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  1. Of course, people will get flagged for this, especially if it's impossible to finish the game 100% because of glitched trophies.
  2. Exactly, no one wants to carry a noob, that's why you probably didn't get much help... there is a difference in being a noob and a good player who can actually learn and play the game.
  3. I'm currently the fastest achiever for the EU stack and I did not spend a single euro on something that would increase my might (power) Of course, the devs keep increasing the level cap otherwise you would one shot everything at this point, anyway every season the total power level of the enemies goes up by 10 levels, to catch up with that you will have to level your "tower of knowledge" "cathedral" and "stronghold" every season also upgrade the newest generation gear, and last but not least your invasion level. ( and for that you will have to play every day ) it's for sure gonna be hard the first few invasion since you miss a lot of bonuses from the halls of trophies, but that will come over time. ( yes you can buy those, but by any means not necessary. Yes, you need a group for this game, starting fresh with a lot of other people is not gonna work, you're too far behind, find a good pantheon (guild) ask them for help, by the end of the invasion when everyone is maxed on there invasion power level you can clear the hardest missions with no problem. again, you don't have to spend money on it...
  4. Not gonne lie, really poor clean up you made on the last thread you locked...

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      I just cleaned up the worst of it because I don't have the time to go through 12 pages of nonsense. If I missed something, report it.

      Update: Started with the first 3 pages and can already tell it's not worth the effort. I just removed the thread completely. Cleanup done. :)


      And before anyone complains, it'd probably take me an hour and a half to go through all of it and clean it up myself. I know from experience.

    2. DaivRules


      ...and nothing of value was lost.

    3. Beyondthegrave07
  5. Its 0,45% its just not updated yet.
  6. 10K Trophies / Platinum #151 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier :platinum:

    1. ihadalifeb4this




      I said it before i'll say it again. Everyone with 10 thousand trophies deserves a cookie.

    2. MidnightDragon



    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  7. Try to equip the armor using L2 from the toolbar, we had some problems too but the trophy unlocked fine after using this method.
  8. Great giveaway, voted for Ghost of Tsushima!
  9. well, first of all, there is no platinum, unfortunately... and no the game does not share servers you have to complete both stacks individually.
  10. I'm not sure but I think you get it a little bit wrong. RD1 provided this picture as proof he can earn XP while playing offline. With everything, I just said he's not playing offline at all. So the picture is false. If you're on your vita go to settings than PlayStation network, sign out. then If you go to network you can do a connection test your still connected with your wifi. So when I boot up the game it connects me to there server, if I turn off my wifi (on the vita) to play offline it will ask you '" do you want to turn [wi-fi] on to use network features? So the game will even ask you to turn it on, with turned off features you won't get any XP for the trophy RD1 earned.
  11. With the picture B1rvive provided us calling this "credible evidence" is false, I managed to replicate the picture only bye being signed out off PSN on VITA now being signed out does NOT disconnet your internet, you can just keep playing fine being connected to the star wars pinball servers, note the moment I turn off my internet I'm getting all the errors again even if its 1 secondes before I get the results of my match and gaining XP. being signed out of your vita is NOT playing offline. Now with this being said, RD1 was connected to the servers at all times and he's rank should be on the leaderboard. And of course, the trophy on ps3 should have been auto popped.
  12. It does not matter, he's still connected to the SW pinball servers. and since he's connected his rank should be on the online leaderboard. even if he deleted the game. he said he did it offline since its not an online trophy, the only way to go offline is not being connected to there server. if you're not connected you're not getting any points.
  13. here is my example of video proof, now this only took me 5min to make, and 10min to upload, one-note the camera had some trouble getting in focus. anyway you can clearly see me going offline in the beginning, I'm also getting the error and I also showed it at the end. I'm completely open to hear how I can earn this offline.
  14. No one is able to reproduce this "glitch" and the only evidence we get to see from RD is a picture, well I can also make a picture and just say its offline. In my opinion, this should not get lifted until we SEE 100% proof this can be done offline. Now RD said it himself "Sign offline and see if you earn progress towards that trophy" If he would use a trick/glitch for this he would have already said that in this dispute but he never did. Now he can just make a video, sing in offline, play the game and show us the progress he's getting.
  15. Can we see the "credible evidence" and not just a picture... If I would do this offline, the first message I get for team score is "you need an active internet connection to find out your team score!" on this picture it just says "you need to sign in first to find out your team score!" with other words I have the feeling he's somehow connected in this picture to the internet... and if that's true he should be on the LB with max rank, since this dispute is all about the max rank trophy. I would like to see a video, of him going into plane mode, boot up the game and play a game of pinball and see the progress since I'm still getting "unable to update the balance of the force this time due to a connection error."