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  1. typical uncharted trophie list... thank god for no speedrun/ MP trophies...
  2. Bioshock (all of them)...
  3. if you pay full price for lego or tt games you are just plain stupid! simple as abc, 123... tt season passes are mostly on sale especially when the last ep releases... edit// this comes from a guy who mostly owns all tt and lego games...
  4. GRIM FANDANGO Number Nine Ticket Get all other trophies in the game.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-48u_uWMHY
  6. Hitman (2016)... 70 trophies but no plat. game is great etc. but it would be nice if they rewarded you with a plat...
  7. Dying Light - the coop trophies are a bit annoying, but i will tackle this plat as soon as i finished grim fandango and ffxv
  8. after "Grim Fandango" i wanna clean up my log... therefore FFXV and Dying Light
  9. Spider-Man Homecoming die hard spidey fan since my childhood years, but this flick was a teenage comedy/drama from the worst kind... seems like marvel/ disney are still using their superman 1978 richard donner formula.. let's hope the next marvel/ disney cbm will be kind of different.
  10. the 100% from uncharted IV
  11. It can't be for nothing Platinum Trophy
  12. seems like you're a robot 😗
  13. Firefly Complete the Firefly Journey