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  1. Jan. '17 earned 199. Surprised I did that well.
  2. Kinda sad its only on Nintendo like the second one. Never got to play that one. Probably not 3 either.
  3. Football: Manchester City NFL: Denver Broncos MLB: Colorado Rockies
  4. I absolutely love Hulkamania. He had the whole larger than life feel while I was growing up. Getting to see wrestling on saturday mornings it was always hard to watch your favorites wrestle. I also like the Undertaker, Macho Man, and favorite tag team was the Legion of Doom. Those football pads were great.
  5. I can't really say it would be worth buying again, especially if the dlc isn't included. I just played it on ps3 this year because I found a physical copy at game stop for $3. I didn't hate the game and found that I liked the story, but there were a lot of times when I was playing that I found myself just wanting to turn it off. I will, however, try to buy the dlc so I can 100% it.
  6. I believe it. My son just bought The Evil Within 2 for the same price on Amazon.
  7. Sorry my phone sucks with this website.
  8. Its not so much the games that are too expensive because they've always been around the same prices for the past few decades. The one thing that drives me nuts is how you only get one controller now and in order to get a second one it costs about the same price as a new game. Better not break the one I have.
  9. Thanks! That is really good to know.
  10. Persona 4 Golden. Sagaan, I only meant that with all the games you have gotten 100% on, why not earn the last trophy you need to 100% Costume Quest. Or maybe I looked at the wrong trophy list and my senility is kicking in. Hooray for aging!
  11. You've already finished so much. Why not get that Costume Quest out of the way?
  12. NCIS Game (Oh yes I did) and L.A. Noir. Found them for about 12 dollars for both games.
  13. Brotherhood didn't have 100% sync for the whole game until the DLC. I think it is a huge plus that they removed it.
  14. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction Heavenly Sword Soul Calibur IV Oblivion Assassin's Creed Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  15. Mirror's Edge