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  1. You only get around 600-700 miles from career.
  2. I'm on my second playthrough as I missed the devil ending trophy and I really can't wait to finish it, it wasn't worth all this time waiting for it.
  3. According to them it is already fixed internally in the next build, just probably waiting on adding more things to the patch.
  4. Great find! I'm still a touch wary about it corrupting my save though which seem to have happened to numerous people.
  5. Mine was fine pre-patch but now loading the career crashes it. They've said in their Discord that this is actually fixed in the next patch, whenever that is.
  6. Definitely bugged, I'm doing it at same place and it just won't pop. Popped it in a different location. Managed it first time as the three seemed to have a powerful grenade. Screenshot of map and the dark crevice they are hiding in both below, it's in Watson Northside by Offshore St.
  7. It only crashes if you completed every event before the update, a known bug. Apparently fixed in next patch already.
  8. That's the long and the short of it direct from them, yep.
  9. Now even more broken. Career mode crashes immediately and several trophies still haven't unlocked automatically. Their Discord says that the crashing career mode is fixed in the next update.
  10. This was on their Discord regarding crashing on PS5: "BONUS NOTE - Regarding crash reports on PlayStation 5, we recommend that players attempt to play the game following the release of this update. Whilst rigorous tests and checks have suggested that this is resolved in Update 2.00, we do not have full confirmation just yet - hence why it isn't in the patch notes. We'll monitor this very closely as soon as the update is available."
  11. Sony themselves haven't even enabled them on yet, and that was recently redesigned with rectangular images. At least not for me anyway.
  12. PS4 version including all trophies worked fine for me and never crashed once, PS5 version is shocking in comparison.
  13. Just to add how much of the map I discovered doing everything for the platinum in over 133 hours:
  14. I managed it in about a week and a half, it was fun to play but burned me out. I think I logged around 110 hours-ish. Mind you that was skipping every cut-scene and about 10 hours of that was the darned fishing! I only went so fast because I wanted to finish it before unboxing my PS5, that was the incentive I suppose
  15. It's not quite as useful as PSNProfiles of course but I did enjoy comparing with my friends. Would be good if there was a way to see your PSN friends here on PSNProfiles easily, unless I am missing something somewhere.