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  1. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Couldn’t find something in the www. Does anyone know if there is still content coming in the future, otherwise I would sell my hard copy...
  3. if i remember correctly, you dont. i remember making a save after every win...
  4. Oddworld: New 'n Tasty
  5. <inserts star wars LIES DECEPTION meme>
  6. gonna buy a used version the next weeks. no money from me for ea and i stand by those words. the fact that some ppl "hate" ea and still buy this game on day one because its SW makes me angry. just a bunch a bigmouths and yeah, im a huge star wars fan as well but i cant wait till ea loses the SW rights. speak with your wallet guys! its the only way they will learn it. i have spoken edit/ found a used version for 30 bucks... maybe next time EA...
  8. Release Date is on November 19th. https://twitter.com/wehappyfewgame/status/1193921324466360320 Trophies are also live on PSN and PSNP
  9. Upcoming Patch Notes Patch is currently in the Test Phase, release next Week.
  10. First Episode of the newly production from HBO and BBC, "His Dark Materials". Movie Adaption of the Philip Pullman Book(s). 8/10 A bit too slow paced. Atmosphere was pretty cool. The Sneak Peek for Episode 2 was very promising.
  11. def. gonna play/ plat NIOH at some point. for outlastII, i dont have the balls tbh. still enjoying playthroughs on youtube though.
  12. Quick Question! Can you right off start with Supernova Difficulty, or do I have to unlock it? (Already answerd) Is there an option to go to NG+ SN Difficulty?
  13. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch