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  1. Update from my previous post: Platted the game. Cistern of Slaughter finally didn't glitch on me. The key seems to be staying away from the section of the map where you can go under the stairs, because one of the bloated rakks kept flying into the building behind there and would get stuck. I did have one do that on the opposite side of the map when I was successful, but I switched to a homing grenade and threw it toward where it was stuck. It tracked, damaged the rakk, and convinced it to fly out over the map again where I could hit it, so that I finally was able to finish Round 5. On Slaughterstar 3000, I had a weird glitch that worked in my favor. The guy who gives the mission suddenly appeared in the arena with me and started fighting as an AI ally. He even revived me a couple of times, and for some reason, Round 5 came and went without bosses (which was fine by me). Recommended weapon if you're playing as Moze: The Infinity Pistol. I got this from the end boss of the Proving Ground where you fight all the tinks. If you have that and her capstone skill where every shot has a chance to cause explosive damage, you can keep firing forever and constantly wear down enemies. Also, her skill that allows you to throw grenades while in FFYL saved me a ton of times.
  2. I played the original way back when on a different account. The single player campaign wasn't too difficult, except for a couple of spots on Professional difficulty, but I recommend two playthroughs because of the trophies related to property damage: one for completing with over $3M in property damage, one for less than $100K (i.e., don't blow up cars.) Finishing Professional difficulty without doing too much damage to property is extremely difficult. Better to not have to worry about it and just do two playthroughs. I would say it's probably about around 20 hours for two playthroughs, maybe less. The original game took a lot longer to get the platinum because of the online trophies, which was fun to play, but really challenging at times.
  3. Good gear is key, but I ran into a problem gear won’t fix. Cistern of Slaughter won’t complete. One of the enemies keeps spawning or traveling off the map (behind the building to the right as you come out of the elevator. I can clear the field in the final wave, and even take out the boss, but the wave won’t complete. The game just sits there at 4/5 waves complete in the 5th round
  4. I did this trophy with Moze. I equipped two miniguns on Iron Bear. You just have to manage the heat on each one, so I'd spin up one while the other started to heat up in order to always have a gun ready to fire. Took a few tries, but I finally got it. The part of this method that's tough is that it the cooldown is pretty long, even if you eject early. It also is tricky to spawn Iron Bear in that spot because there's a beam almost directly over your head if you're standing at the counter next to the shooting range, so you have to back up a bit to give yourself room.
  5. Right, there are still "kill other player" daily challenges, but they are not in the free roam itself, only in free roam events that you can choose to join. I should have been more clear about what I meant. Overall, I think the changes have sligthly improved the experience in free roam, but now it seems since this latest patch my game crashes an awful lot. I've even deleted and reinstalled the game, and it's still happening.
  6. Last night, after the update, there were still challenges for killing other players. I had one for killing multiple players within 5 seconds, and another for getting 5 player kills with a pistol. However, all of the kill challenges were for Free Roam Events, which you have to choose to join, so they're not in the regular free roam.
  7. My co-op partner and I just got the biggest screw job I’ve had in a game in a long time. We were in Round 20 Stage 1 of the Hell-Burbia large tournament and an enemy spawned outside the map that we couldn’t kill. The enemy marker disappeared off the radar, and the game wouldn’t move on to the next wave. It was also a vampire wave, so we both ran out of health and got sent back to the beginning. Two hours down the drain.
  8. Still debating whether to get this or Division 2. After the grind that it took to get all of the DLC trophies in the Division (except Survival, which I loved), I'm not sure I want to go back into that world. Anthem is different enough that it interests me, but I kind of want to wait and see what the DLC lists for both games before I make up my mind. I am worried that if I wait too long in either game, I'll be left behind by the games' respective communities.
  9. I had higher hopes for the Mars DLC, as it started off with some decent humor, but the jokes quickly got old, and the gameplay became repetitive. The enemies were just a pain in the ass to deal with, and not that interesting from the start. It would have been more fun if they had been less like the bugs from Starship Troopers and more like the Martians in Mars Attacks, especially if they were going for laughs with this one. I muddled my way through it so that it's at least finished. I'll play this next DLC just for the sake of finishing the game to 100%, but then I'm done with this series. The Arcade mode was not fun at all, and the ending of the main campaign just felt like a big middle finger to the player. For me, these games peaked with Far Cry 3, and it's been downhill since.
  10. Something to keep in mind: The Dark Zone groups players by their main game level (not Dark Zone level), and after level 30, by gear score. This means that your best bet to getting the platinum is to not go past level 29 before doing all of the Dark Zone related trophies, because at 30 you'll be thrown in with the hardcore players who have been doing this for a couple of years. The Dark Zone at lower levels is considerably less populated with experienced players, so the chances are lower that someone will muck up your game. You may find attempting extractions in the higher level areas (DZ05 and DZ06) might be tough if you haven't gone past level 29, but you'll have better odds against the AI than other players. Sorry if this advice comes too late, but it might be helpful if you haven't got that far.
  11. Totally agree. "I Never Asked For This" is permadeath with an asterisk. Just periodically back up your save file to a USB drive (I did it after every mission) and you'll be fine. Your best bet is to play stealthy anyway, so if you get spotted, just reload your save before the shooting starts.
  12. You will never lose all of your energy, but you will drain energy quickly if you spend a lot of time cloaked or using the silent running augmentation. Also, when cloaked, the meter drains faster if you're moving than if you're standing still. However, your energy will recharge, enough for you to do a single takedown (or a double, if you have that unlocked and catch two enemies close to each other). If you don't have energy at the moment, wait in cover until it recharges enough. You can also use biocells to recharge more than just the minimum. Keep in mind that if you're playing through for the no alarms and no kills trophies, conflict avoidance is a good idea in some situations. There are almost always multiple paths to reach the place you're trying to get: air vents, rooftops, sewers, etc. If you do have to take out a guard, make sure to hide the body in a spot where the unconcious enemy won't be discovered, but also where they won't die (i.e., don't drop an unconscious body in water because you'll end up with a kill). Air vents work best for that purpose. Deus Ex games have a steep learning curve, but they can be learned, and it's worth sticking with it. Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are two of my favorite games, and once you get used to it, I think you'll enjoy it if you liked the stealth in Metal Gear games.
  13. I noticed that if I encountered issues like this, it's usually a problem that occurs after putting my PS4 into sleep mode. For example, I had a problem where all the remaining Phylakes kept disappearing from my map. Closing the game and restarting it made them reappear. Worth a shot, because I got a lot of use out of that ability. If you're lucky, you can infect an entire camp/ship with one use.
  14. Yes, and from what I understand, if you go there throughout the game, she talks about the different things she's finding out. I'm making it a point to go back there and interact with his grave site during my NG+ playthrough.
  15. Far easier to get Teamwork by getting 25 assists in multiplayer. Play as an Adept, and keep spamming pull and singularity. You get assists even if you kill the enemy yourself while they're under the effect of those powers. You can get three medals per match pretty easily, so it should take you 9-10 matches. That's a lot less work than building up mission funds to buy six teams. As for Top Talent, I used the app, but when I got to level 19 with one of my teams, I made sure to do all my strike team work from inside the game itself. Once I got to 20, the trophy unlocked.