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  1. It's all done. DC06 must have been the hardest level, but everything before it prepared me perfectly well. Wonderful game.
  2. I went to play some other games, but nothing on my list looked as fun as Velocity 2X was, so I bought the DLC and breezed through the Critical Urgency Pack DLC. I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I bought and uh... breezed through most of the Dual Core DLC. I skipped over DC06 because it was the first level that felt impossible. It's only 36 seconds, but I had trouble getting through the first 10. DC08 probably took me an hour of constantly play until I got it, but I knew it was doable after running through it once. Even DC10 feels easier than DC06, but I suppose time will tell.
  3. . Answering my own question now: I don't think 2X is truly more difficult than Ultra. If you're capable of doing one, you're capable of doing the other. Level 2X 50 is probably harder than Ultra 50 at first, but once you prevent the second ship from tricking you (focus on the pink trail and blue rescue pods), I think it's easier than having to quick fire left/right like Ultra 50 requires. Really on the fence about the DLC. I watched some videos, all the levels look doable, but lots of warnings above. Thanks for all the info/support, everyone!
  4. A little update because it's fun to talk about. I'm playing a level or two/day (sometimes skipping days). Levels 1 - 41 have been perfected so far. I randomly tried 48, 49 and perfected them first or second try (very weird). Most of these levels, as you said Kesrit (but in reverse), were a breeze. Baptism by fire I guess. Aside from the critical urgency levels (which are thankfully short), the par times are all pretty generous (I'm finishing some levels with 20-60 seconds to spare). If your time is slow, you can just check a video or two for some tips on where to speed it up (like I just realized a few levels back that the circle attack kills a whole row of enemies). I just need one run of 42 without dying (I finished it with a single death and 20 seconds to spare) and then the other two hard ones will be 47 (7 minutes long) and 50 (gotta go fast). I switch to PSTV for critical urgency because I need the accuracy that the dualshock provides, but for the normal levels, having the right analog stick so close to the buttons is incredibly convenient. I also realized early on that you can double-tap triangle to teleport, which makes the timing of teleporting much easier. We'll see if I'm crying in a few days as I try the final, most difficult levels. It's not at all an easy platinum, but I think I can do it. Time will tell. I'm probably not going to go for 100%. Not really interested in spending $5 to suffer through harder levels.
  5. I'm on the same boat. I've got 23 games on my "can accomplish" list and maybe 15 on my "not gonna happen" list. I've got 15 levels perfected. Will let ya know if I survive.
  6. Ugh, perfecting Level 50 in Ultra felt like my limit. I can play perfect for about a minute, but playing frame-perfect for longer than that feels like an insurmountable task. Trying to 100% as many existing Vita titles on my account as I can, but I've already admitted myself I just can't physically do some (Super Meat Boy, Pix the Cat, OlliOlli 1 & 2, Rogue Legacy, etc). I was really hoping the extreme rarity was due to PS Plus.
  7. In terms of difficulty to Platinum and/or 100%? I finished Velocity Ultra recently and while it was certainly hard, it wasn't impossible. Level 50 was 8/10 for me, the rest was 6/10.
  8. 🙌 Thanks for the update! I saw it on Switch and wondered. 😂
  9. devs confirmed?
  10. There's no selling point really. It's been on my list for a while, but every time I checked PSNProfiles I was warded off by the other thread describing how awful the game was. It's not at all awful. It's quite good and I had a genuinely good time playing it over the past 24 hours. I'd recommend to anyone looking to add another Vita game to their profile. The ultra rares are a bonus. Do you not like ultra rares though, or what?
  11. Needed to create this thread to counteract the other one. It's really an easy game--and a fun one. Green Z-Saber has a trophy guide up on .org and his blog that covers everything you need to know. Collectibles (see links at the bottom): Level trophies:
  12. My save file was 100% and I had beaten the game, but still Treasure Hunter didn't unlock. I had yellow stars on every single level. I tried replying level 1, but it didn't pop. Tried restarting and 100%ing level 1 again, but it didn't pop. Weirdly enough, I do remember getting 5/5 secrets and only 6/7 scientists on level 17 (before the final boss). The scientist trophy did pop though. I ended up replaying level 17, getting 5/5 + 7/7 and the trophy popped. Might be a good idea to keep track yourself which levels you actually 100%'d. If at the end of the level is doesn't say you got everything, best to redo the level before you forget which one you didn't 100%.
  13. What discord, if I might ask? Wouldn't mind voicing some support for it there.
  14. FYI the exploit still works, but only after you already have points towards your Pure Chess rating.I recommend unlocking Tournament King first, and then the "Offer Draw" exploit should work.
  15. I tried playing unpatched (download game on Vita, cancel update) to get the offer a draw exploit to work, but it didn't and apparently playing a 4-game masters tournament didn't give me any PureChess rating points. Updated the game, played another tournament, and now I have some points.