest do it and do not talk to any other npc because it will bug on you! I talked to the deputy then saw the wife and talked to her and brought her back to camp. I then i shot the sheriff but the stupid deputy kept the same he is in town somewhere bs. The farmer will not let you recruit him if you cannot harvest his crop because you took it and screwed up by taking another quest before you led him to camp! All in all not bad for a free game! Enjoy trophy hunters!
  5. He is a zombie running around in town with an arrow over his head. kill him and he drops his badge or sheriff star then go back to deputy
  6. The cheats disable trophies!!!!!!
  7. Gamestop has used ones for like 40$ use it and return it when ur done
  8. Awesome now i feel dumb... 💩
  9. Seriously i lost 14k not happy!!!
  10. This would be a really awesome game if we could get it patched up!!! I am not bashing anyone i just think it sucks to have a plus game that is busted! @ least i didnt waste $ on it cough destiny cough
  11. Ok forget this!! Just another way playstation is trying to say get a ps4 or are they trying to trash the grimm bros for having a flawed game?!?! Not wasting any more time with this too bad it is a pretty fun game
  12. Ok so i tried it on my old fat A01 model can't get past 15 deaths i have been to 65 deaths on an h? Model fat. when the roommate goes to work gonna download it to his destiny launch slim ps3 and give The angel of death another try i have a feeling it has something to do with process speed!! Until then i am going for runes n bones!
  13. No i am on ps3 but i just noticed there are 2 different ones on the ps store one is 432 mb and the other has 408???
  14. 6,666 trophy!!! Emancipator lol!! This game is pretty fun but 2x i have tried for angel of death and it crashed at 65 deaths i re downloaded and will try again 2morrow!!
  15. Would be awesome if i put san andreas for ps2 in my day1 launch a01 ps3 and it updated with the trophies!! Gonna unpack it and try 2morrow just to see!!