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  1. Caught Red HandedUnlock red colour 42.68% Uncommon And red has been added to the colour palette. In a Blue MoonUnlock blue colour 39.49% Uncommon I have to admit, these puzzles are getting tough. Full GufaFree the Hafgufas 53.39% Common I honestly can't get enough of these quests, they are so much fun! BestiesPet Speki and Svanna 52.07% Common Yet another fantastic quest out of the way.
  2. Maneater Pound ItKill the Apex Predator in Sapphire Bay 47.67% Uncommon That was a fun battle. Survived AgainSurvive Again 47.31% Uncommon Kinda getting my revenge. Pigment of Your ImaginationMake 5000 obstacles disappear 58.14% Common I got this one in like no time. Back to the FuchsiaUnlock pink colour 58.78% Common And another colour has been added to the list. Koco LeaderGathered 200 Koco. 58.13% Common Thanks for the Koco, Big. Ares Island ExplorerCompleted all Challenges on Ares Island and fully revealed the map. 45.44% Uncommon I had so much fun with these puzzles that I just kept doing them all. TraverserEverything finds one place in another 84.11% Common I was curious why I got this, thankfully the guide explained it well. A Curious ThingEverything sees its branches form 91.16% Common Nice, already discovered quite a few objects. The Space Between ThingsEverything can be anything 92.22% Common And I am already learning about ascending and descending. The Swing Of ThingsEverything sees itself through itself 88.87% Common It's quite fun. DescenderEverything is the same all the way down 75.51% Common How low can I go? AscenderEverything is the same all the way up 79.43% Common I've gone quite high. Scale CyclistEverything is within everything 81.73% Common And I've been something of every scale. Hello, I ExistEverything sings to itself 84.26% Common That was kinda cute. Night guardExtinguish 40 fires 65.50% Common Ngl, I did not expect this one to pop when I threw the torch in the cloud of extinguisher. BloodlineComplete chapter 10 68.01% Common Okay, Sophia is my favourite character, she is awesome!
  3. AquacadabraUnlock aqua colour 92.63% Common A very pretty blue. Showing True ColoursChange colour for the first time 91.01% Common This is starting off pretty cool. Shrinking VioletUnlock purple colour 85.25% Common And purple is mine, the puzzles are already getting interesting. Like ClockworkUnlock orange colour 77.80% Common Let's see what kind of puzzles I get with three colours to swap. CraftsmasterCraft every type of item in Shadows of Rose. 14.76% Rare I did not expect to get this trophy, but this time there were only 4 items to craft. Green TeenFinish Shadows of Rose on at least Casual difficulty. 21.34% Uncommon And that's the story done, when I saw that it was €20,00 I wasn't unsure, but after having played it I can say that it was worth every bit, really liked this! Now I am done with Resident Evil for the rest of the year. New FriendsFetch Lúnda's orb 54.36% Common Ngl, this gave me a good laugh. It Was a Good DayRetrieve Mardöll 53.15% Common That was an awesome quest, I am glad that I did it.
  4. Level 385 Like ClockworkUnlock orange colour I am enjoying this game, I forgot that I was very close to a level up.
  5. A Sea of PromisesComplete chapter 8 72.43% Common I feel bad that I saw him as an ally, I didn't expect to walk with him forever, but I expected something rat related. Not a toy anymoreFully upgrade the sling 56.58% Common I do use my sling quite a lot so it made sense to max that one out. Old protectorInteract with all the old protector’s items in the sanctuary 54.11% Common This was very interesting. Tales and RevelationsComplete chapter 9 70.60% Common And that's another awesome chapter out of the way. Backyard BrawlBattle the Mysterious Valkyrie 65.59% Common That was just beautiful. How it StartedEquip an Enchantment 61.13% Common Now this will come in very handy. Root of the ProblemBattle Níðhögg 61.12% Common That was tough but also a lot of fun. The Carlos ExpressLeave R.P.D. 86.29% Common It is nice that I was able to play in the R.P.D. again. I Don't Feel So GoodLeave the clock tower plaza. 85.99% Common Oh dear, it got real. I Need a HeroWithstand the zombie siege. 84.98% Common I really like Carlos, he is awesome. Kendo's ArmoryCollect all weapons in the campaign. 79.19% Common And every single weapon is mine! RE: Master of UnlockingUnlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks. 72.31% Common Ngl, I smiled when I unlocked this trophy, I did not expect that. The PursuerFollow Nicholai deeper underground. 84.36% Common Well, time to have fun with Nicholai. Nemesis Down!?Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis. 83.85% Common And another battle against Nemesis is down, it doesn't know how to quit. Nemesis Down!!!Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis. 83.79% Common I think that I've seen enough of Nemesis, I really liked this game, because I am crap at RE games, I played on the lowest difficulty so this is my final Resident Evil 3 trophy, can't wait for the Resident Evil 4 Remake tomorrow. Combo CrackerjackPerformed Phantom Rush 50 times, outside of the training simulator. 30.75% Common Let's just say that the 2nd island is perfect for this trophy, the spring enemies are great for this trophy.
