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  1. I agree. So many games I would love to play, but life doesn't allow for all the time needed to put in. I'm lucky to completely get through a game that takes 40 hours or so in less than a few months. I also find my patience level is decreasing for the super long and grindy games.
  2. I'm going for Ultra Despair Girls
  3. Saw Skyscraper last weekend. Thought it was ok. Kind of like a family oriented Die Hard.
  4. Went to see "Uncle Drew." Wasn't too bad, but the story felt very rushed. Shawshank Redemption is the greatest of all time IMO.
  5. The only two that I can think of off hand are Whispering Willows and Tiny Troopers, although neither have a plat attached to them. I found them both pretty enjoyable and not too difficult or long.
  6. Alice: Madness Returns. I had a lot of fun with that one. Few frustrating parts, but it is fun.
  7. Taco Master. Wasn't too expensive and is pretty fun, but it does make my hand hurt trying to crank our those orders in a timely manner.
  8. PS4: God of War Beyond Two Souls Snoopy's Grand Adventure PS3: Tomb Raider Underworld Vita: Taco Master Ultra Despair Girls Valkyrie Drive Teslagrad
  9. I agree with Whispering Willows. It is a fantastic game. Good on you for mentioning it.
  10. I am guilty of this and have recently tried to actively break the habit. I still buy some games simply for the easy plat, but for the most part am only buying games I am interested and think will be fun. Still, I have been surprised at how enjoyable some of those easy plats are. I really got hooked into the artifex mundi games and am glad a lot have gone on sale recently.
  11. My wife surprised me with my PS4 and bought me three games to go with it. The first ones were Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition, Thief, and Shadow of Mordor.
  12. I am I'm the same kind of boat. I usually don't buy games until much later and also have just a vanilla ps4, ps3 in a different room, and gen 1 vita. I wait until I can find decent sales for most games and usually get a lot for Christmas or my birthday. Most I don't touch for a long time. It is sad that I can't, but I don't always find the time to play. Even when I do sometimes I don't feel like playing them once I turn the console on. I kind of feel like I do have too much and am losing the patience to stick with those 60+ hour games. The announcements I usually don't find out about until much later. I typically don't follow E3 or the industry that closely.
  13. I'm happy to say that I was able to pick up two more games that were on sale for the digital only sale. I have now been able to platinum Grim Legends The Forsaken Bride and Nightmares From the Deep 2 Siren's Call. I was very happy that I was able to play more of these games as I have a good time with them.
  14. Mine would be Captain America Super Soldier at 5 years and 2 weeks. When I played it I wasn't really a trophy Hunter and never thought I would be able to earn a platinum trophy. When I started earning them I decided to go back and see if I could do it. Thankfully I was able to. I know a lot of people feel this is a really easy platinum, but I am not very good at most games and challenges always give me an extra problem.
  15. I would like to join, but sadly only have one platinum for Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink. Don't have the money to purchase any more at this time. I can get them for free on Amazon Prime on my tablet, but that doesn't help here.