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  1. ^ Still in minus after all that long time 😞
  2. I really came back to talk again with the good people I met in this topic specifically. @Soneto just tortured my teammate with a whip 😱
  3. Still banned
  4. still needs +110 to get 2222 reputation
  5. lol 😂 appreciated 😊
  6. ^ I know he missed me 😇
  7. wearing a leather jacket
  8. she has just smashed a heart and reformed it again
  9. its because you wore that winter outfit, you sweated too much
  10. i will give it to you after getting 66 points more
  11. he forgot that cammy is my favourite character
  12. Needs a charger that supports fast-charging
  13. is confident of himself today
  14. Nerd cat
  15. he knows that i will like this uncommon outfit of iris 😍