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  1. 3 or 4 hours more and less if you have good memory lol 3/4 without a guide and good memory of course, with a guide could be 8 or 9 hours
  2. Don't tell me ?
  3. We have a loyal lady in here now i need a loyal man
  4. I can teach you some words in portuguese if you want
  5. Morir es vivir is better
  6. Got this baby today
  7. Knows 1 word in spanish at least
  8. Has a spanish word above the picture, actually "vencer" is a portuguese word
  9. There are many places where you can get a chain over 50, my record was in sochen save palace to defeat wendigos and strikers,about 150 chains and in addition they give drop of Maggoty Flesh (741g) which gives a brave help
  10. Danganronpa is one of those games that nobody regrets playing, I had platinum in all 3 games (old account) and i was doing the same again!
  11. Everybody's gone to the raptune ( including me )
  12. A good morning with something modern
  13. 2 great guys above me
  14. Wait a sec.... patch 1.04 ? i only have 1.03 !! This patch is already running in your country?? When i have this patch (in the UK it's only 1.03 accessible) I'll help you! You'll probably be able to find a way to get there