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  1. Personally I finished with a total time of 315 hours, missions time wise it was only 197 hours. I’m sure a lot of it was loading in ect but that’s almost 100 hours haha. EDIT, from my experience 100% should at least take 250 hours to max 350.
  2. I personally have not seen this or noticed this.
  3. There is no 500 missions co-op trophy, just 500 missions. So this will count towards both. Solo is fine and all but they can take up some time, personally I just speed run those but they barely give any XP and still take some minutes. With this method you just don’t have to play solo. It will save you some time in the end.
  4. Weird, by the looks of it no one else had a problem with this so far. do note that in you were unable to join a session you have to click “solo mission” again, and then try to join someone again.
  5. People are able to cheat with there save file since it’s not on a server. That’s also why I highly recommend making backup’s. In case something goes wrong everything will be gone.
  6. Thx for letting us know, I edit the post above!
  7. While scrolling trough Reddit the other night I found a comment that got my interest, I tried searching it on the web but with no results. So I tested it out myself and it actually works, you can avoid playing solo and make progress on this while joining other players. how does it work? 1. Go to the server console to see what matches are going on. 2. Click on any missions, and select solo. 3. Now you want press to go the the full server list and try to join any game in progress. 4. If you join the mission, and successfully finish it, it counts for a solo game. You can check you’re progress in the PS5 Tracker or in game statistic’s. Unfortunately this does not work for the trophy “it’s my party” thx to @solidsnake_cs For testing this one out. I hope some people will find this usefully, you can just basically skip playing 100 matches solo!
  8. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/15073-deep-rock-galactic/jiangshi874?order=date here is the platinum achiever. He is even that great it took him just over 1 week, with the trophies out of order.
  9. Honestly no. The chances for a bittergem to spawn in a level is 1/21. Most likely the fastest way to find them is to play “point extraction” because the map small. But since you need to sink a lot of time anyway it will come naturally.
  10. Indeed.
  11. Tier 2 compete! Well I’m not gonna lie, I barely made any progress over the last months on my tier 2 list, simply because I lost motivation for the games i submitted, instead I played other games I could have signed up. Any how since the end of the year is almost near I found some motivation to at least finish this tier up. tier 2! 1. Spellbreak (0.32%) - 100% 2. Crash Bandicoot 4 (4.80%) 100% 3. Games Of Glory (0.14%) 100% 4. Zen Pinball 2 (0.03%) 100% 5. Wolfenstein 2 (0,45%) 100% I would still like to complete some games before the end of this event so here is my tier 3 list, not sure if I’m able to pull it of but time will tell. tier 3! 1. Warhammer 40K (1.25%) - 86% 2. Verdun (0.63%) - 94% 3. Max Payne 3 (0.82%) - 66% 4. CoD Cold War (2.92%) - 10% 5. Binary Domain (0.78%) - 19%
  12. I think you have a issue that’s called a epic ghost account. I have the same issue but I didn’t bother with it to much since I only play on PSN. There is a lot about it on google if you do quick search, I personally don’t have any idea how you could fix it.
  13. Yes both trophies can be achieved with your coop partner. The stardrop will spawn in your own house the moment you get married. The trophy for the kids will pop the moment you have 2 kids in one house.
  14. Ratchet’s challenge is now live on fall guys running from 26/07 till 01/08! At 800 point you can earn a legendary pattern with little to not much effort, people who have been checking the shop everyday I suggest to play the game a little and unlock the pattern. For anyone curious what kind of challenges. Dive 30 times, 100 points. Dive 50 times, 200 points. Earn at least a bronze medal in any round 10 times, 100 points. Reach round 4 in squad duo, 200 point. Qualify from survival rounds 10 times, 300 points. the above challenges are already enough for the pattern and there are some more, so good luck.
  15. Than you haven’t played mp enough. I have seen enough people hack in mp with jet packs, and they can call in any special weapon when they want, with a melee sword that they can throw infinite, While having most perks active. It’s not common but they are there.