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  1. I would very much like to play it. Hope it resembles the first one more as I thought it was better than 2. The second one added a lot of features I think we're completely unnecessary.
  2. Honestly I hated the combat system in XIII. It really made advancing the story a chore. I also struggled to get through VII. Most people loved the hell out of it, but I enjoyed Crisis Core so much more.
  3. I wouldn't just because I am bias toward the older games and there are much better final fantasies to start with. Like 4, 6, or 9. I prefer the more traditional final fantasy games.
  4. Don't feel too bad. I only managed to get $20 and was really close to another $20. Think it sucks they got rid of it because it was pretty much my only incentive to even join the site.
  5. That would be only one, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  6. Update for me. I finished master reboot and am currently working on severed. Shame I waited so long on this one, it is a very fun game and I am enjoying every minute of it.
  7. Just finished this game and I forgot how difficult games could be back in the day. Don't know how many times I died on this. I had to use a guide a lot on this and it makes me grateful at how easy it is to have the internet to readily look up anything you need. I remember the only way back then was to have a friend who already knew what to do or pay money to call a tip line. Or good old trial and error.
  8. I am still here. Unfortunately I haven't played any of the games on my list in awhile. I am close to what I will consider finished on Ultimax and am only 19% on doki doki. I have finished tiny troopers, rime, and another world, however. They weren't on my list, but were on my plus backlog.
  9. I spent just over 400 and I really want to go back and do what I haven't finished. I absolutely love this game and look forward to starting new on ps4.
  10. Same here. I just recently finished the story and was really sad when I saw the ending. I loved it and had a really good time with it. Collectibles were a bit annoying and that awful bird from anger, but I still really enjoyed this game.
  11. I can help as I have been trying to get it also.
  12. I agree. So many games I would love to play, but life doesn't allow for all the time needed to put in. I'm lucky to completely get through a game that takes 40 hours or so in less than a few months. I also find my patience level is decreasing for the super long and grindy games.
  13. I'm going for Ultra Despair Girls
  14. Saw Skyscraper last weekend. Thought it was ok. Kind of like a family oriented Die Hard.
  15. Went to see "Uncle Drew." Wasn't too bad, but the story felt very rushed. Shawshank Redemption is the greatest of all time IMO.