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    Everything about darkness (don't be afraid no one can escape death) :)
    Metal music because metal is the law :p
    RPG, shooters, horror games and open worlds
    Dante from DMC, because i like to rock baby
    Playing ouija
    Smoking shisha
    Watching netflix, listening good soundtracks, headbanging like crazy :D
  1. DAMN MAN i was going to post that song Here we goes my special gift " Sleep my son Feel my embrace Please don't forget my love As the bullet goes through his brain I wake up to live it again and again"
  2. For me that song sound more like a snuff part 2 Kassandra theme
  3. Djentttt
  4. I still think it was the fault of the hole curse Dont worry on the other side there is a very funny and cute casino where everyone can enjoy the pachinko slot machines 😂
  5. That feeling of revolt when you see your son being beaten brutally and in the back you only think of revenge. I would do exactly the same, great movie!
  6. Fight fire with fiyaaaaaa
  7. Mads could be the perfect solid snake if metal gear had an official movie
  8. Masters !
  9. Concerning the fact exists a theory of several mr.x's during the game, only this way certain events are understood. in the original game you can see the helicopter with several cases and only shows one to fall on the RPD. another good fact that i noticed in this remake there is a mr.x with gps chip and another with a hat without the chip Maybe they have been released in certain places of the game, but it's all just theories And yes the story is a bit unfolded, even though i played RE2 about over 15 years I still remember something. Since they implemented new things in this remake, they could make the main story of claire / leon less repetitive Scenarios B's are exactly the same thing, only changes the beginning part and the true end. That's why (for me) i don't trade any old games for remakes
  10. If you add that difficulty to infinite samurai edge + reload checkpoints, this trophy turns out to be terribly easy
  11. I don't think so, considering that in this remake mr.x cannot chase you in the save rooms / stars office ... if they follow the same formula on RE3 will be a walk in the park in the second time you play / understand the game And besides there is only an enemy that causes nightmares, its the lickers! 1 hit leave you almost in a state of danger
  12. Bloodborne