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  1. Nice, glad to help, especially as an "older" gamer too
  2. Can't say much about the price but over the past two days (from about 09:00 GMT to about 22:00 GMT) in my numerous tries to get a multiplayer match I have not seen one other player at all. Nobody. I think setting up a session here on PSNP could be the only way to grind out those 200 events.
  3. Does anyone have any advice for getting the World Championship events to appear? I've got all the regular championship events won but even after 100s of events the World Championship ones just don't show up on the map. There must be something simple I am missing here.
  4. I know the one you mean and I struggled with it for a while and eventually got it by parking about 20 car lengths back then tethering with a slow retractor to the bridge (through the ring) to the car and then jumping into the car while it retracted through the circle. Took a couple of attempts but it worked.
  5. NOTE: You have to restart the game if you make new friends during a session.
  6. If like me you have no friends with Just Cause 4 and still want the Don't Choke on My Smoke trophy then let's add each other as friends. My PSN username (linked as it will change, thanks Shu!) Mention PSNProfiles when adding. NOTE: You have to restart the game if you make new friends during a session.
  7. Thank you, good to know.
  8. Just back from an away break, how did you get on? Did you pop the trophy?
  9. Are the online races trophies for online races in: Multiplayer | Online Multiplayer | ... or V-Rally Mode | Online Hub | ... The statistics just seem to list the online races I've done in Multiplayer | Online Multiplayer.
  10. This is what confused me when Sly mentioned 6 months before old name disappears.
  11. I can see your profile when searching for Kuro_Ankokuboshi but when I hover over your @PlanetSurvival name and click PSN Profile I get: Presumably it takes a couple of hours before PSN Profiles changes all your PlanetSurvival entries to Kuro_Ankokuboshi ones?
  12. Ahh this is good news, I was under the impression that your original name is permanently tied to your account in some way. This could mean that it is theoretically possible for us to buy names from other users.
  13. Are there any PSNProfiles users who have actually gone through with it yet?
  14. Same here. I was keeping hold of my copy in readiness for getting 100% with some new DLC content but making me play it all again, I'll pass.
  15. As much as I'd love to play this I think I'll hold off until they fix it, here's hoping they do actually get around to it.