  6. FelonsComplete chapter 7 73.35% Common I got myself a very interesting ally! Perfect throwSuccessfully complete all throws in the Crowns game 62.72% Common That was fun, and unlike Perfect shot I did this one first try. Elder Koco EncounterSpoke with Elder Koco for the first time. 79..73% Common This one will come in handy. Swath of DestructionDestroyed 100 breakable objects. 75.39% Common I think that I need to change to Sonic the Destroyer. Speed DemonActivated a Power Boost for the first time. 81.15% Common This is awesome! Kronos Island MemoriesRepaired all Portals on Kronos Island. 57.66% Common I did not expect to get this trophy yet, but it's what happens when you play a game that makes exploring fun. Celestial RainEncountered a starfall for the first time. 64.33% Common I am a big fan of the starfall! It's pretty and useful! Ticket to TranquilityEarned 100 Purple Coins. 61.58% Common I have no idea what I can do with them, yet but at least I've collected 100 purple coins. Big EncounterCompleted the fishing tutorial. 65.99% Common Oh dear, time to start fishing. Angler's ClubLanded all catches at one fishing spot. 48.71% Uncommon I can't believe that I'm saying this but I absolutely love the fishing in this game. Kronos Island ExplorerCompleted all Challenges on Kronos Island and fully revealed the map. 52.35% Common That is an awesome map, loved doing all these challenges. The BeginningDefeated the Titan and completed the main story on Kronos Island. 65.08% Common That was an awesome boss fight, I am glad that I bought this game because it's great!
  7. Nemesis Down Cause Nemesis to relinquish an item. 85.18% Common Thanks for the gift Nemesis. Nemesis Down? Defeat Nemesis on the rooftop. 87.37% Common That was an awesome fight. Escape from the CityMake it out of downtown Raccoon City. 87.12% Common Finally making some nice progress. An Unfortunate EndDefeat zombie Brad. 86.09% Common Sorry Brad. Combo Convert Performed a Phantom Rush for the first time, outside of the training simulator. 83.21% Common That was pretty awesome! Hermit Koco Encounter Spoke with Hermit Koco for the first time. 83.09% Common Hermit Coco and I will be good friends. In our Wake Complete chapter 5 76.68% Common And we're on our own again, shame that Lucas isn't coming with us. Handful of pockets Fully upgrade the gear 54.77% Common And that's the gear upgrade complete! This will come in handy. Leaving all Behind Complete chapter 6 74.67% Common That was an awesome chapter, really liked that fight at the end. The CauldronDestroy Grýla's cauldron 35.95% Uncommon That was fantastic!
  8. Platinum #66 The Medium Completionist Fun: 7.5/10 Difficulty 3/10 No idea about time because the timer on my acc is all over the place. So I got this game via PS+ and I thought that it looked kind of cool, I did take my sweet time with it. Especially when I only had Phantom left to get, because I was kind of dreading that one, thankfully I got it on my second run and now I have the platinum. I'll be honest, I find it really tough to talk about this game, it's a fun game with a beautiful story and an awesome setting, but I also have things that leave a poor taste in my mouth. But it's better to just talk about my feelings so let's start with the positives: + Marianne is an awesome main character, I couldn't get enough of her. + The powers that she has are amazing, while I do feel like there's more potential, the gameplay that is there is a lot of fun. + Getting all the collectibles was cool. + I like the butterfly theme of the trophies. + The monster was cool. + Awesome story. + Great setting. + Awesome ending. But there are some negatives, at least negatives for me: - Now this is the one thing that makes me not love the game as much as I want to. There's an option to resume activity, I did that once, and when you do that trophies won't be earned, it actually frustrated me. - Thesneaking trophy while not as bad, I did not love it. - A couple of crashes. - I also feel like this game was not optimalised, very long loading times, weird frame rates, etc. Those negatives (aside from Phantom being a pain) are kind of a shame, because this game could've been an 8 or 8.5 for me, but those things were kind of a downer to me. Still I highly recommend this game if you haven't played it. And here's the platinum screenshot:
