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  1. Where can I find a co-op partner to finish the trials asap? I'm missing like 5 trials but there's no one online when I search
  2. You can see the exactly date here (as for imgur I ignore where can I find "Direct Link") In normal circumstances I'd say it's not possible, but this isn't a normal circumstance I understand that anyone else on first sight would think it's cheat but I'm also trying to explain what whas the reason so I can reach a fair agreement If I would've cheat I would have never completed the game at 100% it's pointless, besides It's been nearly one year ago since I platinumed the game, being aware of that I've cheated whatsoever I would have never risked my 6 years hunting for something like that, it'd been easy just to hide the game so I'd avoid the flagged
  3. Here they are
  4. Ahh, this is why
  5. indeed it was, but it's public already
  6. BriellaLove Injustice: Gods Among Us Hello, I signed in today into psnp after a couple weeks gone and I noticed there's a confussion about one of my platinumed games<br /> I am at the best disposal in order to explain it, it seems illogical that "all star" and "conquered all" trophies can be obtained between 30 min or less<br /> I've played ps3 since 2009, I used to own a fat 80gb ps3 back in the day, unfortunately it died because of that yellow light<br /> You guys still wonder how I made those trophies, ever since I was hunting rare platinums or trophies actually you can see I've got games platinumed such as UMVC3 for PS3 (and soon for PS4 as well), Darktalkers Resurrection, Street Fighter x Tekken among others so you can see I'm really into fighting games, so I always make a back up data of all of my games just in case the game crashed or my ps3 turn off all of the sudden and my data was damaged (every gamer has gone through that at least once)<br /> Anyway, I also like to start working on the hardest work in my games so I dont struggle at the end getting the platinum and unfortunately this was the case, I did my STARS LAB missions on my old ps3 for terrible bad luck for me my ps3 died just before I could sign into my account and sync the trophy on Sony Servers, (reason why I was playing off it's because of work I'm constantly moving between 2 places and in one of them I don't have internet connection) <br /> So it took me a couple of weeks to buy a new ps3 and and getting the game again (i do game share with a friend) and you can check the time between "Top rung" trophy and the next one, it's nearly 20 days<br /> Here come's the confussion, thing was after I got my new ps3 and I downloaded the game for the first time and after loading my backup data I went to complete the remaining missions in Injustice and "All Stars" trophy popped up reason why according to this "I spend 19 min in finishing the rest of the missions" it was because as I said my back up data for the star lab missions was almost completed I was just missing a couple of them so obviously when I loaded my data into my new ps3 and since I never got the chance to sync my trophy due to the reason I've explained above it seems those 2 trophies almost popped up at the same time<br /> I also hope that it makes sense for you people and you can understand that I wouldn't have waste my time doing the hardest trophy "World's Finest" (complete all star lab missions with 3 stars) which took me around 6 months and lots of hours of frustration (it was my final trophy in order to platinuming Injustice) if I would've used any cheats<br /> If you need to, I can send you photos of my two ps3 (the one where I started to play Injustice and the new one where I end up playing it for the plat) with my account signed in or any other things you'd need as a proof.
  7. Hey there, I actually got 3 super boss waves in a row within 1 hr or so playing at colosseum - easy difficulty (peashooter) I've heard that a lot of people are having trouble with this trophy, so hope it helps! (: