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  1. If only I could, I've even given back places in GTS if I felt I overtook unfairly.
  2. It's all about those Lakeshore online playlists I suppose, are they open leaderboards or purely just between a few people?
  3. You're absolutely right, I totally missed that one.
  4. The fact that there isn't a reward to be able to claim to trigger the trophy indicates that it's definitely cheating. EDIT: Turns out there is, totally missed it. Still cheating though
  5. Can you post a link of the stream? It'll make it much easier to identify.
  6. The problem there, at least back when I played it, is the fact that you will get stuck in lobbies with other people AFK and the race will never end. You might get the odd person running, I remember being in races with everyone else AFK and did race around a few times but then you leave and they all just sit there. You could sit there for 8 hours overnight and not earn a thing, which happened to me once. This will be more prevalent now it's hit PS+.
  7. I don't think it does, I have a friend who is playing on PS4 and PS5 at same time and just before collecting the reward that pops the trophy he's saving and swapping systems to make sure it pops on both. I presume from this method he's using that there is no autopop.
  8. Ahh yes, realms are the additions, of course. My mistake. I don't know why I'm panicking and mining and fishing so much these past few days when I've got such a long grind ahead with the other elements. These devs have really hit the sweet spot to get you to log in as much as possible.
  9. Wow, so a year really then. Unless there's large batches in newly added biomes.
  10. Well I stand corrected, it does appear that the Mine Minerals does indeed go up to 1,800. I didn't think it would jump from 800 to 1,800 in one segment. It looks like Dini_at_home_400 is right and indeed it is that unbelievable grind of 1,800 gems/minerals and not just mining the blocks. I can only presume it's a typo and should read items rather than times.
  11. Interestingly there isn't a reward available to claim for the trophy Miner "Claim the reward for the "Mine 1,800 times" task". There's one for mining gems but that doesn't appear to go up to 1,800. Perhaps this one is unachievable at the moment?
  12. I saw many a discussion on discord that mentions changing the time on your console or PC corrupts the game to the point you can't harvest or collect items. I think I'll just wait it out.
  13. Out of interest does anyone know off the top of their head the cost of all the DLC added together?
  14. Does that mean we will hit the 255+ trophy limit again here on PSNP?
  15. I think this is one of the reasons, the other being the breaking of your PSNP account, that is really making me reconsider purchasing this.