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  1. Saw you killing me on Worms Rumble 🤣🤣🤣

  2. First of all, I have been playing Skyforge for over a year now. and I managed to get the 100% on the EU stack. And I'm working on the NA stack. Now, where should I begin, as of right now there is barely any chance for you to get the platinum trophy. ever since the ATLAS got introduced again (since the last Phytonides invasion) the game became 10 times harder for end game content. in the ATLAST there are buffs for damage you can unlock during the invasion (this is temporary) for all the distortion trophies you will need a full group of almost max level players with all the atlas buffs to clear these missions. this is by all means no simple task. If the group decides to bring a low-level player they most likely only carry one player at the time. Now I'm expecting some comment on this tread like high-level players won't help you, the game is toxic, it's pay2win. well yes and no. the average player will only bag for help since Skyforge is not big at all it's like a small family literally everyone knows each other on the servers. anyway, Skyforge players are getting annoyed by people begging for help. If you don't listen people won't help you since you not bothered to learn the game. Now the p2w, the only thing your able to buy to increase your might is victor medals, but for 50 euro your only able to buy 3 max levels might card and that not worth it at all... it won't help you much unless you spend A LOT of money on the game. Not long ago you're able to buy legendary weapons from the shop, of course, some people won't like but this is huge in my opinion since they don't come from random loot boxes anymore. If you really want something you can get it right away. there are some events in the game that are really good but the only way to really finish them for the rewards is also paying money, this is by all means not needed but some stuff can really help you good. like the victor medals, I spoke off. Ranking up, the game became a lot more starter friendly, the catchup from directives got way bigger and will help you out a lot. the overall level of the game keeps increasing and for new players, it was always hard to catch up. there are 3 main building in the game that gives you power, stronghold, tower of knowledge and cathedral. first of all the cathedral got removed. so luckily we don't have to worry about that one anymore. now every season the total level of the building goes up. for new players, there is catchup until the cap from last season. to hit the current cap you will have to grind. now to increase your power, even more, you have to buy might cards and this will cost a lot. with the recent updates you get 20 might cards for free, only 1 per day. this will help out a lot. and when you get them all for the catchup there not many left to buy to max yourself. before this update, it took almost 2 years to max all your cards. this got at least reduced with a year. Also, the total price to buy the might cards got reduced! on sale, they costed 14k now on sale 7k! trophies, as I said earlier it takes now a lot of effort to clear the D4 mission for the hardest trophies in the game. you need a well-organized group that's almost maxed level to clear it. if you played between 2017/2018 and early 2019 the game was a joke. to earn these trophies. Now the worst part not long ago there was an exploit that involved real money. more than 60% of the high-end players including myself got banned for this, the ban is different for everyone depending on how much we exploited but most people got a 2-year ban for this. with this, in mind, there is barely anyone left on the game that's able to help you. The directives are not even grouped friendly most people get different missions so it better to play solo and maybe group up if you have trouble. Now if you still want to play the game, save up all your sparks to buy the grove walker class, it's all around the best solo class in the game with self-heal, you will need this to finish the story. I'm working on a guide for this game but I'm really slow with it since it will take a lot of effort. not sure if I would be able to finish it any time soon. but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. And in all honesty, I don't know any pantheon left on EU that maybe would be able to help you. How long would this take? to get 100% it will at least take 10 months almost a year, if you miss any distortions you have to wait another year. I don't see it possible if you would start this with a group of friends and try to finish the game 100% if you manage to find people that are able to help except only to get carried one by one. final note, I love the game, I love the way it looks. the game is a lot of fun even with all the bugs. but the developers really fucked it up, everyone would agree with me if you would ask around.
  3. Tier 1 complete! I thought my last game would take a little longer but I'm glad I finished project cars, when I first started the game it really confused me on what I had to do, because of that I dropped the game for almost a year. Overall I liked the game but the glitches were just terrible, first of all, the "zero to hero" glitched on me what made me restart the campaign, the online trophy did not pop after 50 games, and overall a lot of in-game checkpoints bugs, when this happens, for some reason you're in the last place... so you have to restart the race. I already placed project cars 2 on my wish list, haha. Tier 1 Fortnite (0.11%) - 100% Nail'd (0.51%) - 96% - (100%) Project CARS (1.81%) - 100% Star Wars Pinball (0.07%) - 100% The Last of Us (4.39%) - 100% Tier 2 Little Deviants (0.58%) - 23% Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (3.56%) - 21% Games of Glory (0.05%) - 80% Zen Pinball 2 (0.02%) - 83% Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (0.41%) - 71%
  4. I see everyone is working really hard on their games! I kinda wanted to wait with my 2nd update till I finished my last game but I think it will still take a while. but for now, this is my 2nd update. Tier 1 Fortnite (0.11%) - 100% Nail'd (0.51%) - 96% (100%) Project CARS (1.81%) - 22% Star Wars Pinball (0.07%) - 100% 💯 The Last of Us (4.39%) - 100% Nail'd, to my surprise this game was a lot of fun! I was expecting something like MX vs ATV but this was way more fun! It's some fast paste arcade-style ATV game. it's a bummer 2 DLC trophies are unobtainable but I didn't want to skip this platinum. one problem the main trophy list has you need to buy the DLC to get the platinum because there are not enough maps for one of the trophies. also, huge thx to @TheHarryGamer99 for helping out with the mp trophies. Star wars pinball, I'm surprised I waited 1 year with the last online trophy for this game, at least now I can auto pop the ps3 trophy. anyway, the last trophy was such a boring grind, the fastest way was to hit 3 skill shots and tilt the table and repeat... If it would hit all 3 shots that would give me 600 points towards the 500,000... I already had 300k but it felt so slow. project cars, somehow 1 trophy glitched on me so I had to restart the campaign again... hopefully the first requirement of many will pop now, otherwise I most likely will swap out this game for something else, also, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do for tier 2. 😇
  5. First of all, happy new year to you all. and here is my first update for 2021. Tier 1 Fortnite (0.11%) - 100% Nail'd (0.51%) - 67% Project CARS (1.81%) - 17% Star Wars Pinball (0.07%) - 90% The Last of Us (4.39%) - 100% I will definitely finish the other 3 games soon, this event really got my motivation up, best of luck to everyone in 2021 💪
  6. Sign me up, I never really sign up for stuff like this but seeing everything goes to a good cause I will be happy to join! Tier 1 Fortnite (0.11%) - 88% Nail'd (0.51%) - 27% Project CARS (1.81%) - 17% Star Wars Pinball (0.07%) - 90% The Last of Us (4.39%) - 41%
  7. Platinum #164 Operation7 Showdown, oh boy what a game, since I did the other operation7 I just had to play the sequel, I don't know if this is server-side but the lag is massive, examples I could not even drive a car straight, I could barely even melee someone I'm hitting them but it's not connecting, at times I got teleported backward anyway, overall I had a solid laugh with the game.

