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  1. Hey everyone, I am based in Australia and was wondering if anyone could tell me some great games that can only be purchased from the NA or JP PlayStation store to pass the time during self-iso. I am looking for good quality games with great trophy lists too. Hit me with what you got!
  2. Anyone know a good place to farm this trophy that I am missing? Not sure of the best place to grind this one out. Thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone know a good place to farm this trophy that I am missing? Not sure of the best place to grind this one out. Thanks in advance!
  4. Seriously have almost reached my limit with this trophy. I think i'm only missing about 5 abilities now in total, with Cat Call being one of them. It feels like they know i'm trying to find it and therefore have made it impossible for me to find in my hundreds of motherboxes i've opened or as a reward for the ability Multiverse events. EDIT: Finally got it. Farmed the ability reward multiverse events and after my third try in that session i got it. Thank all the Gods.
  5. Can anyone who's played the game so far give their thoughts on the list? From an outsider's perspective it doesn't look too difficult. Maybe a bit grindy with the 100 episodes? What's everyone's general opinion?
  6. In the end i deleted the game and didn't reinstall the patch, and that made it pop. That was a while ago though so hopefully you have some luck with it.
  7. I have tried this and got the block more than once and it still didn't pop
  8. I'm really struggling with this trophy. I have completed the tutorial and drill in the Skills Trainer and have tried using a 99ovr roster and i just can't seem to get this trophy. Whenever i attempt to run for the kicker i'm getting blocked and don't have enough time to get the block. Does anyone have any helpful tips for getting this trophy? Thanks, in advance.
  9. I didn't think to change the region filter to open. I'm in Australia so perhaps there's not as much traffic on the Oceania server as there are on the EU/UK for example. Thanks for the help, guys.
  10. As the title suggests, i struggle terribly finding a game in Operations. I haven't found a game and have been playing the game for almost a week. Am i searching in the wrong mode? The wrong time? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Anyone know how to trigger the DedSec events? I know that i have done one of them but just haven't seen another spawn yet. Was this something that was going to be rolled out once the multiplayer was stable again?
  12. I can't seem to trigger this mission. I don't know where to find it or what i'm supposed to do for it. Any help would be appreciated. I found it. Nevermind.
  13. I saw that the Banshee was causing people problems. I'm assuming the issue is that when you scan the Banshee it doesn't count towards the trophy? I managed to do that one without issue thankfully. So i managed to get it to pop. I deleted the game again, and this time i didn't install the patch which somehow led to the trophy unlocking when i attempted it again.
  14. I've deleted and re-installed the game. I deleted my saves and it still hasn't worked. This sucks that a trophy that should be almost an automatic unlock has glitched.
  15. Yeah it's my last trophy to unlock for the campaign. I've left it for quite some time and it still hasn't unlocked. I think i might try re-installing the game and see if that has any affect on it.