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  1. @SlimSanta94 Lego Rockband, almost man!
  2. sorry kinda late.. long jumps are NOT needed for this trophy!
  3. hey welcome ^-^ dammm our birthday is so close to each other 😵
  4. you can have multiple save files in the game, so you can prepare everything, I'm sure I can do the same thing, but the setup takes long...
  5. Impressive collection of plats you got there especially Super Meat Boy, Lost Planet 2, and Black Ops III. I have quite a few impressive plats myself :)

    1. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      thx man! 😄

  6. #50 Super Meat Boy! Unlock all other trophies Of course, platinum number 50 had to be special! At platinum number 30 I already said, 50 its going to be meat boy, and today I finally did it! I waited so long with getting this game done! and yeaaaaaa..... I raged a lot, 😁
  7. #50 SUPER MEAT BOY 🏆

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    2. Ditto


      Nicely done!

    3. ee28max


      Nice work! ✅

      Great, fitting milestone! 👍 

    4. Hemiak


      Grats man. Always happy when somebody finishes this amazing game. 

  8. Anyone else having problems with connecting to other people? I just can't find my coop partner in ranked games, (to boost) Yes, we are in the same league...
  9. Neverwinter! Im working on it, I would love to have it^^
  10. Looks amazing man!!! many thanks 😀
  11. finally, the shop is open again 😁 Render pic 1 http://jessymoonn.deviantart.com/art/Uzume-Render-652347714 : the main picture Render pic 2 http://tacobait.deviantart.com/art/CyberdimensionNeptunia-Uzume-Chibi-Render-657967397 : I thought about this one as a small logo, somewhere on the bottom Thema this one is all up to you man, I could not find anything that great tbh, of course, something that fits the main picture, you will find something text: Yuichiro-Akuhei Nothing is impossible for those who try Goodluck 😇
  12. #48 bo3, ps3 platinum

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    2. Atlas


      Hope you haven't suffered a lot with that shitty graphics, still nice achievement. Congrats. Whatever ... 

    3. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      thx guys 😄 the graphics are OK kugg kugg, but the connection was just terrible... 

    4. Ditto


      Nice job!

  13. Super Meat boy, girl boy done, 1 ironman run left!! 

    1. Deceptrox


      Nice job. Good luck on Impossible Boy.

    2. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      Thx, I should have it atleast next week!😁

    3. Hemiak


      Nice work. You got this. 

  14. GTA V, you're almost there!!
  15. I got it at 200 wins, I played in a party of 3, and we all got the trophy at the same time! after 7 games or something...