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  1. Am I right in thinking it only sends invites out to those in your game currently, because I've only ever had max four people in my games and of course nobody accepts invites.
  2. Thanks for doing this, invite sent. Much appreciated
  3. I finished the little rascal off with a combination of Gravi-Ruff (the black hole one to hold him still) and Celestail (to deal huge damage). Cast them on top of each other and you can bring him down in a few hits.
  4. Indeed someone has unlocked it but in just 1 week and 6 days. Is that physically possible?
  5. Got mine to pop, 3 minutes bang on but I made sure I was constantly painting, just nice slow brushstrokes.
  6. Not unlocking for me either, tried many combinations of places and standing still/painting.
  7. Nice one, this is super-fast.
  8. Worked lovely, thanks for the tip.
  9. This worked perfectly for me, thank you.
  10. Are private lobbies available?
  11. I got to 1,000 by purchasing cars from the showroom in sandbox mode, I found that purchasing cars there was quicker than barns or auctions as three cars always appeared for sale and it was relatively quick to purchase them. I would presume therefore that barns would work too.
  12. Noice! Good to know the kills register still in the invisible mode too.
  13. Thank you this is what I was looking for and worked perfectly. Makes you wonder how many other times we've missed these codes.
  14. Can't agree more, this is just making us endlessly play the same levels over and over again and each time making us hate the game more and more. Well for me anyway. It's not as if there is even a point to replaying the levels, it's purely there to grind out a trophy list. A non-trophy hunter wouldn't bother would they? Like TheScorpi0411 said I think this would've improved massively with a wave mode of some sort.