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  1. Oh really? google always helps That's why spain is in first position, portugal has more yellow cards
  2. This is a popular saying in portugal about germany team Btw england in the second half could make a historic result! sterling in england team is a completely different player than the one who plays in the man. city
  3. One more penalty 5-0 Kane kane kane
  4. @Zolkovo in his tribute one more penalty marked today, there will hardly be another world cup like this 👌😝
  5. Island Liberator Liberate all outposts. Archeology 101 Gather a total of 60 relics.
  6. Man i hate those animals so much! specially when you're about to kill them and they do suicide
  7. D12
  8. Yakuza 0
  9. @Melty and @Johnathan994 for the first time DMC has an official video, enjoy
  10. Kosdff is the king of trolling
  11. Far far far cry 5
  12. Qlione 2
  13. Resogun