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  1. YAY! Thank you! Nice to finally be back and running. Much appreciated.
  2. Old: ankertw New: ankeuk Thank you!
  3. Should we log out and try and log in under our new names or is constantly refreshing our trophy pages in the hope the gold premium icon appears good enough?
  4. Today my old PSN ID suddenly became trophyless/private here on PSNProfiles and my new one is up but doesn't belong to my PSNProfiles account. Presumably this is because all your backend is catching up. Hopefully all will catch up this coming few days. One question though: Will the login name for PSNProfiles (my old PSN ID) change to my new PSN ID too and I'd log in with that?
  5. Thanks for the walkthrough, you've got yourself a new subscriber.
  6. Anyone wanting to get the elephant trophy now just add me (ankertw) and we'll get it together. Trophy achieved but if desperate drop me a friend request and I'll let you jump on my head if I'm about
  7. Nice to see this thread resurrected. I would definitely pay for an app as this site is just unusable on mobile due to so much zooming and panning about to comfortably see/click on anything.
  8. You only need to uninstall I think if you played it on 1.03 first so that you get back to 1.00.
  9. Thanks for this, I was sure I would never bother trying to platinum this but you've helped me out really easily. Thanks again!
  10. YAY! Thank you.
  11. Darn, just finished game and saved with 1.03. Presumably following this now is a waste of time? Anyone know if it works?
  12. I found that the couple of those that flew at me all missed because I was just going from side to side constantly and spraying the entire outpost in bullets and missiles, never sit still.
  13. Are you holding down square rather than just tapping it to start the drift? It helps to never let go of the accelerator too, just tap square once and it'll start drifting.
  14. Grab the Elite helicopter, fly over to the Signal Outpost and let off a few shots so they see you and call backup. Then after about 15 seconds when they're all gathered press R3 for Wrath and let loose with missiles and the machine gun all over the outpost. Trophy popped for me in about a third of the wrath meter. Simple.