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  1. might want to name your guild if you want people to join it.
  2. I think the review is oke, but i would have loved to hear atleast something about the trophies in the review. I personally liked this game and i loved the minimalist trophy however i wasn't to happy with collectibles. For me the collectibles held me back abit from just playing it casual and enjoying the game in its pure form. I feel like to enjoy this game fully you need to let trophies go for a while and just take it slow, enjoying the fun way of exploring the world. (doesn't mean im not going to stack the trophy lists 😋)
  3. For me its been PS4 games that didn't show up in the right order, they were all games i had started allready long ago. Wich games / trophies are hidden i haven't found out yet. For some reason Gone Home (one of my later played games)got up top to the top agian. but has dissapeared from the top again now that i updated my profile again with some new added trophies.
  4. same problem here, my newly updated games dont come in the correct order. I Also for some reason have been getting "random" numbers of hidden trophies. this afternoon it was 2, then 4 and 10 now its 102 hidden trophies.