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  2. @rolltideroll157 Saints Row: The Third Remastered
  3. Yes! I love trophies but this game is fun! Overwatch/Dead by Daylight/... Well, I only back to play online games even if I earned my platinum. The first time I play the game I enjoy it I listen to the soundtrack and I read all the text if I finished the story I look to the trophies. To be honest the good about trophies it's fun and lvling my profile it's important to have a goal in your life till when we play for fun? just a waste of Fun + Goals it's a very great feeling. The bad thing about trophies won't let me back to my fav games like in PS1/PS2 because trophies make me feel I'm done with that game I did everything in that game. I'm happy to buy more versions of my fav games again I cant wait to play Odin Sphere again Asia version 1 more Plat.
  4. Thank you for joining us ^-^ its k sometimes we get busy with real-life stuff so no worries The important thing that's we never give up in our goals no matter what.💮
  5. @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko Thank you for the beautiful event! I enjoyed it !! 🌸thank you to all who work in this event 🌸
  6. omg I need to buy this fast I'm waiting for this game 😭 I think this trophy needs a good skill Reach Platinum 1 rank in COM Battle. grinding trophy maybe taking a long time Get the moogle to the highest level
  7. Just checked your profile and I see your birthday is today sooooooo happy birthday

  8. (The Turing Test) Good, you pass the test
  9. Odin Sphere/ AS Ver
  10. Professional survivor
  11. Minecraft
  12. Grindy Trophies 😢 example like black ops 3 I feel like I have no life at all...