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  1. I want to change my name too, but if I will, all time I spend will go lose. And the worst is I lose trophies.
  2. Yeah I have seen but my friend got the trophy with using AI. I didn't understand that.
  3. I played all match types and I know it is glitchy but anyone who earned "Expert in the Ring" trophy can explain how it works?
  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Rarity: %4.10
  5. No, it couldn't be used because I bought it in a game shop.
  6. It doesn't redeem.
  7. I can advise Tomb Raider. Easy and quick (if you boost) platinum.
  8. Oh, I have the disk version but maybe code has used. I need to buy then.
  9. It glitched for me, I scored at 90'th minute and still no trophy. I thought "Maybe it'll work" and scored at 89'th minute and still no trophy.
  10. So I need buy network pass to play online, right?
  11. Is this game requires season pass to play online or it is for dlc?
  12. This trophy is unachievable since facebook has been deleted from ps3.
  13. That's great to fix but a lot of people stopped playing before that so servers are empty...
  14. Are servers empty? I bought the game but never played, so is there a unachievable trophy?
  15. Tomb Raider