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  1. I just need to finish three more puzzles, but i can`t switch from the main puzzle to the different arms of the illusion map.
  2. Hey guys, i played stadium like 20 times now and the trophy isn`t popping. Any tips?
  3. I`m totally stuck on this mission. Everytime i get to the turret, i can kill two octabrains and the third one already kills me. Is there a special trick against these basterds?
  4. THANK YOU GUYS!!! After collecting the fucking BOTTLE the trophy popped! Thank you all guys!!!
  5. I build the sniper rifle...didn`t pick it up.
  6. Yeah, it`s on all on one fresh save, grabbed all in the first run, except bolts, axe, brass knuckles and magnum, same game ng+
  7. Grabbed an axe, still no trophy....
  8. wow, i really didn`t...will try that!!! thx!!!
  9. knife, brass knuckles, 4 pistols, 3 shotguns, assault rifle, magnum, sniper rifle, flamethrower, warden crossbow with all bolts,knife
  10. Collected all bolts...still no trophy... Does it work if i collect the bolts in ng+, or do i have to pic them on first run?
  11. holy moly...back to chapter 10 ...nice!!! Thank you guys!!!
  12. yes, but not in powerhouse run. Just ran through the game for the trophy.. Fuck off...Haven`t seen any guide which says that you need the different bolts...
  13. I got 14 weapons. Does the bolts count too?
  14. I tried this trophy the fifth time. i just can`t get it. I walk out of the house in chapter 2, get the brassknuckle and the magnum , but trophy did not pop. I just don`t know, what i have to do....
  15. I did. And mission says that i did it, but it`s still white and not green....