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  1. Perfect time to play this dlc after finishing FC3
  2. It's possible because there are players who know the game well! I know a youtuber that only plays dark souls and i can say that he is a master in terms of knowledge at the level of the game. to reach this level you have to spend dozens of hours of dedication
  3. Any perk is universal! You can use it on all the counselors
  4. Arrested for mention the illuminati !
  5. Xel'lotath (Eternal Darkness )
  6. Reverse
  7. One of best danganronpa songs !
  8. Your third eye
  9. From finland with love
  10. Kholat
  11. Tomorrow its time to praise the sun!!
  12. "Today, unfortunately, i only have bones left."
  13. Looks like iris has a rose to offer to noire