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  1. I'm in :D happy holidays, everyone!
  2. and DLC trophies are added, lol
  3. depends on the final encounter IDK if they patch the glitch, where no enemies spawn. otherwise, your going to have a fun amount of time over there p.s the prestige nightfall should not be that hard tbh, I carried a friend of 260light to get his platinum.
  4. you could better post this as a status update, not as a topic.
  5. nope, lol
  6. maybe a solution, kinda cheesy this one tbh, you know the in-game cheats, get the 175 orbs with the orb glitch and put on the Invulnerability cheat, even know your behind the spider it doesn't kill you it walks just trough you, and I'm sure trophys still unlocks, make an extra save in game to test!
  7. well, the light level increases with every DLC coming out, now the raids/nightfalls must get a higher level too, the only wat to get a higher level now is if you buy the DLC, is the nightfall not locked duo new content in that nightfall? I'm sure you can play the nightfall, but not this one... and if you want to play it now, you must get that DLC
  8. change the title, or is there information about a server shutdown for this game?
  9. there are already enough related topic's to this game server closure, but thx anyway.
  10. its says win 1000 pvp lair matches, with winning they mean, win 1 round out of the 5, if you win 3 rounds, 3 wins towards your 1000
  11. translation. Champion of the trophy! - Rayman Legend (Playstation Vita) The trophy that won a diamond cup at the end of a challenge, is the most difficult trophy of the game, to win this trophy, you must be in the top 1% of the world. rivals, when you compete online, you are competing for levels of trophies that are the following: Superior 1% = Diamond Cup 1% - 20% = Gold Cup 20% - 50% = Silver Cup 50% - 90% = Bronze cup 90% or worse = No cup It is possible to obtain a diamond cup for lack of number of players, to make an example in my personal opinion, there are 100 participating players, only one person per diamond in the ranking is number 1, the players that are in the top 10 what they score unbeatable, the most skilled players, the pirates or those who have some trick to manipulate them, can affect players who can not get the diamond cup and do not know what to do to get the champion trophy. Thanks, greetings from Mexico.
  12. I did everything legit, most things where really doable, some lore challenges can be hard, the only problem I run into was with Kleese, he's got one lore you need to play with him on every map from the old rotation, and the old game mode, the new gamemodes did not count toward the lore.
  13. some trophies styles take 40 days to complete, make sure you do everything, it's one huge mess when you start at 0%.
  14. just play online I guess lol, 5 wins should not be that hard right?
  15. sup peeps, I'm looking for some help with star wars pinball vita/ps3. I need to beat 10 people that are on my friend list for a trophy  If anyone got the game add me or leave a message down below, thx in advance! 😀