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  1. played it earlier today on the latest patch. debug still works like a charm. got the plat in 4m52sec
  2. used to make ps4 parties for gtaIV and rdr1...
  3. Is there any chance for a Darkmode feature on psnp?
  4. thanks for sharing!
  5. i only believe in release-dates when games went gold. bummer but not suprised tbh.
  6. appreciate the effort!
  7. gaming store around the corner already has his copies. will start with selling tomorrow...
  8. thanks for the quick reply pal!
  9. didnt want to start a new topic. can i skip the wutai region and come back later? dont want to mess up the "date barret" trophy!
  10. never played VII. so the important question for me is: do i play the remake or the og version for my first time experience with this game 🤔
  11. congrats to all winners! you guys are doing some pretty amazing stuff for the psnp community!
  12. Finally a nice list to choose from 😌 I‘ll def. take the Death Stranding Plat. Seems like the grind is real and the Game looks a bit complicated.
  13. DM is easy enough. Hell, i even would say with the right perks its broken...