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  1. Came here to ask this, surely they wouldn't make this so you have to own them all at once especially given the amount of money involved.
  2. Probably a daft question but the counter for the number of rallies raced goes up if you start a race then abandon it. Presumably the wording here of "complete 500 races" means this doesn't count?
  3. Just grinding this out myself now, truly a great way to make you hate a game. If it was 100 or 200 then I might still have enjoyed the game a bit, but pushing me to 500 is just too much to leave a good impression. Now that's off my chest can anyone confirm if it really is all 500 purely in career, i.e. from the map, or can we choose our own from Quick Race?
  4. I’m just holding out for a PS+ release (unless I missed it) and then will try and mop up these multiplayer trophies as there just is nobody playing most of them.
  5. Two people have the platinum now by the look of it. Must be doable.
  6. This is encouraging, I really don't like the idea of that long grind for so much money at the end.
  7. But did you have all the trucks in your garage at once? Is it possible to buy and sell all the trucks one by one and therefore have it register you owned them all at one stage?
  8. Does loading an old save from the cloud not work (unless you're not a PS+ member of course)?
  9. Thanks for the initial heads-up.
  10. YAY! Popped. I hope everyone else got their's too.
  11. Nothing popped yet, I watched the page refresh but nothing happened.
  12. Try pressing L1 or R1 to get to the different bays in the garage.
  13. 2:40 and I was being so cautious as to not crash that I don't think I blinked for the entire time. Fingers crossed! Surely good enough?
  14. I just replayed Act II, for which the trophy didn't pop for me before the update and now it does. It looks from first impressions that the trophies are indeed fixed.
  15. Version 1.02 "Bug fixes and improvements"