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  1. Ah ok, my bad. I skimmed through the topics quickly but didn't see that one.
  2. Just a heads up that I think this bug might also affect the "I know the way!" trophy for doing all the shortcuts. I got hit with the Global Save corruption thing literally right as I was about to challenge my final Oxide ghost and had to redo all my time trials yesterday. Then when I went to get the all shortcuts trophy, (I was only missing Blizzard Bluff) "I know the way" didn't unlock and I had to redo all the other shortcuts again to get it to pop. Not really a big deal but it had me worried for a second and I thought it was worth mentioning incase it happens to anyone else. (It'll be patched soon anyways at least)
  3. Thanks for this - I had managed to beat all of them except for 6-4 which was giving me a lot of trouble for some reason and the video was a big help.
  4. It's definitely not 20 hours, I started breach last night and just got the platinum a few minutes ago. Maybe 7-10 hours? You don't need to get the highscores/speedruns etc, just beat the levels. I didn't bother doing any of the darknet missions other than the first one. (And you can definitely get the trophies without spending real money on anything) It's a really boring mode though...not sure what they were thinking.
  5. I guess for the people talking about Raiden's pause exploit, it's maybe worth noting that Super Meat Boy has a couple of small exploits too. You can quit a level before dying and it won't count as a death. Also except for the final world, you don't even need to use Meat Boy to get the trophies (So for example, you could use a character with a double jump to completely bypass some obstacles in a level) But to be honest they're completely different genres so it's not even really worth comparing them. The 'hardest platinum' is different for everyone. I'm good at platformers so SMB wasn't that difficult for me, but I'd probably never even come close to the Raiden platinum since I've never played that kind of game.
  6. Well, the different characters don't really matter anymore since you can't switch characters in Cotton Alley, but it's good to know! I just wanted to make sure quitting to level select wouldn't count as a death, so thanks!
  7. I've been doing the no death trophies (I basically just have Dark World Cotton Alley left) and some people seem to be saying that you can quit to level select before dying and it won't count as a death? Does this actually work? If it does then that should make things a lot easier, but I just wanted to make sure. It's kind of a shame I didn't figure it out earlier. (I actually didn't realise until like an hour ago that you're allowed to use non-Meatboy characters for these trophies - I saved the video of Dark World Rapture and I'm thinking now it probably would've been a lot easier with Tim)