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  1. trying to 100% bioshock. after that, i will go for the bioshock: infinite platinum/100%
  2. thanks for the reply, pal! much appreciated!
  3. i know buying something from a Dollar Bill machine is a no-go if going for the Scavenger Hunt trophy, but was wondering if using possession to get money from it would also prevent the trophy from popping
  4. thats what i've thought. thanks for the quick reply!
  5. if i don't get the weapons upgrade at sander cohens private secret room, do i lock myself out of the trophy? so far, really an amazing, one of a kind game. the setting, the music, the dialogues, the voice acting. everything is just on point...
  6. Fallout: New Vegas favorite fallout after 3
  7. 100% #59 Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. blighttown without lag wouldn't be blighttown
  9. After almost a 2 month break, Batman: TEW Episode 4 will be released on January, 23rd. source: Telltale Twitter
  10. Read Dead Redemption - Great game, great DLC.
  11. first off great review, really appreciated. second: how tough would you say are the challenges? that's the only task i'm really scared off because i think it's pretty time consuming. overall this game looks more than fun + the game is on sale (20€)