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  1. I don't mean to be one of those people but it is easily beatable once you know how to keep the car in optimal revs and flow. I find that the Audi doesn't like heavy braking and acceleration so you need to keep it smooth and flowing between corners even if you feel that you may be going slower. Again I don't mean to be that person but I managed second attempt so it is definitely not glitched. Had to actually beat it twice when finding out career events didn't count. Also take solace in the fact that the events are not that balanced as some of these you can beat by over a minute but this one is admittedly much closer.
  2. Yes.
  3. Some of the events are back in time, they're not necessarily in screen order. Have you gone to the timeline view and scrolled left and right to look for the new event?
  4. I have the deluxe version so could play from last Tuesday. Made sure I started the clubs thing straight away.
  5. I must admit though it was nice to actually have to do it properly rather than cheese donuts for once
  6. I think those eight events are actually eight stages of one event. Of all the trophy hunters I was encountering all their clubs were one stage, and the shortest and quickest stage at that.
  7. Indeed they did mention in the patch notes they’d adjusted the AI, the races were much closer. I actually didn’t notice they changed it in the previous DLC for the gymkhana events I thought it was this version so thanks for correcting that and agreed this event was much harder, I think it took me eight goes too
  8. Definitely. It would at least halve the amount of time needed.
  9. I experimented for hours, leaving the club subtracts from the total however many events you did in that club. I did this by leaving and joining several which I knew I had done more than one event in and watch the total go up and down (even with the event completed or not). In the end to pop the trophy I made sure I joined all the ones I had done the most events in and it popped as soon as I entered the 20th rac (I didn't even have to run it). In the end I left/joined 47 clubs and probably did about 40-50 events. You can keep an eye on the amount in the Online tab of your DriverCard. Give it a go yourself and watch the total go up and down. My suggestion is to join clubs with many members, run the events then leave and do the same for another, that way you're hedging your bets in case one club gets abandoned. Hopefully they change all of this in an update as it is rather daft.
  10. It's not bugged, it popped for me on my 20th race. You need to stay in the clubs that you have participated in, if you leave them it deducts the races you have participated in from the total, yeah daft I know. So you need 20 concurrent races in clubs you stay in. You just need to be lucky in that the three clubs you're allowed to pick keep up with adding events.
  11. Wow, that was quick! Nice one
  12. I remember always turning right at the start and going over the jump, then kept to the outside through drift gates, narrow gates, hitting blocks, and also those targets you hit with the rear of the car, by the time I'd done a full circuit and arrived at the big donut I just made it to X3, even if you are only at X2 once or twice round the donut gets you to X3 and I was getting over 6,000XP I seem to recall per donut. Even with going stale you get 4,000 odd XP. Then just keep doing donuts and you'll sail past 25,000, as long as that multiplier is in the high X2 or just in X3.
  13. Are we sure career events count? I just popped the trophy after completing the 12th event in the Anniversary mode and I had already done most of them in the career mode.
  14. They appeared to have tweaked it so you can't do the endless donuts and get the higher scores in this latest patch. I ran the outside of the course through drift gates and jumps until I hit X3 multiplier and then hit the donut ring to finish. Easily managed over 30,000 doing that.
  15. Just popped it myself and it's definitely the cards with three stars in the top right. I haven't popped it myself but I am presuming the legendary cards are the ones with the three stars.