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  1. if you don't do no healing on pro and have deer antlers, equip it instead of chicken head and spam stab attack, kick him if you like, but just spam stab attack, use heal if need, dude will go down in no time, even with unupgrade combat knife, chicken head is overrate IMO deer antler can be obtain from complete S+ rank on standard
  2. only bit easier? it's make village a joke with any infinity ammo gun, only boss you cannot use it on is del lago boss, 3 hardest part of village is the village, the valley and cabin can be complete by just camping in 1 place and kill anything that moving near you
  3. yeah, i about to get that, but how about killer 7 that miss out on challenge count
  4. ... i checked out that challenge and it said i miss out 2 gun, while the only gun i dont unlock is handcannon from pro mode run, also after check gun model gallary, i miss out killer 7 model, even i use that gun for boss alot in my 1st playthrough
  5. yeah, if save file can be transfer back from ps5 to ps4 then i prefer to play ps5 version, since the load time feel better when i play ps5 demo, otherwise i i will stick with ps4 version untill i get plat and transfer to ps5 to grind and wait for dlc
  6. ...which version i should play, ps5 or ps4, does they said anything about save file can be transfer between ps5 and ps4 version?
  7. .... i watch on youtube and they has 1 minute 30 second version, but when i play it, game only give me that freak 30 seconds version and it's impossible to hit that damn SoB, and i play in the twin room, not story mission
  8. anyone familiar with steam version, it's safe to asume 1 platium trophy for each game or they will be lump together into 1 big plat?
  9. holding off this game and revelation 2 for so long because i am afraid when see there are online trophy for this game, but hear that it's possible for solo, how hard is it then, any trick to make it less painful?
  10. .... does it need to be with different npc, or i can just keep re-match with one npc until i get 100 win?
  11. question about collect 50 accs trophy, does raiment count as accs, or only head piece is count?
  12. ... i still have 3 online trophy that doesnt unlock yet, so i wonder, since sony has very bad tendency to kill of online sectin of their old game
  13. there is no other activity to do for me, this is the last one well end up just brute force my way through it, just start the game, if i ddin't have good hand i just quit and repeate, it's not like money a problem for me at that point
  14. ... ffs, this is the only completion left on my list, trying to play in easiest table a whole afternoon and didn't get once ron or tsumo, either running out of tile when i waiting for one or being beat by computer i swear that mahjong in this series make me hate mahjong, don't wvwn want to touch that mahjong game in FF14 since the day they update it
  15. i didn't said i don't buy the game, please read it again, i said i don't want to go through it again because i already did it on PS3