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  1. Cena is down to face Reigns on the 26th Decemeber at MSG, wouldnt be surprised if theres a match between them on the Christmas Day Raw either
  2. In tribute to the daft amount of snow we've had in the last 48hours or so
  3. Brilliant, thanks
  4. Anyone?
  5. @Wax743 I Prefer the older stuff, but last year they were playing next door to the hostel i was staying at in Sydney, it was the first date of the 10 year Music for The Recently Deceased tour, managed to snag a vinyl the same colour as the album cover off Kevin and it managed to stay in one piece with me throughout the rest of my trip in Australia. Looked after it really well.
  6. WWE recently let go of Jim Johnston, composer of a lot of the old classic themes and pretty much most themes up until 2012, shame he's gone http://nodq.com/news/514097760.shtml