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  1. 1. Toukiden Kiwami (1.90%) 2. Yakuza 3 (3.21%) 3. Lords of The Fallen (4.29%) 4. MGS4 (4.38%) 5. Digimon World Next Order (4.70%)
  2. I still can get trophy by loading gallery from others after update
  3. GTA V Got it on PC but hasn't complete yet.
  4. I'm not surprised because The Witcher 3 too. A dlc impact to base game trophy requirement even they got separate trophy list for the dlc. Guess, we have to hunt them before new monster update 😅
  5. You dont need to kill them all if it's not the size that you're looking for If you are about to run out of quest while sniping, just kill the last one and pick up the monster track. Quite save much time. This is why i spammed almost my whole investigation quests for sniping 😁
  6. Yes, you can. Even quest with another target monster. You can still get the crown from a monster on same map. My friend got mini anja from single target pink rathian quest.
  7. Good luck! Maybe because i sniped monsters for crown earlier and left optional quest/palico gadgets/etc incomplete. 😆
  8. Finally, I'm done! 211+ hours Got giant bazel and tobi this morning.
  9. Just got mini uragan. Maybe this can help you measuring.
  10. I got giant dodogama from quest with he is the only target monster.
  11. I'm not sure about uragaan. Maybe this method applied to uragaan and i'm still missing his mini. I got giant radobaan by measuring it's tail. I can't compare the height of mini/giant radobaan knee. Because the look same. But i decided to hunt it because it's tail is longer than usual. Just like my kirin. 7 kills though still need to kill more for monster PhD
  12. what are those monsters? I've hunted 40+ girros. Not a single mini/giant hunted even from 15mins/1 faint/2 players quest.
  13. I got mini and giant crown for whole monsters in coral waltz event. Try to hunt only the monster that you are missing. Unfortunately, legiana seems the last monster to spawn, so you have to hunt one of other three monsters. Try this. Not mine but i got both crowns by following this guide.
  14. Got silver crown 3 times for giant vaal. How wonderful is that?🙃 Can someone tell me how to measure dodogama and girros?
  15. walk beside it's left leg. If the bright red spot on it's left leg below your head. It's probably mini size. Someone told this on reddit.