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  1. Final Fantasy X HD. The Chocobo races and 200 lightning bolts will be the death of me
  2. To unlock the characters in the PS4 version, you'll need save data from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - but like in the PS2 game, you can only use them in Exhibition Mode (multiplayer). You can also get Ratchet as a character if you still have Ratchet and Clank (2016) save data. None of these characters are needed for any of the trophies though. The game isn't too difficult once you get into it - main issue was with readjusting to PS2 racing controls: a couple of the gold medals were tricky though (I found Sewer Raceway's Freeze Rally in particular to be a pain). Found it weird that there weren't any trophies for 100% of vehicle upgrades, only 50% - but not complaining, there's enough orb grinding as it is.
  3. The PS4 version of The Precursor Legacy had major issues when they updated the PAL version (before they released a fix) - its possible that this also played a role in them choosing the NTSC version instead of the PAL version (it makes sense given that the PS4 is multiregional) - but its most likely because of the save file glitch
  4. I've suffered the same (was hoping to get the platinum today along with all the others, only had Gol and Maia's citadel to go - but the game sent me to the end of the level after the patch (it didn't before), and then my save file was corrupted, so I had to go back to the beginning of the game, was hoping to speedrun it - and then it kept crashing at Sentinel Beach). Why was the patch necessary? Its a PS2 game, 99% of the people who are playing it aren't going to be expecting 60fps or 1080p - yet the patch has rendered the game, for me, unplayable, until a fix.
  5. The latest patch destroyed my save data and the game crashes at multiple cutscenes; I've also experienced freezing as well.
  6. I read that Professional Hedgehog was for completing Titanic Monarch Act 1 without getting hit (not even with a shield), not the entire game
  7. The main tip I have is to always try and use shortcuts - you're going round in a loop, so if you can keep on cutting some time off, you'll catch up (coupled with the speed boosts of Mach 3). On the Third Special Stage, I caught up to the UFO on Mach 2 just by using shortcuts, cutting corners, and collecting some rings - I was very surprised but pleased. Additionally, if you want to get the chaos emeralds and you're not great at the stages, or are struggling to find the big rings - don't quit using the Start Menu if you fail a special stage, but quit the game completely using the PS button (before the results screen comes up), and you'll be able to jump through the ring again (be careful though, you'll only be able to restart from Act 1 of the Zone, but you'll keep all chaos emeralds even ones from Act 2, just like if you got a game over). Sorry that I couldn't be more useful but I've only done the first three special stages (and the first three zones for that matter)
  8. You can get the trophy after completing the final Priority mission and the epilogue, and unlike in ME1 and ME3, the story continues from that point (rather than going back before the final mission)
  9. What is the time (for Gold) for Hot Coco in this version?
  10. I've played Mass Effect 3 since launch, always playing multiplayer to complement my playthroughs (which have usually been once a year, on different accounts). I haven't noticed any real drop in players since about 2014 - I've always been able to join a game, normally with 3 other players on bronze and gold difficulty (haven't tried silver or platinum). As long as you download all of the free DLC, you should be able to still find people - that said with Andromeda coming out, players will be able to get their Mass Effect fix somewhere else - but because of how it ties to the story, you'll normally find people. That said, you don't need to play multiplayer to get the platinum - the only question that requires you to go online (Defender) can be completed on the N7 HQ website.
  11. I'd like to sign up for this. I've currently got: Ratchet and Clank (Vita) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus Ratchet: Deadlocked which I think makes me a Squishy Vanquisher
  12. I've only played on beginner mode, so don't know about other difficulties, but about a gauge and a half. Two drop-me-nots restore you to the full 3 gauges
  13. There are no secret portals (I'm guessing that's what you're referring to, where you refight the bosses) in the World that Never Was as you are sent back to just before there when you load clear data
  14. I'd say the main advice would be to change your commands: Balloonra/Balloonga commands are very good at quick resolutions to battles, alternatively you may simply want to put some Drop-me-nots to be used in your command deck (they restore some of your drop gauge).
  15. The game takes place immediately from the end of the Epilogue (Secret Playable Ending) of Birth by Sleep Final Mix, with Aqua in the Land of Darkness stumbling upon the Castle of Dreams. I don't know if its been confirmed, but its assumed that it will take place (at least most of it will) during Kingdom Hearts 1, as the first three worlds of Birth by Sleep were taken by the Heartless. Aqua will be travelling through the Land of Darkness and see what is left of those worlds; the worlds she once knew.