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  1. Oh ya I forgot that any profile here could be a team players. It not weird for me who is coming from non english country as it is still understandable.
  2. Yes please! Just like his/her suggestion, I also want to see the first achievers that sort by Country.
  3. I don't know about NG+ trick, but I played DM from fresh start using build that i found on steam guide. It was hard on beginning but later after atleast you get leveled up around 6, it's getting easier.
  4. I am still looking for watcher ring. Have been farming eggplant-man for couple hours. It keep gave me cup of wishes that I don't wish for. -- Just gave up the Underground City. I got it in Pure Lands. Not sure about the guide says it's easier to farm/drop on Pure Lands or not. Struggling with Dragon Coil now. -- Got Dragon Coil not on my farming spot. Guess I have to move on if i don't get the rare drops.
  5. I just got plat this game. I think as long as you have backup after completing scrap crew, got right stats for Reaper of the harvest, and still have some convoys on Gutgash then you are safe. For container glitch, you can search on youtube to get in. I didn't face it on my playthough though. For Stick it to ya challenge, I was using Gutgash's convoy because need to clear threat on Pink eye and Jeet territory for archangel build.
  6. I think you have to destroy sniper tower as well. I saw it listed on challenge.
  7. The collectible from menu itself also already tell you where to find it.
  8. I just started to play this game. I was focusing to unlock all regions and all online scrap crews and only took less than a week to earn 2000 scraps from those.
  9. 1. Toukiden Kiwami (1.90%) 2. Yakuza 3 (3.21%) 3. Lords of The Fallen (4.29%) 4. MGS4 (4.38%) 5. Digimon World Next Order (4.70%)
  10. I still can get trophy by loading gallery from others after update
  11. GTA V Got it on PC but hasn't complete yet.
  12. I'm not surprised because The Witcher 3 too. A dlc impact to base game trophy requirement even they got separate trophy list for the dlc. Guess, we have to hunt them before new monster update 😅
  13. You dont need to kill them all if it's not the size that you're looking for If you are about to run out of quest while sniping, just kill the last one and pick up the monster track. Quite save much time. This is why i spammed almost my whole investigation quests for sniping 😁
  14. Yes, you can. Even quest with another target monster. You can still get the crown from a monster on same map. My friend got mini anja from single target pink rathian quest.
  15. Good luck! Maybe because i sniped monsters for crown earlier and left optional quest/palico gadgets/etc incomplete. 😆