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  1. I'm just waiting for them to add squad wins counting before I seriously try. I'm sure these forums will burn if it becomes that easy to get Infallible. "MY PRECIOUS ULTRA RARE!"
  2. I'm honestly running out of popcorn 😅
  3. I guess all these have the same value, there's no number to distinguish between them. But if there were, it might be shown in a convenient location near the trophy. If it was on psnprofiles I'd definitely put it to the left of the trophy icon, with a percent sign for added flare. But that's just wacky.
  4. Bruh don't even right now, the 3 paid vs title update trophies in DBD kill me. especially when a "free" trophy is bullshit without a perk from a bought character 😑
  5. I'd more compare it to emeralds, but yeah its gonna be rough
  6. i just installed the update and I don't see any new trophies? Or maybe the update to the game and the update to the trophy list are pushed out at different times
  7. Of course I travel for work and it comes back up. One of these times...
  8. As of 8:22am EST its not back up. It may have gone back to once a month, but i can confirm its not back to once a week unfortunately. I guess we wait and see.
  9. According to a friend of mine, when the game was more active it was every Tuesday, which he elected to tell me today 🙁
  10. Can anyone who contacted WB confirm it will be back to its normal schedule? What kind of sick monster brings an online service back on only for one day!?