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  1. It's entirely optional. If you want to autopop you just have to import your PS4 save at the main menu.
  2. What about this?
  3. Thanks for this, these new settings worked perfectly.
  4. You sir, are a legend, thank you very much indeed for figuring/finding this out. Many kudos to you my friend. Wow, even better, thank you for finding this too. Great teamwork the pair of you
  5. I'm up to the point in the village after skipping over the out of bounds. I can get her cheesed in that photomode and halfway up the purple wall but getting her out of cheese and into a new higher jump is proving taxing. This is the point I'm talking about - Going to call it a night and try again with a fresh head tomorrow.
  6. This speedrun shows the glitch to get to the Rot God as quickly as possible but boy is there a lot of processes!
  7. Same here, fraction too early and it either just loads or I get a black screen. If I wait a fraction too long and either the load game is greyed out or it still loops. Ahh interesting. I was loading my Rot Grove checkpoint. This would be interesting to know too.
  8. I'm on PS5 too, I've tried much earlier and much later and still nothing. There must be another difference somehow. Are you loading from Story Mode to Master? Just so we're super clear. 1. Triangle and Pause at same time. 2. Unpause. 3. Pause again as it's fading to black. 4. Load Master Difficulty. Are these purely the only steps?
  9. It just loops the cutscene and doesn't reach the KENA text on black screen. Most telling is the lack of the skip button in the bottom left right. The only positive I can think of is that I'm finding it hard to match the exact level of fade to black, I either get it slightly too little or too much. It must be an exact frame thing.
  10. Same here, I get the constant loop too, I think I agree too that this is literally one frame you have to hit.
  11. I can definitely get it to glitch out and get the end cutscene to play over the top of the game whilst it's still playing but the skip function is not coming up, you can just hear her jumping in the background. I think you are either supremely lucky or the window to pause and load is down to the microsecond.
  12. Looks like they fixed the 600pp Tomahawk.
  13. I just wanted to thank you, especially given the time in Hungary, for updating this post so we don't have to necessarily log in each day. Much appreciated.
  14. Anyone else come across a bug where the Aqua Beads III, found when cleansing the Kappagaike Torii Gate, are missing? EDIT: Solved. It was as simple as missing these beads at another gate, It turns out they are I, II, and III versions depending on the order you cleanse the gates. I got the III at another gate that went against all the guides I read.
  15. I'm convinced it's a menu. I always found it odd that it ended at Menu No.39.