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  1. I know that, after I've tried so many things it seems that it doesn't work. I even got a response from ubi and posted it on their forum. So to whoever wants to 100% this game no that it's impossible.
  2. I think I have a couple that I'm proud of, some were just grindy and some were actually hard. You're the disease, I'm the cure Broforce ohhh boy this one required some patience to get but it was a fun challenge I Am the God of Hell Fire Flame Over Same thing as the Broforce one, a lot of patience and luck Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Grand Theft Auto IV This stupid thing with it's stupid list...took way too much time, luckily I had a great boosting partner. Fly The Co-op Grand Theft Auto IV Never have I ever carried people so hard in my life, I'm not kidding I helped 5 different people get this trophy. The problem was none of them were competent, none of them wanted to learn the best routes, I'll give credit to one of them who learned everything fast and was helpful. The Curtain Falls Batman Arkham Knight Boy oh boy, Usually I'm a pretty chill person and I never rage quit, but this DLC pack broke me. To a point I scratched a really small part of my forehead a bit too hard. What's more funny is that after I gave up, on the very next day, after 15 minutes of trying I got the darn thing.
  3. @AK-1138 Good sir I take my hat off to you, this was just beautiful! I wish I could give you a platinum for that post alone. Plus as someone who knows the BANE that is this atrocious MP mode, doing most of it (somehow) alone, I can understand the pain you endured and the wonderful feeling you must have had beating that godawful thing.
  4. Just to give an update after this advice but still it doesn't work: 1)I deleted my save (backing it up of course, don't want to lose stats towards the 100K line clears). 2)Unlinked my U-play account and re-link it through the game itself. 3)Create a new U-play account and link IT to my main account instead. 4)Used an alt-account on psn and played a few rounds with it, both on marathon mode and endless mode. 5)after waiting a bit I used my main account, with a fresh save, after renewing the licenses. After all this still nothing...I'm starting to lose hope. I went as far as deleting all of my friends entirely while leaving only 4 people on my list and one of them is my alt. I found a player on a different site that got the trophy in September of 2019, plus I saw that some people on the vita version got the trophy not too long ago, the last person got it around November of 2019. The feature of challenges must still work but I can't figure out what's the issue for me.
  5. I went as far as deleting more people, I used to have 100 people went down to 40 and then went down to 18 as of right now. The Tetribot Issue is solvable with the deletion of friends that is true I can confirm it myself. BUT and it's a big but the challenge feed problem still persists, maybe I should delete most people with the game on their list?
  6. if some people got it in 2018 while the last update was on 2015 there should still be a way
  7. Just like the title suggests I would like to bring up this known issue again. As of today I myself having been working on and off to get this stupid feature to work to no avail. I've tried to contact Ubisoft on their forum, Twitter and the ticket system they have for technical issues, I even went out and tried to send an e-mail to the developers but still no response. Do you think they'll address this issue? Should we band together until they do something about it? Or for the slightest of chances does anybody know of a fix? To those who have started the game or are unaware of the issue there are two badges connected to the challenges system, they basically want you to beat 5 challenges from friends. For some reason a lot of players don't get challenges to show up (personally I think this issue has haunted me for 2+ years). This in-turn makes one of the trophies, "High Score!" unattainable at the moment. The last person to get this trophy was @banvru and he tried to help me. Anyway feel free to share your thoughts and maybe we should bug Ubi until they do something.
  8. I won't do it for every game but if I really loved the game I'll do it to support the creators, sometimes I go out of my way and buy a physical version or buy it on multiple platforms. Another reason I might do it is to revisit old games, a separate trophy list is an added bonus of course. My last reason is that darn itch I must scratch, this I definitely don't do for every series of games but I would like to have all the trophies for all the games on all platforms for some games. I'm actually on my way to do so in the Assassin's Creed series. I swear to god I'm not an addict... well maybe a little bit...please send help
  9. About the patch thing, I didn't try to delete it but yes it's true if you delete it you will be set back to level 1. Someone pointed it out previously so be careful about it, of course if you are not too deep in the grind and you can get the TRIPLE EXP to work GO FOR IT, but be sure to have a backup just in case . About the question regarding the network workaround, from my memory (it was almost a year ago after all) it was a simple as my "guide" stated. I don't think I did anything different the what I stated above in my comment. Sorry for the delayed response, hope it helps or I hope you already got the trophy by now.
  10. I try to follow this rule set as much as possible but life has it's way with things. Anyways my rule set goes like this: -Strive for 100%, DLCs and all (although I will never be able to do that, looking at you Dragon Fin Soup and Tetris Ultimate) -Do not hide your trophies! -It's okay to go for common or popular games, but try and make your list as unique as possible with hard, rare and challenging games. -Easy games are okay, but they are merely pallet cleansers not rank boosters. Everybody needs an easy win from time to time. -Stacking is okay but not with easy games i.e OllieOllie 2 is a good stack, Jak and Jill is a bad stack. -Go for the games you love. -Don't be afraid to try new games even if the list is daunting. -Avoid Multiplayer trophies as much as possible! -When boosting and going for mp trophies, try to make friends and hunting partners. -This one is pretty new but...try to make every milestone special. -If possible get the whole game series list completed back to back, bonus points if you can go for stacks as well. (Did the GOW series not too long ago and now I'm working on the AC series) -Try to avoid a huge backlog. This one is a WIP for me 😅. The last and most IMPORTANT rule is: At the end of the day this is a hobby and these are games, you should be having fun and not getting consumed by it. Some people here have great rules, some I might even take and add to my list, and I hope I gave other inspiration or ideas as well. 😄 Happy Hunting!
  11. I actually aim to do the same sets lol. Did Ratchet way back it was pretty fun besides the online stuff.
  12. As much as I'd love to have a 100% profile it's not my goal due to two main reasons. The first being that it's impossible for me, I have Dragon Fin Soup which has a max percent of 80% due to couple of glitched trophies and also Tetris Ultimate that seems to have an issue with one trophy. The other reason is I cared less about it over the years, now I strive (if possible) to complete game sets or ultra rare trophies and plats (with some easy ones from time to time). i.e working currently to have all 25 assassin's creed trophy sets (I don't count one because I don't have a vita). I actually did this kind of marathon not too long ago with God of War. But at the end of the day you do you, and all I can say is good luck with that 100% profile.
  13. It actually worked, what a stupid solution. Had to delete over 100 people. But now I’m missing the challenge feed.
  14. Hey there I've posted the previous post, I was wondering if you found a solution. I hit the same wall as you, UBI is no help with their copy paste answer and just like you said the method mentioned in my post doesn't help. BTW can you see your friends tetri bots? Oh and on a side note, apparently the game is no longer in the store, at least in my country and I saw two more players from different places claim the same thing.
  15. Oh sorry didn’t mean to break any rules. I tried to search for it in the sessions and didn’t find it but it must be because I haven’t booted it up. Thank you for pointing it out for me.