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  1. Really nice giveaway^^ My favorite game would be Borderlands 2. πŸ˜€πŸ†
  2. nice vid, and Jez*s I tried for hours but I was never able to skip that nuclear bunker part at 1:40:00. for the courtroom, I would still do it differently, but its all a personal opinion after all.
  3. So when I check out a VR game, I see other VR games 132. But where can I find all other 132 games? Of course, I can search VR but by far I cant find all other 132 games. So my question where can I find all the other games on a page? (if that makes sense)
  4. Platinum #60 Killing floor 2, and loadout 100%Β πŸ˜πŸ†

  5. yes, you can play the matches against bots for the trophies and wins from evacuation also do count. Make sure your settings are all in your favor for winning faster. Happy trophy hunting! πŸ˜„πŸ†
  6. this does not work on vita, only for a couple story trophies, just play it the normal way...
  7. I'm curious what the limits are for getting a server back up again, I'm sure not everything would possible, anyway I would love to see a good running sever on guitar hero hits, EndWar, Homefront, ufc, Socom, f.e.a.r, resistance 2 and many more. And does something like this not cost much money, because you need to let it run 24/7?
  8. Like I said I don't know how this would exactly work, but If I cant get trophies for RESISTANCE 2, I'm down. If this is getting allowed, I would not say no.
  9. getting a closed server backup would be amazing. there are still some games out there I would love to platinum. The only problem I see, some trophies can be cheesed so easily with a private server, I don't know how a private server would work exactly. Can I make a private server if the game is still online? Can everybody join the server at any time? So yea, I would like to make a new fight night round 4 server lmao, or Killzone 2, 10 players on my server and I make 5 kills and be #1%. and if this would work on ps4 games, the elder scrolls online, I make a server and get that emperor trophy without a problem. If this would be possible, Its just a huge joke... personally you had your time when the servers where still up, of course too bad, that's why I going for mp trophies only atm, my profile is maybe a mess but I'm happy with every game I boosted so far for the MP trophiesπŸ˜‡ πŸ†
  10. fun fact the fastest achiever on assetto corsa said that GT5 is harder than assetto.
  11. OMG yes! 😁 πŸ† I really wanted premium for a long time but I had some problems because of Paypal. @Kuro-Okami thx for this amazing give away ✌️
  12. So I decided to start this game because I was curious why survival mode was so hard. Before starting I thought this will not be that hard right, cmon a brick breaker game? Starting the first level, 112 bricks!!! what, the first level okay, small overkill right away, but it's doable. While playing I notice the controls are really bad, and the paddle is really slow. Now a small game mechanic, the more your ball keeps shooting/bouching around the faster it goes up to 10x speed! starting at 1speed. While the ball is at 10x speed it's really easy to lose it, It just needs to hit a brick in a bad corner and your not able to reach it anymore, with other words 1 life lost out of 5. For every level, you get 5 lives. after a couple levels, it just got worse, the bricks can be so low on the screen, at 10x speed, it's just not doable anymore with the bad controls and the slow paddle, you're not being able to keep it up. of course, we have 5 lives so we have some room for mistakes. After a couple more levels we get abilities, great always useful (multi-balls, fireball, guns, extra life, bigger paddle, the ball goes slower) and now a funny one, the ball goes faster! Great just what I wanted a power-up that can screw me over. And again after a couple more levels more surprises, negative upgrade (smaller paddle, reverse controls, multiple fake paddles, or you lose all your abilities you collected so far in the level. Now the fun thing about these blocks, if you hit one, it will shoot AT you the negative power up, of course, you can dodge it. but guess what, when it hits the bottom of the screen after you dodged it, it comes back up again for another round Now the reverse controls, when a bad upgrade comes down you can not see what it is, so getting the reversed control can screw you up so easily, of course, you can adjust to it, but at 10x speed you will just not get it, now when the controls turn back to normal, try to adjust to that lmao, you will just miss the ball, and like I said some levens the brick are so low on screen its not doable to react to it when the ball comes up and down at 10x speed. After level 20, bricks will start moving around or rotating. Now, these bricks can change the direction of your ball so stupid or fast and because you're at 10x speed, you have no time to react because of the slow paddle. Now I decided to play survival mode, to check it out. why is this so HARD? Well, its the base game level 1 t/m level 100 with only 5 LIFES total… fk my life. With everything, I just said above here List with every problem this game has! 1 bad controls and a slow paddle. 2 the ball at 10x speed at some levels is not doable. 3 to many negative upgrades and they shoot at you. 4 to many bricks in each level. 5 destroying too many bricks at ones, you could lose your ball on screen because of all the chaos. 6 blocks are moving to much around. At the moment I'm at level 38 and it has 16 negative upgrades and 6 good upgrades tbh (the upgrades are terrible) and I already find it impossible to do this without losing a life, so thinking about to do the whole game with 5 lives, and getting a couple more lives from a good upgrade (they are always the same) nobody I mean nobody will get this trophy... I could see somebody do the 30 levels survival, but not 100.... p.s sorry for my bad English (I try to upload a video later to show how BS this is xD) for anybody who is trying good luck πŸ˜›πŸ†
  13. guys pls stay on topic.
  14. US and EU accounts are linked with the feats (trophies) your character does NOT! if you have replay badges to unlock feats on your account for me its EU I also have them on the US account because like I said they are linked. now the only problem we have you will need to have SUBSCRIPTION to unlock the trophies. And I can tell it's NOT possible to buy a subscription, the only way it was possible for them, there was a free subscription week on the EU server, and because it was free they could just hop on the game and unlock every trophy they wanted with the replay badges the still had from the NA server. (note I have no idea if there was a free sub for the NA server because nobody did it) here is the link where they said it, it was free https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/news/dcuo-anniversary-gifts-2018. now, the only possible way to do this, Is wait for a free sub week, but it's really RARE. I already asked them on twitter if they had any plans for a next upcoming FREE subscription, they replied with (nothing we can share at the moment...) hope this says enough^^ let the waiting game begin πŸ˜„πŸ†