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  1. I’m on discord now Seu Lucao#3765

  2. I do indeed achieved first on Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Ps4 Versions. I was also first on one of the Chariot ps4 versions.
  3. Contact me (PM) ,if you need help with following games. (Tips, Guides, Help in general)


    - Persona 4 Arena

    - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    - USF4

    - Chariot(All Console Versions)

    - Giana Sisters(All Console Versions)

    - All Blazblues

    - Etc...



  4. I am legit.
  5. I was thinking the same . Gains are only gained through cheesing as much as possible.
  6. I platted both Arena games, so add me to the great seal and ultimax supra.....
  7. Chariot is a real hard game to platinum. Besides that i think it varies from genre and game in generel.
  8. Here is the solution. After you've done the 236B, you will want to cancel that with D and input quite delayed the 5C. After 5C you need to cancel pretty late with 8>66C(Not 9 like you said). It is late canceling and it is full input control. No holding the 8 while you're still performing the 5C. All inputs are single segments.
  9. I glad you like the game as much as i do. Congrats aswell on the platinum. Besides that i found the way you hold the controller funny, but it seems to work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'll keep an eye on you!

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  11. Amazing M8, This means youve gotten the most far into it than anyone else. This shows that youre better than sergenium and CoKg. Good Job and hope to see more soon.
  12. I analyzed what you said an gave the correct answer. That has nothing to do with show off or anything else. Just preventing that bs will be leaked as primary source. Btw None will and can ban us for something that is right. We just protect the threads and want them to be correct. It pisses people off when braggers like you come and paste stuff that doesnt work. Simple is that. In the end people will thank us. And if an admin doesnt like this here , he will anyway inform us before banning. The mods arent corrupt so you have no valid argument.
  13. Not trying anything but preventing bullshit to be posted. You make people belive that pausing will change the algorythm of the game and will be free like fuck. I can see you havnt played the game. I wonder who did it for you tho. And as of yet you have not added any new content to score attack as what you wrote was already there and is shit. You write "guides" about stuff you have no idea and clearly no clue how it works properly. You assume its like this and that, but what kind of guide is assumed? I want to help the people, i dont need to brag or prove anything as people know how good iam. But what i find annyoing is wrong posts to push your ego and stand as the "new master" on the horizon of babel that has inducted the knowledge of his lifetime. Post correct content and i will back up. As i always empahize with people that manage to share their tips and tricks with the community as long as theyre correct. And not to forget to mention your non stop bulllshitting about the aalgorythm when pausing is activated and vice versa, its just dumb and a lie. If you played the game by yourself you do know that. I ve done with pause and without. And i can verify 100% the game is the same. Simple as that. So stop this crap and provide some stuff. And LOOOOOOL at your "dont upload score" is that another way to excuse that you cheated the game maybe? I done it for 20+ ppl atleast and score attack over 200 times and it never froze on psn and xbox. So lmao
  14. You post such shit latly. It is hilaroius. Your tips arent good at all. Your acting that pausing and non pausing change anything about the beavior of the A.I is most stupid thing ive red in a while. Also shows you have no idea how the works. I even uestion you played it. This really makes ppl think the game is a free win when using pausing as if it changes the behavior to the maximum level. Bullshit. If youre just that god like then provide some videos of your pausing and non pasuing difference. Im interested to see how "your" game is changing from mines. And lmao to thanks to lord of ra and pixels bs. Their tips werent useful at all even negative because they doesnt work and irritating the plyers. Some seem even to be troll, but as i can see you just copy paste all their shit. Even tho its full of bs. Dont act as if it was all facil. You all like campa etc. Talking shit lke no tomorrow, Saying things that arnt true. fk this. IKG out.
  15. Tbh saionji . Only ask me. These other people barly made the score attack and cant really explain whats going on. But up to you