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  1. More than disappointed here too, deleted straight away and straight on eBay. No way I'm bothering firing that up again. Didn't even bother trying all the cars or tracks this time around either.
  2. Yup, that threw me, it didn't used to do that. It was saving the first race and was ok went I went back in to complete the rest. Finally popped the trophy after completing one more full event. I had over 20 objectives before the update, it seemed earning another set from another event kicked it in.
  3. Just tried to do some challenge events and it kicks me back to the career menu after the first race, can't do the other two/three races to complete the event. The menu at the bottom of the challenge career screen is a bit garbled up too, some buttons just have "0" next to them.
  4. That's actually a really good point, I'm pretty sure the trophies have to work to pass QA to get onto the store.
  5. No mention of trophies or the career. Has anyone noticed any of the other glitched trophies being silently fixed in this new update? Update 1.5.4 Console Update Patch Notes
  6. I was holding off buying the Season Pass to see if there were any new associated trophies. I am very disappointed as I really wanted to play those new maps but the idea of no trophies means I'll pass on it for now.
  7. This worked perfectly, thank you. A quick race and by the end of the first straight it popped
  8. Is Destruction Derby glitched too? Even though around 18% of people have it I can't for the life of me destroy the car no matter what I hit and and what speed. How did anyone pop theirs?
  9. Nice one, added a quick reply to help it get more posts in the vain hope the devs read it.
  10. I reported them to their support bug submission page:
  11. This doesn't really fill me with hope.
  12. Ahh that's interesting. Presumably they'll put it back again in a future update.
  13. The only PSNProfiles user with Smooth Flow is @Loser182Kid (can't seem to make this an auto call) and hopefully they see this and can let us know how/when it popped. At the time of writing they only have a few trophies so this must've popped really early.
  14. Thanks, that popped it.
  15. It's On a Budget that's glitched for me. I've completed many races with no damage at all and this won't pop for me. Unless I'm doing something wrong as it's quite a high percentage trophy?