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  1. On 29.11.2017 at 8:46 PM, Maeglenus said:

    - Add 2 pictures to The Wild section

    - Add 1 picture and 1 question to School section

    - Add 2 questions to Travel section


    Don't add all questions and pictures on one phone/iPad/emulator! You need to add one picture or question EACH phone/iPad/Emulator.


    I did add all 6 pictures and questions to the game. I saw I got 8 rounds: Paint, Travel, Home Life, School, Time Travel and Wild. First, third and fifth chapters you need to select a random answers each phone, but for at second, fourth and sixth chapter I got my own question and/or picture (2 each chapter)! After my sixth chapter I got trophy and I closed the game, didn't finish te game. 


    100% confirmed way to earn the trophy.