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  1. You can be really good at the game and still get disconnected and/or screwed by other players. This is not about getting good, if you played the game, you would acknowledge it. The Infallable trophy has a bunch of flaws, most of them from terrible servers of the game. It does require skill and also a bunch of RNG. Best thing to do right now is just to move on from the game and hope they improve it in the future where it's actually fun to go for trophies. Cross-platform is coming eventually, so that's gonna make things even worse connection wise.
  2. This is great. Did not expect to ever see this released again, especially on console.
  3. This shit is like a fever dream. I can't believe we have this on PSN store. The graphics look great and I'm sure next gen of gaming will be amazing. This is art, can't argue with that.
  4. Patience. It takes time for the site to update. Also you, were not in the top 10. Better luck next time.
  5. Seperate list: Yay or nay?
  6. They adressed it in a reddit post about the new update. Trophy will be easier now. You just need to hit a survivor with your ability and then down them with a normal hit. Adept trophies for killers are almost impossible right now with the new ranking system, so I hope they fix that soon too.
  7. Hey! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you making these videos. I haven't even started playing on Crushing difficulty yet. I know it's going to be pain in the butt, but these videos are glimpse of hope for me. Keep making these videos, there are people who appreciate them.
  8. I played the first game on the 360 and it's remastered version on PS4. I got 100% on the remastered version of the first game and I have to say - remastered version is really bad. It starts out great, but later becomes boring, repetitive and just overall, really terrible. I know that they tried to make the game better, but in my opinion it was better off without being remastered. Hopefully the second game will be much better than the first one. The trophy list on the second one looks OK I guess. There are a few grindy trophies, but we will see how hard they will be to get when the game comes out. Will I play the second one? Maybe. Would I recommend going back to the first game and playing it? Hell no.
  9. I am really interested in the mobile game. Hopefully it is both addicting and very good. I know that the possibility of Gaius being included is SUPER high, but I still voted for him. I love that character. I'm really exited for these new titles!
  10. 94 I always try to keep them under a 100. So far, so good.
  11. "Dat Plat" from Enter The Gungeon.
  12. I know this was possible on xbox 360, but I just played the game with a friend and the trophies only popped up for me. This was a huge problem in Resident Evil Revelations 2 where only 1 player got the achievements/trophies. I want to know is it possible on current gen.
  13. There actually is a rumor that NX might have an achievement/trophy system. I hope that rumor becomes reality soon.