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  1. Here is this week's episode.
  2. I can see that. RE6 was off the rails to say the least. Now RE5 is one of my all time fav games.
  3. I plan on going back to it.
  4. Same here.... also Divided its been a while. How are you doing? We need to get another boost going. What are you playing right now?
  5. Dang, I started this one and was getting WOKE vibes. If thats the case Ill just bounce. Hitman 2016 is in my backlog Yeah I started it and didnt like it Dang I started that one and it seems very Metro in the first couple hours. I really like the first 2 games
  6. Here is the latest episode:
  7. Amazing show with amazing hosts. You are doing the trophy hunting community a huge favor with this show.
  8. I am super stoked about this. I hope it is in the ballpark of The Witcher or the Marvel Netflix shows. I believe there is plenty of RE universe left to explore.
  9. Looking to see what were everyone's most disappointing games of the last decade. They can be games you were hyped over and just didn't live up, or new things that were just not great. We discussed this on the latest episode of The Loot Bros and some interesting games were mentioned.
  10. Super stoked and trophy list looks like a Resident Evil list.
  11. Thanks CJ!
  13. I wanted to start a topic for The Loot Bros Podcast. We have had some great guests from PSNprofiles like @AffectatiousDonk from Push2Plat, @trickymic from the Trophy Whores podcast, and the Plat Cast crew @Bushido7745785 and his Co Host @ChernobylNinja. I will be dropping some of our old links in here as well as upcoming links to shows and Topics for the communities we participate in. I look forward to having all of these guys back on as guests in the future and welcome any feedback.