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    Everything about darkness (don't be afraid no one can escape death) :)
    Metal music because metal is the law :p
    RPG, shooters, horror games and open worlds
    Dante from DMC, because i like to rock baby
    Playing ouija
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    Watching netflix, listening good soundtracks, headbanging like crazy :D
  1. So far my favorite song from the first game
  2. Fighting a car would be too easy for me, i could use bombs but nah i'll let you pass
  3. Quina (final fantasy 9 )
  4. Maybe vampyr, simply because i dont have more choices
  5. The answer is obvious TEW2
  6. Payday 2
  7. "im a vocaloid miku and this is my favourite song "
  8. Pump what? lol nop
  9. Look who's upside down
  10. Gravity rush remastered
  11. I'm just saying this because I read this article I remember GTA V at the beginning, and you're absolutely right. there are players who remind me of King Midas but with a difference. in everything they touch turns into shit (literally)
  12. Outlast 2 , for you to return to the hell that is that game. be chased until your hand is tired