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  1. Thanks for your videos. They really helped me out a lot while playing this.
  2. Hooray for Katsuragi!
  3. You just have to keep playing. I had to play quite a few more for it to unlock.
  4. Let's GOOOOO Argentina!!!!!
  5. I was very sad to hear this. A shame we won't get to hear our Batman anymore. He always played so well with Mark Hamil's Joker.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a flop, but for me personally I have had mine for over year and hardly ever play on it. There really isn't a whole lot of incentive to using it other than faster loading times. The game library just isn't there for me to want to, and this is two years into the system. It doesn't really feel like much has been developed specifically for the next generation systems. I might not be paying close enough attention though, but it feels like the ps4 had more going for it by this time in it's life cycle.
  7. I was annoyed by that also. I wished I could have blended into a really weak bush to take some enemies down.
  8. I can't wait to be finished also. The collectibles really killed this for me. It was so boring running around for all of them. I don't like when games add garbage like this because it really takes you out of the story and I am one of those people that likes to take care of most or all of the side content before finishing the story. These kinds of tasks always take away from it and then I have to remember what was going on when I do get back to it. Love the Hobbes avatar by the way.
  9. I was in the same boat. I had just finished Rogue and was pretty excited to start Unity to see where the story would go and it was just a huge letdown. I also didn't understand the decision to limit the eagle vision. Every other game let you keep it going as long as you wanted so you could plan accordingly, but not this one.
  10. So far I absolutely hate this game. Janky controls and bad programming are making this the worst experience for an AC game I have ever had. Every criticism I have seen for this game seems to be well deserved. Would not recommend.
  11. I remember the frustration that was Pitfall. I don't think I ever figured out just where the hell you were supposed to go. Just kept going for the 20 minutes until the game froze. My first platinum probably would have been Streets of Rage on the Sega Genesis followed by Flashback also on the Genesis. I loved both of those games and remember them fondly. I hear Flashback is supposed to get a proper sequel soon.
  12. This glitch worked for me on the Vita, but not on PS4. When you pause the timer counts backwards so I had -2 hours as my finish time and it unlocked. PS4 I managed a 29 minute run.
  13. I understand completely. I remember utter disappointment when I heard my first trophy pop on PS5.
  14. I always appreciate an engaging story. Something where I can develop an attachment to the characters and genuinely care about who they are and what they are going through.
  15. I have found that Ubisoft want to keep gouging you for money by always cranking out dlc. The assassin's creed series is a perfect example.