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  1. Nice! Going to grab Subnautica and Thronebreaker.
  2. True enough. I've used plenty of guides for multiple routes in VN's before, but only skip what I've already read.
  3. It's only 5 hours if you skip through all the content. Howlongtobeat has just playing through the main story at 33.5 hours. If all you want to buy is a quick plat and don't actually want to play the game, I imagine there are much cheaper options.
  4. It is a very rare occasion that I pre-order anything, but we are close enough to release date. Persona 5: The Royal - PS4 - $64.19 YTD Total - $121.94
  5. Haha. Never did but really enjoyed the N64 regardless and got a PS1 a couple of years later for FFVII (and many other JRPG's).
  6. I bought a Nintendo 64 at launch so I would be ready for Final Fantasy 7 when it came out...
  7. My birthday as well. Guess only good things happen on 626 (palindromes are good too!)
  8. Touche. I began trophy hunting as a way to spend less money so I personally spend more time with fewer games these days. But the trophy hunters that stack plats that only take a couple of hours to finish - that is an investment. Your reward is the feng shui your games add to your decor. 😁.
  9. I was so into Diablo II back in the day I bought an extra copy just so I could self-mule loot. Then my addiction started to be an issue and I got rid of them both...only to buy two more copies a year later when I couldn't fight the urge anymore.
  10. I have a couple of buddies that are golfers. One is a once a week golfer and plays cheap par 3 courses with his knock off brand clubs. He sucks about as bad as I do. The other is a scratch golfer, spends almost all of his free time on the course, and the cost of his membership alone is astronomical. They both get the exact same thing out of it despite the vast gap in effort - fun and personal satisfaction. Hobbies are just hobbies. We do them because we love them. Trophy hunters might spend a lot more time and money than the more casual gamer, but that is because we love what we do.
  11. Almost forgot I decided to join in. My first three purchases of 2020: 1. Steins;Gate: My Darlings Embrace - PS4 - $22.46 2. World End Syndrome - PS4 - $16.04 3. Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - PS4 - $19.25 YTD Total - $57.75
  12. I was hooked from the start. Maybe it just isn't the game for you. You plan on sticking with it?
  13. Absolutely love the Vita. Probably my second favorite system after the PS2. There are some fantastic suggestions so far. Here would be mine (not in order, just numbered for ease of reading): 1. Persona 3 and 5 Dancing - don't play 4 until you've played Golden. 2. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F and F 2nd - actually got me hooked on vocaloid music for a while. I would suggest X as well depending on your skill level. Too hard for me to plat but had a great time. 3. Danganronpa 2 and 3 (I haven't played the third yet but I can't wait). 4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 - best JRPG's this decade outside of Persona IMO 5. Ys: Memories of Celceta and Ys VIII - Celceta is a blast and while I haven't played Dana yet, I have only heard great things. Origins is fun but not a must play IMO. 6. Minecraft - even if you have played it before, playing on a handheld is a much better experience IMO. I like Terraria better, but good luck with the plat if you give it a go. 7. Salt & Sanctuary - 2D Dark Souls that plays just like it sounds. One of my all-time favorite indie titles. 8. Bastion - dare I say this classic action RPG plays better on the Vita than when I played it on the 360. 9. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games and Zero Time Dilemma - I know the Nonary plat would force a replay of VLR, but 999 is worth it. 10. Steins;Gate and Chaos;Child - the science adventure series is my favorite as far as pure visual novels go. 11. Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative - while the first game is mostly setup for Alternative, the entire experience is worth it for VN fans 12. Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere - few do action RPG's as well as Vanillaware 13. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory - like Persona and Pokemon had a baby 14. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth - 80% visual novel, 20% strategy RPG and 100% amazing. Good luck with your quest to 100!
  14. It would be interesting to see actual numbers and if there are noticeable patterns, but that would require pulling stats on so many more games. A more meaningful comparison would be to compare percentages on the biggest sellers where regional bias is somewhat mitigated (so probably just eliminate sports games in general). Your sample games are odd picks for trying to discern any kind of pattern.
  15. You don't have to remind me on the Vita Dusk games. I have been watching prices on them for years and the lowest I remember seeing is $22.99 apiece - and that was only once or twice.