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  1. YouTube
  2. proud to say, i didnt cheese one boss.
  3. gonna tackle this fight probably the next days. but i assume that at this point it doesnt matter how many times you die, since hes the last boss and you can spread dragonrot all over the place without consequences because you will tackle ng+ you keep your hard skill points, spend your money on items. die, learn, repeat. thats the way i'll tackle it
  4. thanks pal. much appreciated!
  5. quick question: can i tackle the boss fight: OWL (FATHER) AFTER i tackle the true corrupted monk and the divine dragon fights? going in for the 3 endings in one playthrough...
  6. PATCH UPDATE 1.04 Fixed an issue with the Vitality / Posture adjustments in the “Blazing Bull”. Improvements to Strategic Approaches Adjusted the efficiency and Spirit Emblem cost of the following to encourage usage and diversity of approach: Prosthetic Tools: “Lazulite Sacred Flame,” “Loaded Axe” series, “Sparking Axe,” “Lazulite Axe” Combat Arts: “Ashina Cross,” “Dragon Flash,” “One Mind,” “Floating Passage,” “Spiral Cloud Passage,” “Mortal Draw,” “Empowered Mortal Draw” Items: “Spiritfall” series Reduced the Posture damage dealt by the first hit of the Combat Arts “Senpou Leaping Kicks” and “High Monk” as it was causing more damage than intended in certain cases. Posture damage dealt in the latter-half of the combo has been increased. Increased the Poison build-up dealt by the Prosthetic Tool “Sabimaru” against enemies that were intended to be weak against it. Increased the drop rate of “Divine Confetti” for Fencers in Ashina Castle. Adjusted loading screen tips and tutorial text, as well as adding new text. Other Fixes Slightly reduced Posture and Vitality of Blazing Bull in order to improve game pacing and balance time in combat. Lowered the price of information sold by Anayama the Peddler. The Chained Ogre inside Ashina Castle is now Red Eyed. Fixed a bug where “Gokan’s Sugar” and “Gokan’s Spiritfall” were not mitigating player Posture damage taken while guarding or deflecting enemy attacks. Fixed a bug where system crashes could cause save data to become corrupted on PC. Fixed a bug where certain enemies would sometimes stop attacking the player. Fixed a bug where certain actions could not be performed after reconfiguring the controls. Fixed certain bugs that were allowing the player to access unexpected areas, which could result in becoming unable to obtain items or make further progress. Fixed cases of certain text being displayed incorrectly. Added Dragonrot balancing Fixed text and voice-over issues. Sekiro patch 1.04 added stuttering and lag fixes. Fixed issue with textures. Added UI Improvements. Fixed low framerate/stuttering issues. Fixed some minor glitches. Sekiro update 1.04 added various performance and stability improvements. Added minor bug fixes and changes with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice version 1.04 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice update 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.
  7. started my journey the other day. beat the horse riding boss on my 2nd attempt and lady butterfly on my 1st attempt. in my opinion its all about posture and deflect. once you figure out mikiri counter and the red sign sweep attack its def become easier. i assume that a couple of ppl cheese through boss fights but hey everyone how they like...
  8. Dying Light. two words: coop trophies
  9. Fallout: New Vegas
  10. finished, Alice: Madness Returns. got the first trophy of the dlc which is the prequel to Alice: Madness Returns. game is so boring that i've decided to go for the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
  11. how long is the dlc? finished the first lvl and already fed up with this prequel!
  12. 1. the start. nothing over the first "ding" on a fresh game 2. when you finish up a 100h+ game