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  1. GTA: Vice City
  2. had to restart the game 2 times because of bugs and blue screens... my advice: start over and backup your save after every 10 gold bricks...
  3. followed the trophy guide on this site and got the trophy!
  4. can i play trough the game on normal and than switch to hard for the „Plumbing the Depths DLC“ trophy?
  5. didn’t find a related topic so I’ve opened a new one. i really would like to submit a guide in the near future. how do i submit? how does the process work?
  6. kh3 was a mess imo. only buying if they include trophies (for the sake of completion). looking forward to the xigbar/ luxord mystery...
  7. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  8. as long as they fix the bloody camera, im all in. def. waiting for reviews this time! edit// only 2d with 3d overall perspective. def. gonna pass! this looks like a high end mobile game. sad, a hopeful franchise, ruined.
  9. YouTube
  10. proud to say, i didnt cheese one boss.
  11. gonna tackle this fight probably the next days. but i assume that at this point it doesnt matter how many times you die, since hes the last boss and you can spread dragonrot all over the place without consequences because you will tackle ng+ you keep your hard skill points, spend your money on items. die, learn, repeat. thats the way i'll tackle it
  12. thanks pal. much appreciated!