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  1. So painful, especially with my Switch's Joycon drift. I waited to max Poppi until NG+ (may have been DLC) when I could just trade for upgrade materials.
  2. Top tier advice right here. Once I started focusing only on the middle 3 columns, things got much easier. We will see if that continues as I get into the harder opponents. I unlocked and maxed out every Blade (including Ursula) in Xenoblade 2. Trophies or not, there are always gonna be gluttons for punishment like me out there. Side note - nice to see others playing blind as well. Cheers!
  3. Reading a lot of these posts, I think it is clear that trophies have value. For those that purchase games they wouldn't normally because they have easy plats, trophies have a monetary value. The lack of a resale or asset value does not negate the initial purchase. I know the TC is referring to more of an accomplishment based value system, which is entirely subjective, but there are a lot of arguments in this topic that trophies can't be used to pay bills, etc. Maybe it is fair to say, at least monetarily, that an earned trophy is worthless, but an unearned trophy has value.
  4. The first game kind of ushered in the "pay for plat" style of game. Before that, the easiest plats were either kids games, Telltale games, or skipping through somewhat pricey visual novels. I remember worrying what kind of effect this would have on the trophy system at the time, and now 4 years later, there are so many of these types of games that I see posts where some hunters have earned several hundred or more plats between Mayos. Not disparaging anyone for what games they play or how they play them. 4 years ago, I certainly had stronger opinions but in this day and age, whatever floats your boat.
  5. It is like these companies don't have the ability to learn from the past. PS2 was so successful that Sony grew overconfident and totally botched the PS3 launch and it took them an entire generation to catch up to the 360. Microsoft got cocky and the One X never even had a shot. Now I see Sony making decisions over the past couple of years (including censorship) that indicate the pattern could repeat. It isn't rocket science. Making pro consumer choices makes consumers happy while restricting choices through censorship policies, removing platforms on the web/mobile store, etc. do not.
  6. Beating over 100 JRPG's, even if it did take 3 decades and 13 systems.
  7. Youtube channel PS Vita at 2 AM recently covered a couple of upcoming Vita releases that announced they were going to be physical only in very limited supply. This would explain the reason.
  8. Sony fixed your wishlist problem by excluding the Vita from sales...*sigh*
  9. If You access the PS Store through your PS4, it sounds like you will still be able to buy them.
  10. This is essentially what will happen with newer Vita titles. For instance, Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen is nowhere to be found on the PS Store if you access it directly from your Vita. The only way to get it is to buy it from the internet PS Store and then access it on the Vita through the Download list.
  11. Sony just wants to do what they can to get people somewhat invested in the trophy system to establish some kind of brand loyalty. A system designed for hardcore trophy hunters is not only pandering to a group that is firmly entrenched in your ecosystem, it is also just a bite (if not a crumb) of the gamer demographic pie. Yes, easy and fast plats certainly benefit from the new system more than they used to, but the percentage of gamers who buy these kinds of games to inflate their trophy levels is such a small percentage of the overall gaming populace that I doubt they are a blip on Sony's radar. Numbers have gotten bigger and plats are worth more. Not much to get either excited or upset about IMO.
  12. Matters not to me. The system is so broken by this point, that using it as a gauge for the community as a whole is pointless. At least it is something different, which automatically makes me more interested at least for a little while.
  13. I found F and F 2nd to be easy plats, but X is beyond my skill level. Still a ton of fun though.
  14. Big in Japan sale just doesn't feel right without a bunch of Vita games included.
  15. I will go back to some games down the road, or more likely keep playing even after the plat before I move on if there is more I want to do. For instance, kept playing Persona 5 Royal for another 150 hours after the plat to unlock all of the Thieves Den rewards, fight all of the super-bosses, etc. I have been giving a lot of thought to semi-retiring from trophy hunting anyway. For a game I love. I want to see and experience everything anyway, but for games I don't I just need to move on after beating the game and not worry about trophies.