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  1. Ran errands.
  2. I find that anymore all I am becoming is increasingly frustrated when it comes to trophy hunting. I already blow ass when it comes to difficulty trophies, I can't even platinum a Ratchet and Clank title. Just now I became so enraged when I messed up an artifex mundi title. It seems the only titles I will be able to platinum soon will be games made for toddlers and even those I can see screwing up. My frustration level keeps going up while my patience reaches zero. Yet, I feel so compelled to earn every trophy I can. Any suggestions on what I should do or should I just stop hunting altogether? I know that would probably make my wife happy.
  3. Same here. I am really bad with these and usually can only beat the hard difficulties if there is an exploit. Every time I hear git gud I would like groups of people to enjoy an endless purgatory.
  4. Most of my indie titles have come through plus. My top three are: Apotheon: Had a great time with this game and it was my first platinum. Severed: Same team that made guacamelee. This game is a marvelous addition to my vita collection. Absolute blast to play. I loved the storyline and the game mechanics are very smooth. The Deadly Tower of Monsters: Didn't originally set out to platinum it, but I had such a good time playing it I just didn't stop and before I knew it, I had the platinum. Honorable mentions: Whispering Willows - Not a platinum, but is a really good game with an engaging storyline. Hue: No platinum either, but is an enjoyabe experience. Saturday Morning RPG: Great throwback to the 80s.
  5. Hi Score Girl and I love it. Was so sad when I reached the last episode. Brought me back to when I was growing up at the same time the show takes place. I miss the classic arcades. Hope it comes back. Raxephon and Escaflowne are fantastic.
  6. I bought the digital version on sale a little while back and was able to plat it without any trophy issues or glitches. Just the usual tomb raider frustration like the camera and Lara wanting to jump to random places.
  7. Hey man. Got an tips for tutorial 16 in Streer Fighter X Tekken? Vita version.

  8. I would very much like to play it. Hope it resembles the first one more as I thought it was better than 2. The second one added a lot of features I think we're completely unnecessary.
  9. Honestly I hated the combat system in XIII. It really made advancing the story a chore. I also struggled to get through VII. Most people loved the hell out of it, but I enjoyed Crisis Core so much more.
  10. I wouldn't just because I am bias toward the older games and there are much better final fantasies to start with. Like 4, 6, or 9. I prefer the more traditional final fantasy games.
  11. Don't feel too bad. I only managed to get $20 and was really close to another $20. Think it sucks they got rid of it because it was pretty much my only incentive to even join the site.
  12. That would be only one, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  13. Update for me. I finished master reboot and am currently working on severed. Shame I waited so long on this one, it is a very fun game and I am enjoying every minute of it.
  14. Just finished this game and I forgot how difficult games could be back in the day. Don't know how many times I died on this. I had to use a guide a lot on this and it makes me grateful at how easy it is to have the internet to readily look up anything you need. I remember the only way back then was to have a friend who already knew what to do or pay money to call a tip line. Or good old trial and error.
  15. I am still here. Unfortunately I haven't played any of the games on my list in awhile. I am close to what I will consider finished on Ultimax and am only 19% on doki doki. I have finished tiny troopers, rime, and another world, however. They weren't on my list, but were on my plus backlog.