  9. Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Gold Rush Collect all Gold Bolts. 42.79% Uncommon And the gold bolts have been collected! Into the Nether Region Complete all Netherverse segments. 63.79% Common The Netherverse segments were quite enjoyable. Cross the Streams Defeat the Nether Leader and banish his kind. 63.72% Common That was an awesome final boss. A Walk in the Park Beat the game on Cadet difficulty. 63.69% Common I'll be honest, I did beat it on the easiest difficulty because I wanted to get a feel of the game, but now it's time for the real challenge. Superior Ranking Achieved Rank S time, for the first time in a Cyber Space area. 82.35% Common My first (and probably only) S-rank has been earned, Perfect Run Completed all Missions in one Cyber Space area. 77.13% Common And I've completed the level, that was awesome. Unknown Threat Defeated a guardian for the first time. 95.77% Common That's a badass enemy design. The Journey Begins Completed the Kronos Island tutorials. 89.81% Common Most of the time I am not the biggest fan of tutorials, but this one was good, it did teach you but it also gave the player enough freedom. Perfect shotShoot all the pine cones 61.52% Common I don't know why but I seriously struggled with this one, at least I got it in the end. A Grizzly EncounterBattle the Bear 95.09% Common This battle was great! Blood DebtBattle the God of Thunder 86.60% Common I was smiling throughout this entire battle! Knock off the RustPurchase a Skill 71.89% Common And let the filling of the skill tree begin! Spit ShineUpgrade one piece of armor 45.00% Uncommon And the armor upgrading has begun! Making AmendsFree the Lyngbakr 18.20% Rare That was an awesome quest, loved every bit of it!
  10. Every Thursday I have a movie night (not this week because I've been busy) and last week I watched this one. I liked it but I felt weird about it when a certain someone had laser eyes.
  11. Level 384 Making AmendsFree the Lyngbakr Glad that this quest leveled me up, that was beautiful!
  12. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Thug RookieWin the Destructapalooza Silver Cup. 65.47% Common And that's the end of the silver cup, I loved it! Sweet JusticeDefeat Neftin Prog. 69.24% Common That was an awesome boss fight. Shaky TruceForm an alliance with Neftin Prog. 67.43% Common Now that's an interesting alliance. Thug ChampionWin the Destructapalooza Gold Cup. 58.35% Common And that's the end of the gold cup, I really enjoyed this, quite challenging, too! Vault CrackerUnlock the vault on planet Thram. 53.44% Common Now to just get the stuff for the RYNO VII In Case of Zombies...Purchase all weapons. 52.04% Common And all the weapons that can be bought have been bought, now just to get the RYNO VII and I have them all. MercyDon't kill the guard on the docks 62.65% Common Ngl, I expected this one to be a nightmare, but it was really easy and a lot of fun. AlchemistCraft 100 ammunitions 73.51% Common I remember the first game having the same trophy. Protector's DutyComplete chapter 4 75.56% Common This was an awesome chapter, really enjoyed that chase sequence at the end. Maneater On Your OwnReached Adult Growth 51.82% Common It's a trap! Shark on Shark ViolenceKill the Apex Predator in Golden Shores 49.23% Uncommon And the Golden Shores doesn't have an Apex Predator anymore. Gator MeatKill the Apex Predator in Fawtick Bayou 49.01% Uncommon This one was pretty tough! PhantomEscape the creature without alerting it. 48.95% Uncommon Ngl, I've been kinda procrastinating this one, but in the end it wasn't that bad. CompletionistCollect every other trophy 36.36% Uncommon And that's another platinum in the bag, while I have my issues with this game, I did enjoy it. Two For One DealDefeat two enemies with a single shot. 85.91% Common I got the shotgun and went for it. Power StonesPlace all jewels in the clock tower monument. 80.57% Common These were fun to find and it was worth it, an inventory upgrade and a shotgun upgrade.
  13. Platinum #66 / Completion #66 I started playing The Medium because it looked pretty cool and I enjoy the supernatural setting, and while this game isn't very polished for the PS5, it is a great game. My tip that if you're going to play this game DO NOT press the resume activity button, if you do that trophies won't unlock, thankfully the gameplay and story made it worth the problems that I have with it.
  14. Level 383 CompletionistCollect every other trophy I've been kinda procrastinating this platinum because of the Phantom trophy, thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought. And in the end it worked out because it got me a new platinum level up trophy.
  15. Seriously looking forward to this, I've played a few of the PS3 GoW games early this year just to have a bit more knowledge of that era (before God of War 2018 I had only played God Of War III) and I am so glad that I did because it made me look forward to this game even more.