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  1. Working through the game again, did the one Ultimate I thought I missed, still nothing. Only other possibility is if I did a certain character's Ultimate only one time and it ended up happening during one of the many times the game crashed for me and thus didn't keep track of it. Otherwise this Orgy of Power trophy seems to be stuck for me. Hope I don't do this whole Mastermind playthrough and still can't get it.
  2. Yeah, Mysterion's second shouldn't count, but I've done both of his anyway. So I don't know which ultimate I'm missing, oh well. Akatsuki, it should be okay as long as you pick mastermind when the game asks at the first fight.
  3. Having trouble with the ultimate powers one. I Can recall seeing them all except for Craig solo one, but I've finished the game so now all I can get him to do is the one that involves Tweak.
  4. Two or three blue error crashes and a few where I'd finish a fight and the game would just hang. Very buggy experience for me.
  5. Didn't take much. Did maybe 3 online conquests total to reach the rank I needed.
  6. The blue things that are everywhere
  7. I have completed a limbo level so many times without touching the bar. No trophy. Anyone else?
  8. So I got gold medals in all, and trackmastered a few, of the tracks available in the beta. I just played the full game for the first time, won another gold, and got the "1 down, 199 to go" trophy. The name of that trophy must have kind of triggered the thought in my head, is the progress going to reflect accurately, since the full game immediately showed the 12 beta tracks with the medals I already earned? Would NOT be a fun game to get all the way to the end and realize the count was off. Would anyone say it's worth the chance of deleting save file and just having to do those simple early medals again? I'd rather have 12 tracks to do over again instead of dozens. Or is this all server side? Would the game just give me my medals back even if I delete save etc?
  9. Clever way to celebrate the day. Was working on Chivalry but my boosting partner had to go, so only managed to get through Trine 3.
  10. Thank you, yes, I ended up finding a YouTube video that described this very method and as far as I can tell, this one still seems to work. So I may have misunderstood the way my friend initially described it to me, I hadn't been getting up to top speed before warping to HQ.
  11. Strange. Myself and someone else who I told about it both reported to each other that we can't get a mileage increase. I certainly hope it's not gone.
  12. Trophy guide on here talks about demo driving while you're waiting in a PVP lobby. I entered a lobby by myself and didn't see the option for demo mode. Someone informed me that it should work with driving in HQ as well, so I just did demo drive in there for about 5 minutes, and when I checked my mileage afterwards, it hasn't changed. Might have to abandon this platinum, been playing this game like crazy and my most used card has 850miles. 5000 my @&%.
  13. 7.50 on PS Store right now. Hard to tell just from glancing at the trophies, can a good boosting session help with the MP trophies? Does the matchmaking make it easy to get into a room with the people you intend to be with? Or is it one of those frustrating games where you can't escape having randoms in the room, etc. Also how painful is the leveling up? Looks like one trophy requires level 60.
  14. A few of us just had a boosting session to get it. Worked for everyone using the laser for triple kills.
  15. Yeah good point. That's what I've been envisioning doing if I could get a few people to help, just ask them to all stay in the same spot for the air raid kill or just use the laser. Scheduled a gaming session for tonight but didn't get any joiners so far. Just working my way towards 1000 kills too. All I need is the 3 friend challenges one, splash damage, and 1000 kills. I feel like I've beat plenty of challenges from the one person on my friends list who has the game and that one hasn't popped yet either.