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  1. thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  2. brother wants to run the game on my ps4. short question: can he unlock any trophies with this version? since i dont want any fortnite trophies on my main account...
  3. Demons Souls.
  4. next dlc is probably out on midnight, AMatW probably next month.... edit// like i‘ve said: infinity war dlc is OUT NOW
  5. #63 The Witcher III: Wild Hunt The Limits of the Possible Collect all trophies. 10/10 such an amazig game, with so much stuff to do... i think i will tackle the GotY Edition next month.
  6. Fallout: New Vegas
  7. what is the recommended lvl for ng+?
  8. Star Wars: Force Unleashed
  9. Watch Dogs II so much better than its predecessor...
  10. The Evil Within
  11. somehow i think this DLC will not include trophies as well ☹️
  12. Trophy Lists for the next 2 DLCs are live on PSN.