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  1. I cleared the Abyss for the first time this cycle as well. I really didn't find it all that difficult staying alive (though my sense of difficulty may be skewed recently by going for 4300 points per battle in the Vagabond event). The key was starting to invest in Diona for a shielder on each team. Using Shields is like lowering the difficulty a level. Here were my teams for a whopping 2 star clear (the time limit was my true enemy): Team 1: Keqing - 80/90 Diluc - 80/90 Xingqiu (C1) - 70/80 Diona (C1) - 70/70 Team 2: Ningguang (C2) - 80/90 Zhongli - 88/90 Xiangling (C2) - 70/80 Bennett (C4) - 70/80 I have spent $40 on Genshin (2 battle passes and 4 Welkin Moons). Every character used an R1 4 star weapon and artifacts aren't even close to done (Diona had 2 level 0 artifacts when I cleared this and Xiangling has all 4 star artifacts). For anyone struggling, maybe try a shielder on each team and see how it goes.
  2. To be honest, your best artifacts in most cases are those with the proper main stat and best substats even if they are from mismatched sets. Take the Gladiator's 2 piece set bonus for instance of 18% attack. You can just about get that on one artifact that starts with attack % and rolls it twice so if you don't have great substats on your Gladiator pieces but have amazing rolls on something else, go with that something else. Of course, putting sets together with great substats is ideal. A new item drops from the weekly bosses (not sure what the chance is but seems to be 25-33% though it has only been two boss cycles since the update) that allows you to convert a boss material to any other material from that same boss. I believe one is also a reward for completing the newest Zhongli quest. That should make levelling talents a lot easier.
  3. There are certainly examples of fast and easy clears of the new Abyss, but I have seen struggles as well (didn't mean to imply that every whale struggles but one of my favorite Genshin content creators - Mogawty - certainly did). That first vid you linked was very impressive. FTP friendly weapons and good, but not insane artifacts. Makes me feel like I am pretty bad at the game. Haha.
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have watched whales struggle in the new Abyss with best in slot characters for each floor. I got stopped cold at the 2nd half of floor 11-3 my first attempt. I imagine I could get to floor 12-2 if I banged my head against the wall for a few hours, but the 2nd half of that floor looks like an exercise in frustration that I want no part of until I build stronger teams. About starting over, I might have as well at one point if my Mihoyo account wasn't linked to my PSN ID. Unfortunately, I think the only way to start over in Genshin is to create a new PSN account (which I might do anyway to make some of the coop requirements - like buying housing items in another player's world - a little easier). No matter what path you take, it is going to take time, but as long as you are having fun and still enjoy the world, keep making a little bit of progress everyday. Oh, and start doing the max level artifact domains. When I was AR45, I had to co-op just to clear them, but with a decent set on my two DPS's through a little progress every day, it is easier and faster to solo them now. Good luck!
  5. Just a warning for those going for auto-pops, this is not the game to play for fast and easy trophies. I would estimate the platinum will take you a couple of months at a minimum if you are free to play or a low spender. Everyone is gated by the adventure rank system and getting to the world level that will allow you to ascend characters and weapons to level 80/90 (required for two trophies) is going to take some time, no matter how good you are. It is a ton of fun though so if you don't mind the long term commitment and are more interested in fun than trophies, I highly recommend it.
  6. Got Zhongli last night so excited to build him. Time to start burning through my fragile resin on the new Ridge Watch domain.
  7. Good luck to everyone on clearing floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss. Best I have done is clear 11-1 and I have been playing since January (though pretty casually of late and I have only spent $30). Never was in it for the trophies though (kind of shocked when they started popping like crazy last night after the 1.5 update).
  8. X requires completion of medleys (the most challenging songs in the game) on extreme difficulty. I was able to do all but one. Maybe you won't have any problems though. Maybe look up a YouTube video to see if it looks feasible for you if not getting the plat is a deal breaker for you. Even though I couldn't, I had a blast with X and I'm glad I played it.
  9. I agree. I would be hesitant to buy more digital games than you can play in the next year or save to storage. If you are a try-hard trophy hunter, I would be wary of stocking up too much in case Sony permanently pulls the plug on the PS3 and Vita. I have neglected my Vita in 2021 so far, but plan on working on all of my digital backlog so that I can figure out what I want to keep on my memory card so that I can install and update everything that I will want to play/replay...just in case.
  10. Have you forgotten Microsoft's initial plan for the Xbox One? Today's hero is next gen's villain. Microsoft Will make a ton of money off of the goodwill they generate combined with Sony's awful decisions, get cocky and greedy and come up with some boneheaded plan to make more money, and then Sony will swoop in with some pro consumer moves and the tables will turn once again.
  11. Held out for a decent sale on this and the Atelier Vita games for 3 or 4 years before I just gave up after the Vita web store closed. Think I am just going to skip instead of shelling out $200+ for digital Vita games that Sony will likely cutoff the ability to download in the not-too-distant future. Have you looked at physical Vita prices recently or tried to locate a specific game in store? PS3 is a different story, but for most Vita games, digital is the much cheaper option.
  12. Maybe for PS3 games, but there have been quite a few Vita games released in the last couple of years.
  13. Good luck getting physical Vita games without selling a kidney. I checked out some auctions on eBay and prices on Amazon - actually entertained selling some of my collection for a minute or two. As much as I love what Microsoft has been doing and hate Sony's recent decisions, I will follow the games I am interested in. If Microsoft can expand their JRPG library and get Persona 6 to go multiplatform though, then I would consider skipping a Sony console generation for the first time if they don't start thinking about the consumer. I don't see how these giant corporations can't put two and two together to realize that pro-consumer choices and profits go hand-in-hand. Instead, they just alternate who plays the hero and who plays the villain every 6-8 years.
  14. I am not interested in Gal Gun or any games depicting underage girls in overly sexualized situations. But how long until Sony requires lens flare to cover up something comparable to certain scenes in Kamoshida's palace in Persona 5 for instance, something that is integral to the story and is meant to depict the depravity of the villain? While I don't support censorship in it's current form, I understand the necessity in certain situations. What I am most worried about is the next step in censorship. As we have seen from how several companies have changed their artistic visions to appease to the outrage mob, these kinds of things just get more extreme.
  15. NSFW games are fine by Sony, as long as they are by Western developers for the sake of "art". I wouldn't say that Sony pressured MS. It is more the mindset of those in the Silicon Valley bubble, including quite a number of games activists, er "journalists".