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  1. DilettanteObtain your first non-DLC artifact. Its strange, beguiling form never fails to shock and intrigue. And let the artifact hunt begin, I already found two of them, don't know when I found the 2nd one though. Life Is Strange: True Colors Upright and Above GroundFind the “Old Paper” Memory in Chapter 3 And that's another happy memory added to the list.
  2. Comrades in FreedomRecruit Lord Dohalim to your ranks. With friends like him, the Crown Contest's days are numbered. This part of the game really stood out to me, it's so different from the first two realms, I am looking forward to what's next. Skilled AnglerCatch your first fish. More than just a fun pastime for lazy days, it's a way to find food, too. Normally I wait to judge something, but... I don't know if I am a big fan of the fishing in this game.
  3. Novice RancherCollect your first harvest on the ranch. Each life taken is raised well with love and respect. Not sure if I like it or not, but it's kinda useful, which is good enough for me. Life Is Strange: True Color Ethan's DollarFind the “Dollar” Memory in Chapter 3 That memory was very nice.
  4. Life Is Strange: True Colors Team Chomp-BotFind the “T-Shirt” Memory in Chapter 2 And that's the T-shirt memory added to the list. Amateur ArchaeophileFind all Memory Collectibles in Chapter 2 And that's the 2nd list of memories, I've said it before, but I like collecting these memories, they're really unique and they add to the story and the characters. Something You BuildComplete Chapter 2 of Life is Strange: True Colors™ And that's the 2nd episode done, I did not expect that this would happen, but the combination of the music and Alex' speech really got to me. Earworm SquasherFind and play the Student's lost song Alabaster Daydreams is a pretty nice song. Hell DiversFind the “Bomber Jacket” Memory in Chapter 3 Ah cool, so now there are also happy memories to find, that's quite nice actually. Vanquishers of DarknessDefeat Lord Ganabelt, bringing light to Cyslodia and its people for the first time in centuries. And that's the 2nd lord down, that did not go well at all I need to be more careful with my fighting style.
  5. Level 330 Vanquishers of DarknessDefeat Lord Ganabelt, bringing light to Cyslodia and its people for the first time in centuries. With a lord down, I got another level up! And this one's with Tales of Arise.
  6. Life Is Strange: True Colors Pro TipFind the “Gummies” Memory in Chapter 2 Another memory added to the list. Found Dog!Help the Hoodie Guy find his dog And I've helped out a dog owner.
  7. Life Is Strange: True Colors Time For Something NewFind the “Button” Memory in Chapter 2 And with chapter 2 started, the memory hunt continues. UmbrellaFind the “Umbrella” Memory in Chapter 2 The umbrella memory was a nice one. No HandoutsFind the “Rent Check” Memory in Chapter 2 This one I really enjoyed. Bird SpottingHelp the Birdwatcher find her bird Kinda cool that you also help people via sidequests... kinda. Really adds a new element to the game.
  8. Hundred-Hit SmackdownGet over 100 hits in a combo. Band together and don't let your enemies strike back. So I don't know if this was my clever or silly moment, but 100% take it. I was in a cold city (trying to be as vague as possible) and there was a certain moment where you get a tutorial about some kind of overpowered state which lets you use arts without a cost. I did not notice that I had to force myself to get out of that state so I kept going in and out of it and I just kept using my arts, which got me to the 100 hit combo. I was stuck in that tutorial for a couple or minutes, but at least it got me a trophy. So clever or silly? You be the judge 😂 Diligent CounterattackerPerform 100 Counter Edges. Make your enemies fear every missed blow with these retaliations. And I used my next tutorial to get the 100 counterattacks, I did not have to do that many anymore, like 20-30 counterattacks, so it was nice to use the tutorials in my favor. Head CountFind the “Helmet” Memory in Chapter 1 I really liked the helmet memory, it was really cool. PhoneFind the “Phone” Memory in Chapter 1 I also like that the helmet memory tied in with the phone memory. Emotional EnthusiastFind all Memory Collectibles in Chapter 1 That's all the memories found! I Thought I Could Hunt The MonsterComplete Chapter 1 of Life is Strange: True Colors™ Wow, that ending, kinda expected that that would happen, but that was worse then I've expected. Can't wait to see what happens during the other chapters.
  9. Owl SpotterFind and report 13 owls. The lonely forest is beginning to show signs of feathered life. Got to admit, I love that there are owls to collect, I find these birds super adorable. Life Is Strange: True Colors Officer FishFind the “Business Card” Memory in Chapter 1 Ngl, I did not quite get what was happening in this one, but I can read about it later.
  10. Life Is Strange: True Colors CrackFind the “Crack” Memory in Chapter 1 I love these collectibles already, they're pretty unique. Also really glad that I did not need to go via a weird route to post the trophies (looking at the previous game) A Letter To RileyFind the “Riley Letter” Memory in Chapter 1 Man, that memory explained quite a bit.
