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  1. Thank you for the info, that's sad
  2. Hi, I got all the multiplayer trophies of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelation, Battlefield 4 and 1942 and Call of Duty Black ops 3 (PS3 version). I still don't have the Platinum of BO3 because i miss one trophy of the zombie mode that consists of the PaP on round 1. I'll get It someday.
  3. Hi everyone, how do you get the ingredients for the 3 final Jobs obtainables through alchemy? The record enciclopedia Is the last trophy i need and somehow i still don't have enough ingredients that are required to start the fusion and i don't even know how to "trade" items like i've seen wrote in some guides. Sorry for the poor english and thanks for any help
  4. if you find it out, i would be interested in knowing if the servers are still up. Evem if i don't own the game i would love to 100% this tetris game and i would have to find out a way to get the game.
  5. Hi guys. I was wondering which challenges I have to complete for this trophy. I mean, does the trophy require ALL challenges, dark ops included? Because if it's like that I shouldn't care about challenges before the first prestige because there is a dark ops that require to reset your stats with fresh start. Someone here knows something about that topic? Maybe someone that has already plat it. Thanks mates.