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  1. Professional survivor
  2. Minecraft
  3. Grindy Trophies 😢 example like black ops 3 I feel like I have no life at all...
  4. Supercar Challenge
  5. Detective Gallo 👍
  6. I play boring games and good games just to collect trophies but I buy the boring games when there a good deal very cheap discount, I will not waste my money buying games I don't like with $40+ I search for games by myself I don't like the kind of people only chasing good graphics games. I only care about platinum my favorite games, but I don't have time to play all my beautiful games, while I'm busy with work and family I play the easy platinum games to save my time and Leveling up my precious profile. when I have free time I play my favorite games. I like to discover new games and unknown companies it's so fun to find a beautiful game by yourself no one telling you about that game, making a trophy guide for that unknown game more enjoyable.
  7. Hi, guys, I'm scared to try vita stacks ... everyone doing that method I keep hearing it's fine and because the first players in the world doing that method but I'm scared I want to do it but there is no proof its  Legal one.. I can't risk, my user, I don't follow ppl I need a proof that its legal method I try to contact twitter support they gave me a list of third party rules.. they don't give me a good answer .. when I asked if that's legal or not they don't reply.. 

    I want to play my games too but I need proof please if anyone can show me good proof.

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    2. Naomie_Len


      True very commonly but I can't find any proof if it's not against Playstation rules to use more than one account with that method.


      just trust your gut. :) 

      Thank you I will 😇

    3. DaivRules



      but I can't find any proof if it's not against Playstation rules to use more than one account with that method


      It IS against Sony's terms to even *have* more than one account and to have an account from a region outside of where you live. It's right in the Terms of Service. No one from Sony has enforced or will likely enforce it though, as you haven't seen it enforced on even this highest profile players. You're never going to get anyone from Sony to tell you it's "legal" (not in the against an actual law but in the "allowed" sense).

    4. Naomie_Len


      okay, thank you for the answer ^-^

  8. You are very welcome !! 😇 Dance never Dies💃 Ultra Rare hero!!
  9. Call of honor using sniper like a pro soldier😂
  10. Hahaha then go for it 😂 Ghost of Tsushima❤️
  11. Okayo Thank you for the answer!!
  12. Wow, I lovee this!! my first time joining an event here I love the banner and the team's name so pretty! Sign me up please I don't know if I should bring my friends here but I prefer to join any team that will be welcoming me with them I'm not sure if my friends having a free time I will try to finish all my work before Aug it's my birthday month😍 I can make a free logo for my team I'm planning to plat Kingdom hearts games and black ops 3.