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  1. Can someone confirm this for me please? He says this: but I read somewhere that you only need to buy 3 of the DLCs to be able to get 100%, is that correct?
  2. Little update: First bracket complete. The controls for the spaceship part where horrible but finally 1 DLC from Goat Simulator is done. Also, I'm regretting choosing Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator, fuck the trophies for completing phrases, most luck based trophy I have found so far.
  3. I would probably keep buying physical games after the store closes, especially games that have all the DLCs included in the disc. As of now, I only have bought the season pass for COD: Ghosts and 2 other games but those aren't digital only. Might buy the season pass for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and The Evil Within.
  4. The thing is I talked with the live chat yesterday and the lady told me that they do not longer support PS3 problems, and to check this page and obviously theres nothing there about this problem. So we can only wait until people stop mass buying games and DLC's or get lucky.
  5. I managed to get one game downloading. The error code appears to change from time to time, so I checked if the 2-factor authenticator was off (it was), restarted my router and connect again to the internet on my PS3 and it started downloading.
  6. On monday I decided to buy a few games because of the store closure, as it was a bit late and I was tired I didn't try to install them until yesterday. The 4 dlc's for COD: Ghosts downloaded without a problem but when I try to download the other 2 games I bought, I either get one of this 2 error codes: 80029509 or 80029721. I read that the second code have something to do with 2-factor authenticator but on the account I buy games I don't use it, also looking for solutions, I read that all I have to do is turn off my PS3 and keep trying after some time have passed but was wondering if anybody it's experiencing the same problem or have a good solution for this.
  7. Bought these because of the store closure. Might even get some more games later
  8. Thank you for hosting these challenges Stedde, I'm really enjoying them so far Hopefully my picks are right, if not I have misunderstood the challenge lol Goat Simulator: Waste of Space (DLC #4) - 0% - 20% Sonic Mania - 21% - 40% COD: Advance Warfare - Ascendance (DLC #2) - 41% - 60% Minecraft Expansion Pack #1 (DLC #1) - 61% - 80% Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator - 81% - 100%
  9. I also liked to join this one In fact, can I be signed for every month? lol What I like to know is if I don't participate in a month and I get a platinum, it wouldn't count for the year leaderboard, right?
  10. Update #4 (Or a late February update) I planned on getting the Heavy Rain plat on February but turns out the third-party controller I bought didn't have the motion sensor so couldn't progress much and was stuck at like 4%. Finally, a few days ago, a friend lend me his controller and I could advance more, so hopefully by the end of march I have already gotten the plat. Also, got some progress in Minecraft, bought Dark Souls (even though it is stuck in the US until my aunt comes to where I live) and the Ultimate Bundle for Sound Shapes, so gonnat get 2 easy plat too . Finished Games: God of War (100%) God of War 2 (100%) Uncharted 2 (100%) Unfinished Games: COD: Advance Warfare (82%) Minecraft (40%) Heavy Rain (12%) Games I haven't started: Call of Duty: Ghosts Slender: The Arrival Dead Island Journey Tomb Raider Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel The Evil Within Games Bought: Dark Souls Sound Shapes
  11. First of all, thank you for hosting this challenge and even though I got stuck in mission 2 it was fun. Also, congratulations to all the winners To answer your questions: 1) One month is totally fine. 2) I would say mission 1 because I was able to complete a game i wouldn't have finished in a really long time lol. 3) I think giving the mission one day ahead would work fine only if the mission was a little harder than the others, but it been kept a secret is fine too.
  12. I will also join this one, I think I'll do better than the February Challenge as I will have more free time.
  13. Hey @Stedde i've been getting some trophies during the last few days but my mission 2 progress is still at 606 for the last few updates, is it an error or I've been seeing wrong lol
  14. Finish mission 1 just in time for the announcement of mission 3 lol, but seriously, taking my time because of classes. Gonna see what games I'll complete for mission 2 and hopefully I'll get it done sooner that the first mission.
  15. Yes, all the pieces that cost 5 gold are legendary except for the "Lucky Egg" (I'm not sure if thats the exact name), I think. What I want to know is if we need to place in on the board or just buy it.