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  1. While there are games I don't like that others love, I am not about to call them overrated. Not every game is made for every person and that is okay.
  2. Probably 400. Completed the vanilla version on the 360, started from scratch on the 360 when the GotY edition released and completed the whole thing sans Hearthfire, and then got the plat on the PS4 special edition. One of my all-time favorites!
  3. My December guesses: -Yakuza: Kiwami 2 -SteamWorld Dig 2
  4. Depends on how we define value. No doubt I get some personal satisfaction from earning the plat on a game I enjoy, but no more so than, for example, unlocking the final blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or completing Fire Emblem: Awakening on lunatic/classic. For me, it is more about experiencing everything I can in the games I love and while certainly not perfect or all-inclusive, trophies are a pretty good checklist in most cases.
  5. Just wanted to thank all of those who recommended The House in Fata Morgana. Somehow, I totally missed this but after a bit of research, it is right up my alley and I will be purchasing it over the weekend. Always love that feeling when a game comes out of nowhere and jumps to the top of the must-buy list.
  6. I have plenty of easy plats, but I enjoy visual novels and Telltale games. As for the sub-hour plats and stacks, waste of time and money for me, but who am I to say it is a waste of someone else's time and money? I agree that these kinds of games and behaviors have certainly diluted the rankings if that is something you care about. I disagree that they have devalued trophies as that would imply they had some kind of value in the first place.
  7. I feel like I've stumbled into an OBGYN forum.
  8. I feel like people with hidden trophies are like those 2 families in Fallout 3 - all Leave it to Beaver on the outside but digesting people on the inside. 😁
  9. With China implementing restrictions for time and money spent on online games by minors, we may actually see an offline mode...if Blizz can figure out how to monetize it.
  10. I too am a a big rhythm game fan and the Vita is my system of choice for the genre. I got so comfortable with it that when I played the Future Tone demo on PS4, something just felt off no matter how much I messed with the calibration. I think a case can be made that the Vita died for the mass market after 2013, but fans along with Japanese and indie developers kept it alive until now. I imagine the reason releases have all but dried up now are the age of the hardware, Sony not producing the physical media, and the Switch. Even if not directly responsible, I imagine some developers moved on because of the Switch's success and titles available on both systems probably suffered somewhat on the Vita due to dual owners wanting to play on the Switch instead. It really was just a matter of time regardless.
  11. I actually quite liked Warrior Within as well, despite all of the reviews of how the emo prince and Godsmack ruined the franchise. The combat was much better and the story had some truly jaw dropping moments. As much as the music may not have been my thing, those Dahaka chase moments where it kicked in were incredibly intense.
  12. Mine will rage alongside yours, at least for a while. The thing about the Switch is that it is taking the Vita's concept of console games on the go and actually following through. The first time my legs went numb playing Super Mario Odyssey on the porcelain throne, I fell in love with the system. Still, it is a bit too large to be a true handheld IMO so can't fully replace the 3DS/Vita for me.
  13. For me, the portability is a huge plus as I have limited access to the PS4 until late at night. The Vita lets me still play a lot of smaller titles I was interested in so I could focus my PS4 time on the games only available for console. I don't mind fan service but won't play a game just because of it. Is the gameplay typical musou repetition?
  14. The only angle for those not a fan of JRPG's/VN's (and maybe rhythm games) that would justify a Vita purchase is if you enjoy lots of indie games. I played so many PS+ indie games on Vita - granted I probably only liked half of them - but the catalog is pretty deep.
  15. Accepting that systems have relatively short lifespans has never been a problem for me...until the Vita. I imagine this is because there isn't a successor and the end of the Vita and 3DS kind of mark the end of a way of gaming for many of us. As my backlog of Vita games slowly dwindles, I find myself looking for excuses to keep the Vita alive, even if those excuses are games I am not even sure I will enjoy. Thanks to the latest sale, I find myself with two Senran Kagura games and Akiba's Trip in my cart with my mouse hovering over the Purchase button. I don't really like musou style beat-em-ups and have skipped Akiba Strip 😄 at $5 in the past. It is like I have an angel on one shoulder telling me that it is time to move on and a devil on the other telling me to go nuts (or vice versa - another conundrum!). I imagine I am not the only one struggling with this. So are you letting the Vita go gently into that good night and if not, what are you doing to extend it's lifespan?