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  1. Yeah its still do-able, just see if you can get a couple of people to help you do it unsynced and it should still unlock, are you part of an FC?
  2. The video is 52 mins long
  3. This is pretty much going to be what the GDC presentation was going to be before it was cancelled as this week was GDC week
  4. Sorry if this is a late reply. For the free trial way, i couldn't tell you, never did that. Subscriptions are monthly so you'll need to do 6 months of subscribing to do the levequests if you do the 1000 in the timeframe. Fates you can do early on, if you walk into a fate that is lower than your level you have to choose the level sync option thats normally on the side of the screen where duties are.
  5. Sorry for the late reply i play (PLD main too) on Zodiark too and players on there are a lot better attitude wise than others i've seen on the same data center. Plus sometimes the worst people are the mentors i've noticed. I found starting out, as long as you say at the beginning of the dungeon, "hi i'm new/first time running this dungeon/trial" someone normally helps with tips/mechanics help. @AiManiaTrophyhunting feel free to reach out either here or in game(player name: Rik Webb) if you still need any help and i'll help anyway i can
  6. All the new Job Guides are up: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/jobguide/battle/ Plus if anyone uses them The Balance have started putting up Primers on their discord channel to supplement the job guides they do for 5.0
  7. Nintendo don't they've got a partnership with Nvidia
  8. Bal-Sagoth is a name i havent heard in years.
  9. Hideo Itami has also asked for his release from WWE
  10. Plus got a load more vinyl on the way
  11. Saw Slayer on thier last UK Tour last night with Lamb Of God, Anthrax and Obituary. They played an awesome version of this