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  1. Rage quitters - the cancer of games
  2. Ff8

    Maybe square will surprise you again ehehe
  3. I'm scared...
  4. Knows me well
  5. Ff8

    You're right, she's in the desert ... and on disc 4 people can leave ultimecia castle, all locations are locked with a shield that makes it impossible to enter.
  6. Hates telltale games
  7. Hellblade : SS
  8. Silent hill 2
  9. Trillion (here we comes the minecraft complain)
  10. Valtari
  11. I would like to see @Iris Heart playing outlast 2, its my best wish
  12. Playing right now on steam
  13. Maybe machinarium
  14. Hella yeahh
  15. Ff8

    That's what some people said about FFIX and FFXII, and yet those are already on PS4! square didn't want to launch FFVIII for now and preferred the surprise more forward ... the game will be released yes it's a matter of time. in the steam version i already did almost 80% of the achievements. relative to ffix is a little easier