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  1. For some reason when I look at my Trophies on this site like the ones I have or need to get they show up in Japanese but only for this title but if I click on the game the list is in English... Anyone know why? A bug? Issue with the site??
  2. The only thing between me in the platinum for this game is the stupid mini game I need over 500,000 points to finish off the voice trophy does anyone have any tips?
  3. I run into the same problem on the PlayStation app I’ve tried numerous times it shows on my card statements that it’s getting declined so I’m assuming it’s banks being on alert with all the hacks to PSN I just buy gift cards now and use that.
  4. Dark Cloud 10th Aug 2017 10:06:52 AM
  5. The Walking Dead "16 hours, 51 minutes"
  6. I think I got all the online trophies but I can check
  7. Awesome job this gives me some incentive to finish Freedom Wars
  8. I can't speak to fast but Easy and Fun would be Ni No Kuni it's my only Platinum (currently) it takes so time like any JRPG but it was so much fun playing it I did start it and then moved on to the PS4 but when I went back I knocked it out easily I can't wait for Ni No Kuni 2 on the PS4
  9. NEAR was a cool little feature I know you could gift stuff in it, like in game items. Hopefully Sony isn't discounting service for the Vita anytime soon there are so many good games on there and a lot coming out this year and early 2018 I still love my Vita and recommend it to anyone in the market for a handheld. They most likely will leave it on I'm assuming that it's built into the system I would just put it into a folder and call it failed dreams
  10. #PSVita life keep it alive guy! add me: PowerCoard
  11. In Final Fantasy history yes, hands down!!
  12. This looks soooooo GOOD I can't wait I'm trying to Platinum the first one now I absolutely like Digimon!! I agree I hope they port it to the Vita as well I think I've logged twice as many hours on the vita then the PS4
  13. I would hold off until the patch comes through but if you are not worried about completion then go ahead and play it.
  14. With upgraded graphics that would be beautiful!
  15. Such a fun game still my favorite PS3 game to date and one of my proudest platinum trophies I had the game guide I used for certain items and recipes and downloaded the iPhone monster app thing to keep track of what familiars I still needed and where to get them.
  16. I would report the message/sender Sony is surprisingly good at responding and dealing with possible threats like that.
  17. I am assuming/Speculating that after FFXII HD comes out they will do like a trilogy park of FFXIII, FXIII-2, and FFXIII:LR kinda like the kingdom hearts sets but who know as it was stated above all rumors and speculations off of what Square Enix "Normally does"
  18. Middle paragraph did not make sense but "It cannot be fixed" does so question is solved. 👌
  19. PS3: FFXIII or Resonance of Fate PS4: Digimon World PSVita Digimon Cyber Sleuth
  20. PSVita: Tearaway PS3: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (Kingdom hearts) PS4: Infamous Second Son
  21. After I got burned on No Man's Sky and the Last Gardian I no longer pre order games...