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  1. Don't know if its just me, but it has a slight hardcore influence to it to my ears at least.
  2. Will have a try with that when i get home from work Thanks
  3. Hi, I hope this is the right place, if not sorry. I'm trying to run Plex on my linux computer at home but when trying to create my library it won't read anything on my hard drives, i think its due to permissions. Anything i read on it gets me a bit confused. Has anyone else got Plex running on Linux and encountered this and had any success with it? Thanks
  4. One from last year when i was in Australia for a month, probably the most recent one of me on my own. Very rarely take pictures of myself
  5. Join me up too, my brother's lending me this over the weekend so i can ake a start on it.
  6. The tag match and the Main event were brilliant, others were take them or leave them matches. The Shane/KO i couldnt look away during it, especially on top of the cage. Kept thinking the roof was going to give way at some point.