  8. Platinum #163 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, by far my favorite R&C game. I'm also really looking forward to the new R&C game on ps5! 

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      My fave too, the time puzzles are the best Clank sections in the series. AND the NG+/Challenge Mode letting you skip those rooms was great design. R&C is my most hyped PS5 game.

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    4. MossyOakRcn42
  9. Platinum #162 Blur, I was really expecting something else but it was a fun race game, even boosting the online is was not that big of a problem, it was rather fun at times, haha.

  10. The lobby will full up with bots if there, not enough players.
  11. I personally only would like to see "ultra-rare" and "very-rare" trophies on this leaderboard.
  12. Platinum #161 Remnant: From the Ashes I'm glad this is a coop game otherwise I would have never played it, some big problems trophy wise alot can glitch while being the 2nd player and not the host. after doing the requirement you have to do it 1 more times in your one world. this makes it quit annoying.

  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5490-kyurinagas-revenge?order=rarity OP is referring to this one.
  14. The only reason you could make an lv 30 character on borderlands 2 was because of the DLC that got added. So if people did not have their save file anymore and they still wanted to play the DLC they could just make an lv 30 character and jump right in. So we don't have that option on the pre sequel, you just have to make a new character at level 1.
  15. Platinum #160 Rayman Legends, now I have finnaly done the PS4/PS3/PSVITA version of this game!