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  1. I don't think the servers for the EU/NA would should down anytime soon, but overall the players base is low, so who knows what will happen. but for the Japanese version, these servers were completely dead so it makes sense, shutting this one down. if you asked people around on the discord server they did not even know there was a Japanese server.
  2. OK, this is the last call I'm going to make for this game. Crew level 50 Crew name: "K3M!" * I'm not going to bother to add you, just send a request and I add you ASAP * * CREW CLOSED *
  3. just downgrade the game to patch 1.0
  4. No, I just wanted the jetpack. the game will give you a transport mount but when you enter combat it kicks you off, with the jetpack you can fly past them without getting kicked off, so it will speed up the missions a lot in my opinion.
  5. I'm 50% done with this game. Yes, I bought the starter pack 2.0 when it was on sale, the reason why so I don't have to walk when someone enters combat. Yes, the game is doable, but for someone who just waits's for avatars to change no. people will probably not invite you since your level is to low. (p.s I should not worry about the avatars but the distortion missions)
  6. The reason for that the main list has only 3 avatar bosses and 3 distortion bosses, the other ones are in DLC 1 now the last 24 weeks was only for DLC 1, the next 24 weeks are for the main list (platinum)
  7. I already told you this in a PM but here we go again, the game has 6 invasions (all the different avatars) an invasion takes 8 weeks, so to cycle through all the invasion bosses en distortions missions it will take 48 weeks total. ( 6 X 8 = 48 )
  8. I really don't see how it's going to help tremendously... if you pay. If you want you can just farm 1 mission that takes 2min for an S rank, that mission also has a boss so those 1000 boss kills will come right away. one's again ELDER GOD IS A JOKE! you can get all 6 avatars trophies in ONE DAY from the training avatar, IT DOES NOT REQUIRE a lot of work.
  9. well here's my progress while playing offline on ps3, connection error... also after playing a couple of games offline on vita and ps3 my total light side contribution did not go up by a single point.
  10. that progress bar is always maxed when you play offline, that's my picture btw (the vita one) and I did not even play the Darkside for over 1 hour and I'm sith master?
  11. this one takes the fucking cake, right?
  12. hello! Elder god, there is a lot of confusion about this trophy, since the requirements already changed a lot of overtime, as of right now its really easy and you can become an elder god in less than a month of work, you will need to max your temple of deeds, for that you need 6 avatar trophies, and you can now earn all 6 avatar trophies on the training avatar A5 since the latest update, so you don't have to bother with A10. In other words, there is nothing to worry about becoming an elder god. death Dealers, is the hardest distortion mission in the game, first of all, there are 6 invasions in the game each invasion takes 8 weeks, as of right now the reaper invasion will be next week if you miss it in this invasion you will have to wait 40 weeks to show up again... now it's not like your going to boot up the game and you're able to join this since people will only invite high-level players or you will have to beg them for a carry. the fastest time you can platinum this game is 24 weeks, (if you start next week) if you start any later it will take 48 weeks. if you play much you will have premium all the time so nothing is to worry about that, you can also always spark farm in PVP with a group, PVP is dead unless there is a happy hour then it will be active, so you can boost that.
  13. Elder God Become an elder god. Rarity 0.64%
  14. Crew, K3M! were level 50 and I still have some spots open, feel free to join I check the game the upcoming days till I have the platinum. just like the last one, after you got the trophy please leave to make some space for other players, thx in advance.
  15. TOM CLANCY'S H.A.W.X. Validated aspirations Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies. Rarity 1.39%