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  1. i’d have to say uncharted or assassins creed. played a little bit of assassins creed and found it so hard to play and understand. and i played through all of one uncharted game and found the story boring. i do plan on giving uncharted another go eventually because so many people love it
  2. looking for recommendations for a new ps3 game to try, please let me know if you have any! <3

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    2. Paramnesiac86


      Final Fantasy XIII

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      The Saboteur and the Uncharted trilogy,

    4. jadethecelestial


      thank you so much everyone for the suggestions!! going to look into a few of these!!

  3. i remember when i played this years ago this was the hardest trophy for me, so glad i dont have to do it again haha
  4. I love the life is strange series, however I really think they're making a mistake making these episodes so far apart. I picked up 1 and before the storm after they were all released but I had faith in life is strange 2. The game doesn't really stick in your mind before playthroughs. The release for episode 3 took me by surprise and I was so keen to play it I didn't replay episodes 1 and 2, but I had forgot about A LOT of the small details (which is what I enjoyed the most about the other 2 games) in the time it took. I know this will happen between August and December too. Now maybe that's my fault for not realising and replaying before the 3rd episode was released, but I lost a lot in terms of what I enjoyed about the other life is strange games in the loss of the small details. I really think square enix should keep it to 1-2 months between episodes so people stay interested, this is a mammoth story and I worry things will get lost unless the game is constantly replayed before a new episode is out!
  5. i've decided to start watching game of thrones, so i'm on episode 5 of season 1!
  6. i really enjoyed the super monkey ball games on ps2, i really think they could add a lot more to that now!
  7. i finally ended up caving and buying detroit become human. ideally i wanted to pay less than £20 (which is my price for most games) but couldn't resist it at £23!
  8. i don't like them because i'm not a fan of online games. eg gta online and rdr2 online don't appeal to me at all because they're more fun with friends. and i don't have any friends haha i especially hate how rdr2 and gta5 have loads on online trophies. it's put me off playing the actual games because my completion looks awful
  9. i feel like i've posted on here before but i didn't see it when i skimmed through. one of my favourite singers is called emmy the great, i was trying to decide what went well with jade and the almighty was the only thing that sounded good, so it's been my thing for online ever since
  10. ah yes, i now have the money to drop on everything i’m not sure i want. i don’t even own my own ps4 because i can’t afford it. i bought my first ps3 about 4/5 years ago. the ps4 i use is my flatmates so buying games for it isn’t something i do very often, especially for what i consider to be quite a lot of money
  11. good to know. thanks!!!
  12. just wanna say i picked up 2.8 and i know it's a remake of a 3ds but dream drop distance is the most disappointing thing i have EVER had to look at on a ps4. the sound isn't a high quality (it is REALLY muffly when fighting) the voice acting is dull as anything and the fighting is ridiculously. so if that's what i've got to look forward to in kh3 i'm really not going to bother haha
  13. Well..... I just found 2.8 online for £18. I'll try that first and then maybe try 3! Thank you everyone! Fingers crossed 2.8 will be as enjoyable as the other games have been for me!!
  14. It's literally just the cost of 2.8 that's really putting me off. I've always felt like the remasters are a bit of a joke price wise but my friend who played dream drop distance on DS (again, I never owned a 3DS so missed out on this completely) said the whole thing was a bit jarring and difficult to do and the birth by sleep fragmentary passage makes it sound like it will be really short. It's just not something I can justify spending like £40 right now however much I'd love to! This is really helpful. I'm trying to avoid videos on it because I'm still not sure if I'll pick it up, so from what other people have told me I've heard bad things about the gummi ship! I loved the twilight town into the first time but playing through for like the 15th time it's really tiresome. I was mostly excited about the Tangled world, and a few people who've played it have told me that everything feels a little overshadowed by Frozen, like the whole world had more time put into it. I can see why considering that they announced the game/frozen world when frozen was at it's hype but it's a bit off putting for me. Kind of feels like they're selling out to get more people to play because of Frozen haha That's really helpful, thank you! I haven't bought too many recently released games. The only one I've played recently is RDR2 (which I'm currently working through) and that is worth the money to me (although I didn't buy it haha) and with the prices of games now it's really important that games are actually worth the money you pay. Maybe I'll eventually get 2.8 and THEN 3. Yikes that'll be a good £100
  15. So I want to start this off by saying I have been a MASSIVE kingdom hearts fan for about 13/14 years. I haven’t until recently played Birth by sleep (because of the multiple consoles I can’t afford to own) I’ve looked at the trophy list for this and yeah it doesn’t look too bad. I’ve heard people saying it’s too easy, the gummi missions are just as ridiculous as they’ve always been, the cutscenes are painfully long (even for a kingdom hearts game) and there’s an overfocus on frozen. Also, is there really no square enix characters in this game?! Considering I really don’t have the money to splurge on this (or 2.8 which I still want to play also!) Is this game ACTUALLY worth getting? I would wait for it to decrease in price but from experience Kingdom Hearts games don’t price drop much! I know most of you will obviously say yes (because you’ve been playing it) but is it actually worth having waited 6 years or so?? Interested to hear others thoughts