  11. Emissary of LiberationDefeat Lord Balseph. Keep the flag of liberation raised high. The fight has only just begun. And that's the first boss down, that was a lot of fun, can't wait to see what the other bosses will be like. Wags to RichesSolve every puzzle in "Bedtime Story" After quite a while, I finally did another set of word search puzzles.
  12. Pin PerfectionMastered 300 types of pins. And that's 300 pins mastered, so many of them are fun to use. Full HouseEquipped a 6-pin set. I wanted this to be my final trophy before getting the platinum, because I wanted my 6 characters that I use to be in the platinum screenshot. This is also my 3500th trophy. This Trophy Ends with YouCollected all graffiti. And that's a platinum 2 days in a row, this game is fantastic, this year is great for new games. This is also my 40th platinum, so that makes me happy. I got the platinum just in time to start Tales of Arise. Rebellious SparkClear your first sub-quest. Even the lowliest spark can grow into a raging, all-consuming flame. And that's my first sub-quest done. What's in a Name?Learn your first non-DLC title skill. Whatever you go by, that name shall become a source of power. And it even got me a new title skill. Speedy ChefCook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most. I love cooking in real life and I love cooking in games, so this one's perfect for me.
  13. # - A - Assassin's Creed Origins B - Batman: The Telltale Series C - Concrete Genie D - Days Gone E - F - Final Fantasy XV G - Goosebumps: The Game H - I - InFamous First Light J - K - L - Life Is Strange M - Murdered: Soul Suspect N - NEO: The World Ends With You O - P - Persona 5 Strikers Q - R - Ratchet & Clank S - Scarlet Nexus T - The Wolf Among Us U - Until Dawn V - W - X - Y - Ys: Memories of Celceta Z - With NEO: The World Ends With You added to the list I am at 16/27
  14. Platinum #40 NEO: The World Ends With You This Trophy Ends with YouCollected all graffiti. Time: 116 hours Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 10/10 Until a week before the release I did not expect to play the game, but after watching a playthrough of the first game and trying the demo, I was hooked, but I was like, I'll just play through the game and that's it. But they more I played it, the more confidence I got the more I felt that I could do it. So I went from "This won't be a platinum" to "It probably won't happen, but I may get the platinum" to "There's a slight possibility" to "This platinum is possible" to "I will get this platinum". And here we are! Another platinum in the back, probably one of my toughest. There are so many pro's: Collecting is fun, be it the pins, clothes, CD's or food. The story is fantastic. The gameplay is great, I call it a confidence builder. The city is beautiful with all of these colours. I love that you can change the menu theme with the CD's. The soundtrack is top notch, even the lesser ones are still fantastic. I love the playable characters, every single one of them. The interactions between the characters just make me smile. Most of the pins are a lot of fun to use. Grinding in this game is very addicting. The credits are very pretty. I love that the trophies are an ingame graphity both in the menu and in the street. Their designs are also really unique. Minamimoto, playable. There are probably more, but those came to mind real quick. A couple of cons, but they did not take away from my fun: Scramble Slam... you'll know if you've played it. I like the idea of a turf war, but the 2nd one was too much. That final grind was a bit draining. So yeah, if you're on the fence about the game, give the demo a try. You may love it, I sure did. I really hope that there's going to be a third TWEWY game, because I need more Minamimoto and just more of that gameplay, this game feels like a passion project. And here's my platinum screenshot, not the most amazing one, but I love it: I have no idea what my next platinum will be, but for now, I feel like I've earned enough platinums.
  15. Out Of InkStart any drawing in Episode 5 Episode 5 is here and of course I had to start with a bit of art. The Magic PlaceFind optional collectible #1 in Episode 5 I love the collectibles that you get via Daniel's powers. The Age Of ReasonFind optional collectible #2 in Episode 5 That little treasure hunt was very cute. She WolfFind optional collectible #3 in Episode 5 This one was nice and simple. RemorsefulFind optional collectible #4 in Episode 5 Got to admit, I did not expect to see David in this game, but it was a nice surprise seeing him! Dead Man's BonesFind optional collectible #5 in Episode 5 Definitely the trophy before the final crap hits the fan. But it was a nice collectible. BoundariesFind optional collectible #6 in Episode 5 And the 6th collectible is mine, I expected it to be in Mexico, so it was a surprise that it was somewhere else. Specks Of DustFind all optional collectibles in Episode 5 And ever single collectible is mine. Homeward BoundFinish Episode 5 That's the final episode done, it was a great episode. Wolf PackFinish all Life is Strange 2 episodes I'll be honest that I probably did not get the ending that I wanted, but I made the choices that I wanted to make and I had to deal with the consequences. All Roads TraveledUnlock all Life is Strange 2 trophies. This was a game that falls under the "better late then never" catagory, I did not buy it when it came out, which is kind of a shame, but I least I got it before True Colors comes out tomorrow! True PinthusiastCollected all pins. And that's every pin, I am now very close to the platinum.