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  1. Oh, sure. Install Click it (using the puzzle piece on the top right of Chrome to find it, it has a teal, squared off "S" icon) You'll see a box pop up... if you're on at the time, it'll say "Write styles for ..." and then show the url Click on the domain so it isolates "" Paste the CSS from my post above into the "Code 1" Click Save. And then enjoy that completion in a whole new light. ETA: If you prefer the subtle blue instead of the green, change "#ecf8ea" above to "#f1f5fd".
  2. /* remove darker row color */ table.zebra tr:nth-child(even), /* remove blue from plat without 100% */ tr:has(span.platinum.earned):has(span.completion):not(:has(span.completion.earned)) td { background: #f9f9f9 !important; } /* plat with dlc */ table.zebra tr:has(span.platinum.earned):has(span.completion.earned) td, /* plat but missing dlc */ table.zebra tr:has(span.platinum.earned):not(:has(span.completion)) td, /* 100% */ table.zebra tr:has(span.completion.earned) td { background: #ecf8ea !important; } feelsgoodman
  3. For certain. Wasn't aware of that extension.
  4. Oh, I know. But it's easy to fix in post. - Iterate through the rows (already occuring) - If complete tr.addClass("complete") else tr.addClass("incomplete") - tr.complete td { background: green !important; } - tr.incomplete td { background: white !important; }
  5. Apologies for the large post. I have a usability suggestion for profile/game lists. Am I the only one annoyed by the awkward background coloring? The tables are striped (alternating white/gray) The green for non-platinum completion really stands out The blue for platinum is really faint There's no difference in color for platinum without DLC and platinum with DLC All I really care about is 100% or not 100% and I wonder if anyone finds the faint blue for platinum useful? My profile shows an arrangement that's currently hard to parse. Red Dead and Alice have the darker alternative background and are hard to differentiate for me from Terraria, that's Platinum (and coincidentally also 100% but not green). Making `table.zebra tr:nth-child(even)` look the same as odd improves things a little. Red Dead and Alice no longer stand out. But what if we just commit to 100% or not 100% coloring? It makes it a little easier to parse for me. It also solves the problem of not being able to tell the difference between Platinum without DLC and Platinum with DLC. In the suggested change on the right, Fallout: New Vegas is clearly flagged as needing completion. It could be behind a setting if it might not be universally accepted. Also, I'm still willing to help out if you need extra hands.
  6. I've been looking in Normal Free Roam. Were you doing Friendly Free Roam?
  7. Hm, so far I've found 2 servers where my horse wouldn't come when called, but was unable to find any bodies. Is there some significance of walking from outside of town or you just meant you would travel the main road through town from one side to the other? And the tree after the bridge. There are two large trees on the left and right of the road after bridge (on the outside of down). A body would just be sitting under one of them? On the road side? Sorry to keep bothering with questions. If I can spend 4 hours finding a lobby to save 16-20 hours of grinding the same mission over and over, it's worth it.
  8. What was your strategy for finding a lobby? I assume repeatedly hitting and then "Find a New Free Roam", but the once you arrive in the next MacFarlane's Ranch, how much do you look around before moving on? Was there a good time of day or day of week? How many lobbies did you have to find to get to 50? I assume more than one since you mentioned freezing.
  9. Me and you both, buddy. What Discord do I need to join to and to whom do I need to Tweet to drum up support for this?
  10. Looks like I'm having the same problem. I also have connectivity issues in The Beatles: Rock Band and Red Dead Redemption. I swear it's my router -- Google WiFi. Do you happen to use the same one?
  11. I take it you never figured this out?
  12. I love placeholders! I can't imagine how else we'd find other players as desperate as we are to complete trophies for some rare game that nobody plays anymore. If the site were more actively developed, there'd be a separate feature that just shows the pool of people interested in boosting whatever game/trophy. For now, placeholders are king.
  13. You playing in gimme mode? That should make a big difference. A lot of it seems like RNG (sometimes they play well, sometimes they don't), so just keep trying really, and as you do, you'll get better at the specific course. I beat Eve a few nights ago, but I didn't use my custom clubs since they're maxed out on power for condors. Instead, I always play with whatever clubs give the most control, since that's far more important than power IMO unless you're going for silly/risky trick shots.
  14. This game was so good! I remember playing it in 3D. Might be worth dusting off my glasses and go for the 100%.
  15. Harder than the one earlier this week, but very doable.