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  1. Any trophy where the company died or shut down their servers. RIP Marvel Heroes Omega
  2. I'd say to find a couple weapon types that you like and primarily stick with them. The more you use them, the more they will skill up. I think each weapon type has different bonuses when you increase your proficiency with them. Also, I think each class specializes in certain weapons. Lilith specializes in SMGs and elemental, Mordecai specializes in sniper rifles and pistols, Roland specializes in combat rifles and shotguns, and Brick specializes in punching things in the face and explodey, heavy weapons. Not sure if you're into it, but playing in a group will get you better loot drops, more xp, and help you kill things that you're having trouble with.
  3. Arcanist runes and the misplaced writings are one time finds, but if you lost track of the ones you've found, you can start another character and any you re-find will add to your count
  4. I haven't gotten too far into the game yet, but it's one of my favorite VR games. The aim controller looks stupid, but it really immerses you into the game. I really loved actually looking through the sight to aim the gun instead of pressing a button to do so. Batman VR was a pretty good experience. I think the only problem I had with it was throwing batarangs. I'm probably just bad at throwing them, but they tended to lock onto the wrong targets. Also RE7 is great in VR. It can get SUPER creepy! Unfortunately, I found out that I can't use the fluid turns, so I stuck with the 30 degree increments. It kind of sucks when running away from enemies since I panic and forget about the instant 180 degree turn lol.
  5. Hmm..that's weird. I guess it took a whole day for it to update correctly. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, I finished collecting all 20 clues for The Twins for "The Tale of the Two Sisters" trophy, but I just noticed that it never unlocked. I went and checked the Status & Collectibles menu and all the clues are there. Am I going to have to start a New Game in order to unlock this? Or is something I can do to get it to unlock? Thanks in advance!
  7. Welcome!
  8. Thanks everyone! Your comments are much appreciated. Time to start working on those plats!
  9. Hey everyone, I created my account about a week ago, but just noticed this thread and thought I'd introduce myself. I've always been interested in trophies/achievements, but felt awkward/out of place since none of my friends felt the same way about them. Not to mention all the internet trolls mocking trophy hunters. It was nice to finally find a place where others share my attitude toward trophies (at least, from what I could tell). Feel free to add me, but please add "PSNP" to the request to clarify things.
  10. PSN: shimosabe Curently Playing: - Destiny: The Taken King - Guitar Hero: Live - Diablo 3 - Tales from the Borderlands - Final Fantasy Type-0 I decided to retire my old PSN account and create a new one (which explains my low trohpy level-ness). Feel free to add me, but please mention "PSNP" in the friend request just to clarify things.