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  1. Yes, that's what I mean. Don't know for how many days but let's give it a try
  2. I know about the gaming sessions, but what I'm talking about is a little bit different. I'll have my Ps4 up and running for 2-3 days, and if popular maybe longer. What I don't like about the online is that you can only play when you're friend is online. So yes, it's a gaming session, but a little bit more than that
  3. Hey guys, I don't know if anyone is interested in this idea, but from now on I'll have my PS4 up and running as a server. So just add me and feel free to drop in any time. My psn: trickypictures
  4. Yes, alphabetical order. Oh, and maybe a filtering option: PS3, PS4 and Vita guides. And maybe a personal guide advisor? It will advise an available guide of a game you have based on your preferences: Duration or difficulty etc. I'm just throwing with ideas here
  5. I really like the guides and the way they look. It's all very clear and it's easy to look up a specific trophy. There is already a sort function for popular guides. But I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add a sort function for Difficulty, Playthroughs and the ammount of hours since those 3 things are above every guide.
  6. Yep, turned out to be quite easy. I just couldn't find my own stream on the internet Thanks for the help guys
  7. If I'm streaming a game, can only other PS4 users watch it? Or is there a way that you can watch the stream on a computer?
  8. I started playing this game after reading this post a few days ago and I really like. I just need some friends for this game so please add me if you're playing. Thanks Username: trickypictures
  9. Very nice update, I love it. Appearently my top month was June 2012 (643 trophies) Maybe it's an idea to get a graph with ps3/psvita/multiplatform trophies? Just like the one with the games
  10. Yup, this should work. Just don't forget to deactivate your friends ps3
  11. Only the first 2 activated systems will be able to play to dlc content. So when you get your ps3 back, you will need to deactivate the third ps3 in order to play the dlc on the fixed ps3