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  1. I haven't had any problems so far and it has run really well.
  2. facts
  3. I am a trophy whore with no shame. Some of the ratalaika games I have actually enjoyed though.
  4. Arkham Origin Blackgate. Got it in 5 years and 11 months. Started playing it before I really got into trophy hunting and I got stuck on the Joker boss fight. Since my attention span doesn't seem to last that long anymore I ended up moving on to many other titles that I felt warranted my time. Finally went back to finish it since there is nothing but time now.
  5. Its also possible that those numbers will steadily increase over time. Some games start with a small number, but grow as more people get around to playing.
  6. I did the same thing. Picked up the first two on sale and the last two finally went on sale this go around. I was very excited as I loved the first two and was anxious to see how the story wrapped in the third. They weren't too expensive before at 14.99, but I like this price better.
  7. Not sure of an exact count, but it would mostly be just telltale and artifex mundi titles.
  8. Just saw this also. A shame he left so young. Completely caught off guard by this news.
  9. Yes, the crimes were a bit repetitive and unfortunately they were also a necessity in order to get tokens for upgrades or new gear. I think this was supposed to make you feel like there was a definite purpose to completing them. "It's ok kids. Stop the crimes and get a shiny token."
  10. It could be positive, but people complain so much about how awful the titles are each month that it would probably turn negative. I just wanted to know what everybody thought was their worst of the year. Kind of like a razzy (?) award for games.
  11. This is how it worked for me last night. Thank you so much for posting this because the other method wasn't working for me at all and I was getting so frustrated just trying to make it to the maze puzzles. The puzzle solver didn't help so much, especially when it came to the cylinder puzzles.
  12. I agree. I really miss the vita titles and was upset that I didn't have plus for a few months and missed out on some titles I had really wanted to play.
  13. If you would like to list your least favorites, feel free to do so. I know there was more I was disappointed with this year, but that's nothing new for each year that passes.
  14. I was just wondering which ps plus title from 2019 is everybody's least favorite of the year. For me I'd have to say it is The Witness. I haven't really enjoyed playing it as it seems like there really isn't a point to aimlessly solving all these puzzles. Maybe I just missed the point. Anyway, feel free to let us know if there was a plus title for this year that stands above the rest as the least enjoyable.
  15. My wife found my disc and I tested it to make sure it worked and ended up calmly playing the race over. Finally earned what I needed after 5 or 6 tries. Surprisingly what helped me come back calmer was watching youtube compilations of game rage. I know I have looked like they have before and you all are right. Being angry at not earning a trophy really sucks the joy out of it. I want gaming to be fun again. Thanks to all who took the time.